Best Golf Irons 2021 Mid Handicap

Best Golf Irons 2021 Mid Handicap

Do you need help deciding which golf irons to buy?

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes around. In order to be successful at this sport, you need the right equipment to get you there. One of those essential pieces of equipment is your golf club set.

Golfers have a variety of different needs, and not just when it comes to choosing between irons or woods. The best golf irons for you depend on your handicap, which club you hit off the tee, how much power you need out of your iron shots, and more.

It can be difficult to choose the best set when there are so many options on the market. If you’re looking for an iron that can do it all, take a look at these top 6 best golf irons for mid-handicap players in 2021!

This blog post will break down the best golf irons for a mid handicap player and provide some pros and cons of each type in an easy-to-read format.

In a hurry? These are our top picks.

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Our top 6 picks for best golf irons for mid handicap

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

For the first time in an iron, MAVRIK employs artificial intelligence. Our 360 Face Cup flexes and releases at impact to increase ball momentum. The design of the iron’s face is engineered exclusively for each loft, increasing ball speed and spin when hitting a variety of shots.

You can choose between two shaft materials for golf irons, steel, and graphite. Steel is more durable but has a heavier weight, while Graphite is lighter in weight with less durability.

For those who are looking for that perfect combination of control and distance, look no further than the custom tungsten-infused weights in each iron. This patented design allows you to pinpoint the CG location with incredible accuracy while retaining ball speed with the Flash Face Cup technology.

  • Produces incredible sound and feel
  • The new 360-degree face cup technology and tungsten-infused weights help to increase the launch, trajectory, and spin.
  • Has a softer loft which affects how far you can hit a shot

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set Mens

Do you want a game-changing experience on the golf course? The new SIM2 Max irons will give you everything you need to achieve your best score yet. These clubs feature an ultra-fast, low and deep CG face design that provides more forgiveness from shots struck off the center of the clubface.

What’s even better is they offer increased ball speed for maximum distance potential with every swing! For those players who are always trying to perfect their technique – this innovative iron has been created just for them. Professional giving up traditional models in favor of these all-around great performers?

This club is designed to be a great trade-off for golfers who are looking for more distance and forgiveness but don’t want the lower ball flight. A player who wants a higher ball flight can also select this club; however, they may need to adjust the loft on their iron set.

  • More distance and forgiveness
  • Increased ball speeds for maximum distances potential with every swing
  • Lower ball flight - some adjustments of the loft may be needed depending on the player's preference.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

Soar higher, go farther. The revolutionary Speed Bridge technology strategically supports the topline of your irons for greater explosive reach and forgiveness.

The new TaylorMade SIM Max Iron is an incredible golf iron that has been engineered with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology for faster speeds around the face and a more advanced sweet spot to provide you with straighter shots. The ultra-thin 1. 5mm will help your swing feel even better than ever before!

What’s great is that this golf iron comes in three colors; blue, black, and titanium. With the kind of choice this golf iron offers, you’ll be able to find your perfect set. You can choose one of these options to suit your needs!

  • Aligning with the ball was a lot smoother.
  • The feel and sound of the effects are greatly changed
  • It may take some time to adjust to the slight heaviness

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men (4,5,6,7,8,9,PW) Driving Irons (2&3) Right Left Hand Steel Shaft Regular Flex Golf Clubs Best Golf Iron Set

For those who are looking for a quality set of irons without having to break the bank, these golf clubs were designed with you in mind. This collection of luxury golf irons are designed for the everyday golfer. You’ll be able to enjoy a great game of golf without paying for the expensive clubs.

This Lazrus golf iron kit is manufactured in the same facility as some of today’s most sought-after, high-performing sets. This is why it sold over thousand of a golf club for this model alone.

The weight in these irons is distributed to the perimeter as opposed to being concentrated on the center. This allows for a more efficient swing, giving you greater distance and control over your ball. It’s also designed with an offset head which adds extra forgiveness and makes it easier to get under shots when needed.

  • It has a top speed of 105 miles per hour
  • produces excellent sound quality
  • Can be expensive

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

HB Turbo Launcher golf irons are engineered to give you the power and performance of a turbocharged, high-strength steel face with thinner construction and cooler temperature for explosive ball speeds.

The revamped HI Bore Crown has low, deep weighting for a high ball flight that’s easy to catch. When you’re playing competitively or professionally, this is an excellent accessory and will take your game up another level. The unique hollow construction of this golf iron with internal stabilizing ribs is perfect for the professional golfer.

Getting the perfect transition from hybrid-like long irons to iron-like short irons is seamless thanks to progressive shaping. It’s a smooth change, with forgiveness where it needs and power when desired.

  • Makes the execution of each swing precise
  • High altitude launches are a breeze
  • Takes a bit of getting used to.

Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Iron Set

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone One Length Iron Set

To improve the power and launch of your shots, a wider face pocket is created from heel to toe with an undercut using the Power Zone-A PWRSHELL Technology in this Cobra Golf Iron Set.

The Feel Zone-A Co-Mold medallion makes it easy for golfers to feel the ball and have a more satisfying experience on each swing, no matter where they hit it. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Speedzone Iron Set is perfect for achieving your best shots.

  • Has an amazing appearance
  • Makes launching easy
  • The ball’s speed is on the lower end

What to consider before buying golf irons


It’s best to think about the clubface technology before buying your golf irons. The bigger, heavier, and more forgiving the head will be – the better for mid-handicap players who need help with their swing speed or accuracy on long shots.


The shaft is a long, cylindrical tube that attaches the handle to your clubhead. It can be made from many different materials, including steel and graphite, but it’s most commonly manufactured with an aluminum core covered in a plastic or rubber grip layer for improved control and feel on contact.

When purchasing irons, it’s important to consider the type of shaft and its effect on your game. Steel or graphite? When you’re looking for a powerful swing with maximum distance and accuracy, steel is what you want. If control is more important than power, then go for graphite-shafted clubs so that they are easier to guide through their path towards the golf ball.


A shaft should be flexible for the best performance and safety. A stiff shaft is like a straight stick, which makes bending it more difficult than with a regular shaft.

It is best to drop by a pro-shop and try out golf clubs with a variety of shaft flexes before buying them.

Grip size

The best golf irons for mid-handicap players are usually a bit more forgiving on off-center shots, so you’ll want to make sure the grip fits your hand well and feels comfortable (not too thin or fat). The larger grips will help with wrist control which can be an issue when gripping.

Muscle Back Irons and Cavity Back Irons

Muscle back irons are a style of iron that is best suited for players who want to learn how to shape shots. These kinds of clubs have the ideal geometry and lie, which means they’re perfect for those who prefer powerful fades or draws.

Professional golfers know they need to work on their hitting and ball striking if they want to be successful. A cavity back iron is a good way to make that connection with the ball easier since it will give them more forgiveness when making contact with the clubhead.

Benefits of buying your own set of golf clubs

It’s an investment 

 Buying a brand new golf club can last for years and be passed down from generation to generation. So if you are interested in buying a set of golf clubs, you are investing in something that can last. Investing in a good quality set of golf clubs ensures that you won’t get frustrated when playing because your equipment doesn’t work well.

It’s fun having your own set

You’ll have more fun playing golf with friends or family members if you have your own set of clubs. You won’t have to worry about renting clubs or lugging around someone else’s clubs.

It gives opportunity to play new courses

 Buying a set of golf clubs will give you the opportunity to play new courses around town that you might not want to pay full price for.

It expands your game

Some golfers enjoy being able to test out new clubs and try them out at the driving range. But if you buy a set of irons, it will expand your game because you’ll be practicing with them on course before playing.

It is beneficial to all skill levels

Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from owning their own set of golf clubs. They can be used for beginners to learn the basics before progressing onto more advanced clubs and play whenever they want, for they have their own pieces of equipment.

It helps you get in shape

Getting in shape has never been easier! With so many different exercises to choose from, it’s easy to stay active while playing this sport, especially if you have your own set of golf clubs.

Best Golf Irons 2021 Mid Handicap - Final Words

The golfing season is upon us, and the last thing you want to do is be out on a course with cheap clubs that don’t fit your style. If you’re a beginner in the sport of golf, it may seem like an overwhelming task to figure out which set of clubs is right for your skill level. 

It’s time to ditch your rental clubs and invest in a set of your own. While there are many different brands on the market today with all sorts of price points, our team has narrowed down six irons from companies that we think will best suit you if you have a mid-handicap or below.

We hope this list helps make buying your first set easy! If you still can’t decide what brand is right for you, feel free to reach out anytime. Our experts would love to help answer any questions or concerns about these top picks as well as other options available, so don’t hesitate! We’d be pleased to help you.

Best Golf Irons 2021 Mid Handicap | All Golf Reviews

Find out what mid-handicap golfers should be looking for in the best irons of 2021. We've compiled a list of top-rated clubs and provided reviews with pros and cons.

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