Best Electric Golf Push Cart 2021

Best Electric Golf Push Cart 2021

Electric push carts have become more popular among golfers because of their ease of use. You simply press the ‘go’ button on a remote control, and an electric cart takes care of you from there, eliminating having to lug around your stand bag or carry bags on your back while walking the course.

If you’re in search of an easy way to get around during playtime, then invest in one today!

To help you pick the ideal electric golf push cart for you, we have made our assessment of every product. This includes their notable features, advantages, and disadvantages.

In a hurry? These are our top picks.

MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy

If you are looking for the best electric golf push cart 2021, look no further than the MGI Zip X5. It is an amazing cart that has features designed to help you have an easy, controlled, and enjoyable round.

The downhill speed control together with the electronic park brake enable you to play at a regular pace. You can activate the park brake by pressing the button, and you do not need to make manual adjustments.

The cart is able to achieve more than 18 holes as long as it is fully charged. Also, the resettable odometer allows you to find out the distance you walked for each round.

For a smooth ride, the Zip X5 is designed with a swiveling, lockable front wheel as well as an all-terrain rear wheel. The completely foldable rear 4th wheel delivers enhanced stability.

The cart has a unique Zip fold three-wheel design that allows for easy storage at the end of the round. Buyers should keep in mind that the controlled distance function will require practice.

All in all, the MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy is worth the money, and if properly taken care of, this cart is going to provide you with many hassle-free rounds. Your choice to focus on your game instead of running after a runaway cart will be sure to improve your scorecard.


  • Electronic park brake – stops and holds the cart on any terrain
  • Downhill speed control – maintains your preferred speed on all downhill terrains
  • Controlled distance function – enables the setting of your desired distance and allows the caddy to stop on demand
  • Resettable odometers – lets you track your walked distances, longest drive and total use
  • Click and go lithium battery system – drives the powerful 230-watt motor and can achieve more than 18 holes on a charge
  • Swiveling and lockable front wheel – promotes a smooth ride
  • Powerful 230-watt motor
  • Helps you play at a steady pace
  • Improved stability
  • Easy storage
  • Allows you to track your walked distances, longest drive, as well as your total use of the cart
  • Great value for money
  • No half speeds
  • Rheostat control will take some practice

Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Another option you have when buying the best electric golf push cart 2021 is the Cube 3 Wheel made by Motocaddy. It is a motorized trolley with the biggest advantage of being lightweight. This means that it will be easy to move to every position on the field, even when it needs to climb steep hills.

The cart features 4-way controls, which provides you with the power to take the club anywhere on the golf course. While this technology is not new in cars, to apply to electric push carts, this product is currently at the forefront of the market.

Furthermore, the dual 200-watt motor of this cart can provide adequate power to accommodate its technological features. You will almost never experience a shutdown in the middle of the road caused by running out of battery.

In a power outage, you can manually pull the cart without major issues. Fortunately, it is more maneuverable and more useful in this kind of situations thanks to the lightweight.

Overall, the Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart is a second-to-none choice for players who want to take their game to the next level. It is also much more affordable than other models.


  • Compact golf cart – folds down into an incredible 21″ x 13″ x 17″ size)
  • Easy to use – only two steps to fold and unfold
  • Easy-to-use foot brake – helps you keep your golf cart stationary when parked on slopes
  • Adjustable bag supports – secure your golf bag easily
  • Simple installation – means you only need to insert the two rear wheels
  • A lot cheaper than the other products in the list
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Great performance
  • Unable to accommodate many clubs

CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

When it comes to the best electric golf push cart 2021, this CaddyTrek product is one of your attractive options. It is a premium cart with many outstanding features.

The power of this trolley is provided by a fully automated robot. It enables you to control it from a distance using a remote control. However, this robotic cart is not very available in the market.

Furthermore, this cart lets you easily switch between control modes. The Follow mode will automatically follow you around, while the Marching mode also can track in front of you. The Robotic Technology allows for smooth starts, turns, and stops.

With all this in mind, the CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy is absolutely worth the splurge. It is capable of carrying a lot of things, plus, it is not so difficult for you to carry it.


  • Follow mode – automatically follows the golfer
  • Marching mode – also can track in front of the Golfer
  • Robotic Technology – promotes smooth turns, starts and stops
  • Powerful and quiet 250 watt dual motor
  • Adjustable push handle – fits players of all heights
  • Expandable bag straps – secure bags of all sizes
  • Premium-level cart
  • Great convenience
  • The motor runs very quietly
  • Can be controlled remotely or set to run automatically
  • Very light
  • Very easy to control on remote mode
  • Can last for a maximum of 27 holes on a single charge
  • No seat attachment available
  • May occasionally lose connection with the cart after a swing
  • Has slight difficulty navigating steep terrains

SereneLife 3 Wheel Electric Golf Push Cart

SereneLife 3-Wheel Electric Golf Push Cart - Rechargeable Lightweight Folding Walking Push Cart Roller Golf Bag Holder w_Foot Brake, Upper_Lower Bracket w_Elastic Strap, Umbrella Holder SLGZELEC

Next in our list is the 3 Wheel Electric Golf Push Cart made by SereneLife. This is undoubtedly one of your amazing selection for the best electric golf push cart 2021.

This cart is made with heavy-duty aluminum frame construction material. It is also equipped with upper and lower brackets along with an elastic strap and bag holder.

The 3 Wheel can fix any size of your golf bag. Plus, it includes an ergonomic padded height adjustable handle for different pushing positions as well as to accommodate golfers of different heights.

The trolley is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a uniform PCB board for mountain climbing and downhill. It features an umbrella holder storage compartment.

In addition, the cart has a foot brake for rear wheel, which is a quick and simple braking system that prevents the cart from rolling away while parked. The compact foldable design makes it easy to fold and unfold in just a matter of seconds for convenient storage and transport.

The SereneLife 3 Wheel Electric Golf Push Cart is a well-designed single car with a lot of convenient and user-friendly equipment. This is the perfect choice for golfers who wish to save some money or care less about the shelf life. Also, the cart is available in a stylish black and gray color.


  • Ergonomic padded height adjustable handle – accommodates golfers of different heights
  • Uniform PCB board for mountain climbing and downhill
  • Foot brake for rear wheel – prevents the cart from rolling away while parked
  • Compact foldable design – easy to fold and unfold for trouble-free storage and transport
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Durable
  • Large battery capacity
  • Accommodates players of different heights
  • Can fix any size of golf bag
  • Good mobility
  • Many accessories
  • Hassle-free storage
  • A bit heavy

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

The X9 Follow Electric Cart by Stewart is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want the best electric golf push cart 2021. Its ultramodern shape makes it stand out from the crowd.

This cart is designed to turn heads and provide all the accessories you can wish for. The one downside of it is that it will most likely just end up with golfers who have no limits on their budget resources.

The X9 is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that is able to last for about 36 holes on a flat course prior to requiring a full charge. Additionally, you can interact with the cart from a distance via Bluetooth headset.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart is an outstanding product. It features Bluetooth technology to follow its users as well as a multi-directional remote control that makes this cart a follower you can count on.


  • Ultramodern shape – makes the cart unique
  • 12-volt lithium-ion battery – can last for approximately 36 holes on a flat course before needing a full charge
  • Bluetooth Follow-Me Technology – enables the cart to follow its users
  • Rechargeable Lithium handset and Battery
  • Nice and robust on the course
  • Handset/remote control is easy to get used to
  • Manual control mode is very accurate
  • The follow mode is extremely intuitive
  • Emergency brake feature
  • Assortment of colors
  • Impressive stability
  • Very easy to operate
  • Futuristic design
  • Following-me mode can be quite difficult to activate
  • Remote encounters operational issues
  • Stand bags not supported
  • Very expensive in comparison to other electric golf push carts

Best Electric Golf Push Cart 2021 – FAQs

Manual carts can get the job done if you just want to take the weight off your back. If you are looking for something completely hands-free and effortless, and that is almost like you are playing with a caddy, then a remote-controlled cart would be an ideal choice.

Electric golf push carts are powered by small batteries. The batteries need to be charged after each round through a power outlet. You should get two to five seasons out of the battery depending on the type of the battery as well as how many rounds you play.

Not all courses allow electric push carts. Prior to playing a new course, it would be ideal to check with the pro shop to confirm if electric carts are allowed.

Final Thoughts

An electric golf push cart is a great assistance to the golfer who takes delight in walking the course and would rather take in the scenery than drive a mobile cart. If you are looking to get one for you, we believe that this article can help you make the right choice. The best cart will not only satisfy your needs, but also help improve your golfing experience.

Best Electric Golf Push Cart 2021 | All Golf Reviews

If you are looking for the best electric golf push cart 2021, look no further than the MGI Zip X5. It is an amazing cart that has features designed to help you have an easy, controlled, and enjoyable round.

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