Best Golf Apps For Your Galaxy Watch – Top Ten Picks (2022 Update)

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Are you looking for the Best Golf Apps for your Galaxy Watch? If you own a Samsung Watch, you will be aware of the many areas of your life made easier by this gadget. But did you know you can also use it to up your Golf Game?

There are many Golf Related Apps compatible with your Galaxy Watch, which can help you with various areas of your performance on the course.

Below are our picks for the Top 10 Best Golf Apps for Android Watch. These golf apps for Samsung watches will help you to tighten up your game, lower your scores, and keep track of your progress. You can even keep up to date on the latest pros scores while you are out on the course!

Here are our top 10 picks for the Best Golf Apps for your Galaxy Watch

Best Golf Apps For Your Galaxy Watch

Golf Shot: Get your own personal caddie directly on your Galaxy Watch.

Golf Shot provides a host of valuable features to make your time on the course easier. The app supplies an array of helpful information during your game. These include:

  • Auto Shot Tracking of your Golf Shots. With this handy app, you can track each of your shots using your watch! You can use this to elevate your game on the go, taking advantage of handy fly-over reviews the app will provide after each round.
  • Gain real-time data about Green Distances. The app provides accurate, up-to-date distance info on a massive 45,000 golf courses around the world. In the middle of your game, you can check the distances to the targets, greens, and hazards around you.
  • Track your game scores and statistics. Easily keep track of your score anytime you want by checking your wrist. You no longer need to worry about fumbling with your pencil and scorecard after each round.
  • View the course holes in Augmented Reality. This award-winning feature which allows to get the best possible impression of what you need to do to make your next successful shot.

GOLF PAD GOLF GPS RANGEFINDER: Free Access to GPS data about your course.

This free app will let you access detailed and correct GPS data about the course you are playing on. You can easily get helpful data on the front, back, and middle of the green straight to your watch at no cost at all.

  • Gain an aerial view of the hole. The app will allow you to easily spot any hazards and perfectly plan your shot using clear aerial views of the course.
  • Keep Track of your Shots. The rangefinder app lets you track the different distances of your strikes. Gain an exact reading on your performance using the app and spot the areas you need to improve.
  • Use it in Tournaments with your friends. The app will let you track and share your stats and history over social media and give details of your distances in yards or meters.
  • Access a high-quality Scorecard function. You will get a PGA standard scorecard feature which allows you to track the scores of between 1 and 4 players.

My Round Pro: Analyse and improve your performance with accurate and advanced data.

The My Round Pro app by TaylorMade will give you detailed insights about every aspect of your game and help you pinpoint the areas you most need to improve. You will also be able to use the following:

  • View Detailed Yardage during your Game. The GPS tracking capability on the app will provide you with the front, back, and middle distances of the green around you.
  • Use Detailed In-Depth Statistics to improve your strokes at once. You will be able to analyze your performance and where you need to improve as the app tracks your statistics and allows you to pinpoint exactly what you need to adjust.
  • Keep track of each round of your game. The app will show you accurate, detailed data about all aspects of your completed rounds, including the number of strokes gained, greens in regulations, and fairways hit.
  • Use the Multi-Player Mode. You will be able to keep track of the scores of a group of four and use the app to allocate strokes. You can even set the app to game mode for match play and skins scoring.

Hole 19: Free In-Game Scoring and GPS data on your course.

Hole 19 is an extremely popular Scoring app with over 2.3million users worldwide. This helpful scoring app allows you to keep track of your score for you and fellow players and make use of the GPS functionality to inform your game decisions.

  • Make informed decisions based upon exact GPS Data. The app will allow you to make the best decisions about avoiding hazards and the best way to approach the hole.
  • Track your scores throughout your game. Hole19 allows you to easily track and access your score as you make your way around the course. The multi-player function allows you to keep track of your fellow player’s statistics as well.
  • Gain insights into your performance on the course – The app will help you with trend analysis, club-by-club analysis, and statistics. You can use the data to easily spot your weaknesses and improve your future games.
  • Compete in live leaderboards with your friends. You can increase the competitive edge with a Live Leaderboard to track your performance against your mates.

Smart Caddie: Calculate your Handicap and analyze your performance.

This app will allow you to keep track of your performance and improve your overall game. You will gain access to detailed graphs to allow you to easily read your various statistics and measurements.

  • Gain an accurate picture of your course with GPS. Smart Caddie allows you to access maps and diagrams through GPS and download them along with your scorecards. Helpfully the app will also supply data as to how accurate your GPS is and whether it needs to be recalibrated.
  • Easily Calculate your Handicap. The handicap calculations on this app are determined by association regulations. They also supply improved handicap accuracy by considering your gender and course and slop ratings.
  • Download your Scorecards for Free. Many golf apps allow you to store your scorecards on your watch, but sometimes you might like a printout when you want to sit down and analyze your performance at home. This app lets you easily do this for free.
  • Quick access to your performance statistics – SmartCaddie gives you Hole by Hole analysis, score, and game statistics and even allows you to upload your data to the NGIN.

18 BIRDIES GOLF APP: Gain access to over 40,000 golf courses around the world.

This app is one of the most popular and highest-rated Golf Apps for Android and offers a great mix of features.

  • Keep track of your course position. – The app’s GPS rangefinder will give you an accurate handle on your position on the course and what your next move should be.
  • Accurate, real-time data on your performance and progress – The app will automatically switch from hole to hole as it uses GPS tracking to follow your progress around the course.
  • Track your performance statistics – Access your round history and statistics directly on your watch as you play.
  • Use the app to book tee times – Book your next round directly and easily through the app. So, you can spend less time dealing with booking staff and more time on the course.

GOLF SHOT GPS AND TEE TIME APP: Use the Free Range Finder and Professional Scorecard.

This app has a host of useful features for golf players, which you can access for free, and you can also make use of a 7-day free trial for Pro features before deciding if you want to subscribe.

  • Find the distance to the center of the green quickly with the GPS rangefinder. The app will let you access a rangefinder directly on your watch. You can speedily access the center green distance of any hole you are playing on.
  • The app will automatically put you on to the next hole. Avoid hassle and confusion as this app helps to put you on to the next hold on the course automatically.
  • Learn the details of your current hole hands-free. Your watch app will provide the details of the hole you are currently on with a voice app, allowing you to focus on your club as you prepare for your shot.
  • Book your next Tee Time through the app. This is another app that you can save time and hassle using the app to quickly book your next game.

M SCORE GOLF APP: This app has over 5000 5 Star reviews from users.

This popular and well-reviewed app supplies both GPS Rangefinder and Golf Scorecard functionalities direct to your wrist.

  • Track your golf game history and make improvements. The GPS tracking on the app will show you the front, back, and middle distances to the green.
  • Track and analyze your shots. The app tracks detailed information about your stroke types, penalties, club usage, and greens in regulation. You will be provided with a wide array of accurate data to analyze and improve your performance.
  • The app calculates and tracks your index. You can build these stats up and keep track of your progress and areas of weakness.
  • Play sides games during a round. You can choose to play side games during a round, and the app will still be able to provide accurate data for your game overall.

THE PGA GOLF APP: Keep track of what’s going on in the world of the Pros.

This app will give you access to real-time tournaments and leader boards. You can keep up to date with the pros even while on the golf course yourself.

  • Keep informed with the latest Golf News. This official PGA app will tell you the latest news about the pros and ongoing tournaments.
  • Access real-time leader boards and get notifications about your favorite pros. Keep updated with the progress of the pros as you go about your day.
  • Watch Video Highlights. You will get access to real-time player scorecards and watch the highlights directly through the app.
  • Learn about the courses the professionals are playing on. The app will provide details about hole layouts and information on tee times.

GOLF SWING CURSOS EDUCATE: Record your Golf Swing and get Personalized data about your technique.

This is one of the more unique golf apps available for your watch with a practical application. This app records your swing and has the pros analyze your swing technique!

  • Access hundreds of training videos on the app. – Improve your game with a multitude of professional tips, instructions, and hints.
  • A handy, easy, much cheaper alternative to golf courses. A great alternative to costly lessons you can access whenever you want.
  • Record your swing and send it to be analyzed by professionals. Get the best analysis of your performance and tips on improving.
  • Join the premium service for advice from the pros every two weeks. Consistently improve and progress with regular updates.

Is the Samsung Galaxy watch good for golf?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy watch and golf. The first is which model you have. Some older models are not fully functional with golf.

However, newer models like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have more features that are more useful for golfers.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy watch is a good option for a casual watch that can also be used for golf.

Best Golf Apps For Your Galaxy Watch – Summary

So, there you have it! Our Top Ten Best Golf Apps for Android. As you can see, there are a wealth of features to improve your golf game.

Why not pick the one you like the look of and head over to the App Store? Try them out and see which of these best golf apps works best for you!