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Golf is a game best played outdoors and requires you to have a good grasp of your surroundings. You need to know what the course looks like, where the best shots are, and which obstacles can help or hurt your progress.

For many people, this means spending time looking at maps before they play in order to understand how best to tackle the course. Apps exist that do all this work for you! In today’s blog post I will review some of my favorite golf apps for iPhone so that you don’t have to spend any more time researching it by yourself!

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Growing in popularity Golfshot is a great app for iPhone and Android users. This app is free (with limited functions) but really comes into its own with the paid version.

For $8.99/pm or $49.99 a year you get all the best features from this app.

This includes things like maps of courses, aerial views of tee boxes and greens, shot tracking with GPS data for distances to targets on the course (including hazards), statistics about your game such as fairways hit or putts per round, club recommendations based on slope and elevation changes in front of you – even caddie advice!

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just enjoy playing every now and then Golfshot is sure to be worth its price tag for those who use it often.


**New Feature**

Golfshot has recently added auto-shot tracking with apple watches… this is a gamechanger!

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard

The next app on our list is Hole19 – this is also a very popular app for iPhone users.

Like most golf apps, Hole19 Golf has a free and a paid version.

This apps are best for golfers who play the game often and want to keep track of their stats.

Hole19 has some powerful features that you’ll need a subscription for – but if you’re an occasional golfer, it’s still worth checking out.

Some features include statistics tracking with graphs or charts, giving users data on how far they hit each club over time; and distance measurements from your current location to any point on the course! Hole19 also offers caddie advice when needed.

Overall this is a great app that does just about everything you need it to do.


Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

This app isn’t as well known as Hole19, but it does have some great features to offer golfers.

One of the best-selling features of this app is the integration of google maps which not only provides an overview of the course, but also displays distances to any point on the map. All you have to do is place your finger where you want information and a pop-up will show the distance in yards or meters.

Now we know that this app doesn’t offer club tracking stats like Hole19 – which would be best for golfers who don’t track their stats regularly – but it does provide some other great features such as GPS rangefinder with yardages statistics; advanced scoring with unlimited holes; live views from caddies around each hole (although these are limited); and much more!



SwingU is another great golf GPS which was developed by golfers for golfers. It offers many of the best features in a GPS app, some of which are club tracking stats; shot distances with predictive distance to green statistics, and directional compass on map views.

The navigation system is easy to use and has both online and offline options – perfect for those who plan ahead or like to go off-course without service!

SwingU has both a free and premium version, so even if you’re on a budget there’s an option for you.


GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

GolfNow is another great option if you want simple GPS and easy golf bookings! You can book your tee time and get course stats, directions to the course you’re playing that day, check best prices for golf courses in a radius around where you are.

GolfNow GPS is an easy way to enjoy all the benefits with minimal frustration. It’s not as detailed or full-featured when compared to other apps like SwingU; but if simplicity is what matters most GolfNow should be your go-to app.

This is a brilliant app to find your best golf courses with a quick, easy-to-use interface.


Best Golf GPS App for iPhone – Wrapping Things Up

That concludes our list of the best 5 apps for GPS golfers for iPhone. There are a number of other great GPS apps that we didn’t mention, and if you’re not already using one to track your strokes, distances traveled, best drives, or best chips then it’s worth giving them all a try!

It’s difficult to recommend just one app because the needs of every golfer vary – but hopefully, this article has helped narrow down your search so you can find the best GPS app that is perfect for you.

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