Best Gloves for Hot Weather

Best Gloves for Hot Weather

Best Gloves for Hot Weather


Most amateur golfers tend to focus on some of the less essential accessories, such as golf hats or shoes, but disregard golf gloves. During hot weather seasons, a golf glove is extremely crucial for performance and comfort. Your hands are the only thing that touches the club, and it’s vital to keep them dry. Having the right golf glove can provide a firm grip to control your swings better and keep your hand comfortable in the heat. There are a wide selection of options to choose from, such as the type of material, fit, and various brands that sell them. We’ll cover the best gloves for hot weather and give you our top pick!

What to Look for in the Best Gloves for Hot Weather

During the summer months, it’s essential to have golf gloves. Palms get extremely sweaty, and gloves are needed to keep a tight grip on the club. Having a good grip gives you solid control over the club and won’t compromise your performance. When buying a golf glove, you should consider the following factors.


When you’re shopping for golf gloves, you’ll instantly realize that there are a handful of materials you can choose from. Each material has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses. The types of materials include leather, synthetic, and all-weather gloves. Leather might be the best option to go with. It feels like second skin and grips the club extremely well. Leather is also moisture resistant and stays soft even during wet conditions. Make sure to buy a normal size because your leather glove will stretch over time. Another excellent option is synthetic golf gloves. Synthetic gloves are very lightweight and stretchy. It’s made of microfibers to keep your hand cool and feel breathable when wearing them. All-weather gloves are designed for humid and moist conditions well. It’s the most water-resistant glove for golfers. These gloves grip even better during wet conditions because the glove’s fibers create more friction when wet.


About 50% of golfers purchase gloves that are too big for them. You should find gloves that fit tightly where the glove feels like a second skin. The glove material should depress onto your hand, and gloves should not have much space above your fingertips. One indicator that your glove is too big is if your velcro strap comes past 75% of the way across your hand. Make sure you get a smaller sized glove, if that’s the case.


Many gloves have a mesh material at the top of the glove for breathability. It’s excellent to have because it prevents your hand from sweating as much and keeps your hand cool while playing. Ideally, just make sure you have ventilation for your glove and avoid buying gloves with little or no aeration. Breathability helps your hand feel cool and comfortable.


Depending on your budget, golf gloves range around $6 to $30. Since it’s not very inexpensive, it is well worth it to spend a little more on the right kinds of gloves. The better gloves will last longer and provide the comfort, breathability, and grip you need to perform well on the golf course.


FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Glove (White)

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Glove



  • Inexpensive and great value
  • Breathable mesh makes it extremely soft and flexible
  • Absorbs rain and water
  • Last very long
  • FiberSof palm enhances the grip


  • Does not include ball marker



The FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Glove is one of the best value gloves in the market. These gloves are designed for all weather conditions, especially hot weather. This glove includes a FiberSof palm that makes the glove feel extremely soft and comfortable to wear. There’s also a premium Cabretta leather material strategically placed on the palm and thumb of the glove to help you have a firm grip on the club. Additionally, you get dual Powernet mesh inserts to keep your hand to add breathability and comfort. The glove also has a 3-directional tab closure to fasten your gloves on securely and is elastic for excellent flexibility. It also helps that these FootJoy gloves look aesthetically appealing with a sleek white leather exterior with black layers around the palm.


Men’s Golf Gloves by Finger Ten




  • Includes microfiber palm for enhanced grip
  • Breathability in all the key areas
  • Lycra spandex material in fingers for additional flexibility
  • QuickyDry knit palm for better control and comfort
  • 3D performance mesh material to air out sweaty palms


  • Could use more padding on the palm



The Men’s Golf Gloves by Finger Ten is designed solely for weather conditions such as rain and hot weather. To combat the sweat from your palms, this glove has a high-quality 3D performance mesh designed to resist sweat and add breathability to your hands. It includes a QuikDry knit palm material to enhance your grip to provide better control. This glove comes in small, medium, large with a few color options. This glove is extremely long-lasting and will last long due to its quick-dry material. If you’re prone to sweat on steamy hot days, this glove is right for you.


StableGrip Golf Gloves for Men by Bionic


Bionic Golf Glove



  • Fits and feels like second skin
  • 3D pads stabilize grip by wrapping around fingers
  • Pad technology helps the glove to feel new and improve durability
  • Bionic gloves lasts twice as long compared to ordinary leather gloves
  • Design is very breathable and keeps your hand dry


  • Can fit too snug out of the box



The StableGrip golf gloves made by Bionic are one of the most high-tech golf gloves in the industry. This glove uses innovative anatomical relief pad systems that are intentionally positioned to even out the surface of your hand for better control. Thus pressure is distributed evenly, preventing fatigue, enhancing grip and strength. With it’s patented Lyrca Web and Motion Zones, it helps to improve breathability. These zones are small little air pockets between the fingers and over the knuckles to keep your hands dry and cool. Additionally, these gloves made by Bionic have a pre-rotated finger design allowing your hand to curl a little bit more for better grip.


Callaway Golf Men’s Dawn Patrol 100% Premium Leather Golf Glove

callaway mens dawn patrol



  • Sleek white color and shiny finish make this glove aesthetic
  • The cotton cuff helps with moisture absorption
  • Uses Opti Fit for adjustable and secure closure
  • Comes in sizes from small to extra large


  • Loses some grip after several months of use



The Callaway leather glove is the perfect solution for moist hands. It includes a moisture-wicking wrist cuff to absorb moisture. Also, it has a perforation on the top portion of your hands and fingers for increased breathability and moisture reduction. The cuff is also made of cotton to help keep your hands dry and feels extremely comfortable to wear. Callaway also added an exclusive Opti-fit closure to help make your hand feel like a custom fit. Their Griptac Infused leather help to add durability to keep your glove from falling apart.


USA Flag Golf Gloves by Raulam International

usa flag golf gloves



  • Shows off your American pride
  • Has a strong grip
  • Comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes
  • Maintains durability round after round


  • Could be more breathable



This Raulam Internation golf glove has a well-designed USA flag with red, white, and blue stripes. For those who want to demonstrate their American pride, this is the glove to go for! The glove is made from pearl leather-sublimation to help prevent slip from sweaty palms. Additionally, it has little holes along the fingers of the glove to help with breathability. The strap closure helps to make the glove fit securely. Although it doesn’t have all the innovative features that the other gloves had, it’s still an excellent option and much cheaper than its competitors.

Our Top Pick

Our top choice for the best gloves for hot weather is the WeatherSof Golf Gloves. We give an A+ to the manufacturers who designed this glove. It’s perfectly designed so that every part of the glove has a purpose. Overall, it weighs only 3.2 ounces and fits very snug with the secure strap closure. The glove has a modern design and made with both Cabretta leather and synthetic material for longer durability. The Cabretta leather is on the palm patch and thumb for better grip control, and the synthetic material helps keep your hand comfortable while wearing. It’s also got these PowerNet Mesh strips along the knuckles of your handle for better breathability. These gloves are designed to resist and quickly dry out moisture, which is useful for hot weather conditions. For the price you pay, the WeatherSof gloves are an excellent value to help your golf performance.

Final Thoughts

Durability, moisture control, and comfort play a huge role when deciding which gloves to buy. Having a solid grip allows you to hold your club better and follow through on your swing. Any slippage can cause you to shift the angle of your swing and affect your performance. Compromising on comfort also can dramatically affect your golf swings. Some golfers complain that gloves can feel awkward and unnatural. However, the right glove can enhance your grip and protect you from hot weather conditions. Check out the gloves in this list and pick the one that’s right for you!

Best Gloves for Hot Weather

Best Gloves for Hot Weather Introduction Most amateur golfers tend to focus on some of the less essential accessories, such as golf hats or shoes, but disr

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