Best Golf Subscription Box

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In recent years the popularity of subscription boxes has risen dramatically, and the market is now worth an estimated $18 Billion per year!

With that being said, you have clicked on this article to find out what the best golf subscription boxes are and what one is best for the golfer/s in your life, and that is exactly what we will look at in this article!

Are Golf Subscription boxes worth the money?

The answer to whether a golf subscription box is worth the money you will spend on it will differ for each person based on their circumstances. The best way to decide whether a golf subscription box is the right choice for you, is to consider whether the items inside are something you would normally buy on a monthly basis, or whether the items received in the box are of actual use to you; as a golfer!

The contents of a subscription box can differ greatly, meaning there is a wide range to choose from when deciding what the best golf subscription box is for you!

How much do golf subscription boxes cost?

The price of golf subscription boxes can differ massively depending on the items that are inside the box! Some boxes are more accessories-based and have lower subscription fees, whereas you can also buy luxury golf subscription boxes that contain luxury golf gear, and they can easily cost way into the thousands per month!

How do golf subscription boxes work?

As with most subscription services, with golf subscription boxes, you pay a fee, usually monthly, in exchange for a box full of golf goodies. As mentioned earlier in the article, what you get in a golf subscription box will differ depending on the price and the choices you choose when ordering – most companies will ask you to fill out a short quiz when ordering in order to gain a better understanding of your style preferences as many boxes are made with the golfer in mind! You can normally change your answers later if you would like to change up your style a little, or even a lot!

What are the most popular golf subscription boxes?

In order to help you find the perfect golf subscription box for you, we compiled a list of the top three most popular golf subscription boxes! Take a look at it here:

Best Golf Subscription Box – Our Top Picks

Short Par 4 – Best Quality

The Short Par 4 subscription box has been around for years and is one of the most popular golf subscription boxes on the market. You choose a package, fill out a quiz, and then each month, you will receive your box of golf gear! The gear that is provided with this golf subscription box is always some of the best gear on the market, again tailored to suit you based on your answers in the quiz!

Short Par 4 offers three different membership tiers, with one of them solely for female golfers!

The Fairway package is guaranteed to be the best deal out there when it comes down to item cost; catered to your likes and style, you get premium gear that will have you looking and feeling fresh out on the golf course. The average price of this membership is $54.99 per month.

The Executive package costs a little more than the Fairway package does; however, in return, you get a few more options. Again the gear that you get in this golf subscription box is some of the best gear out there, and the discounts are also some of the best too! The average price of this box is $125 per month.

The Magnolia package is one of the only golf subscription boxes on the market that has been made just for female golfers. Just like the other two packages on offer from Short Par 4, the gear that you get in this package will be some of the best gear on the market, and the discounts are some of the biggest on the market! The average price of this box is $99 per month.

Some other advantages of buying this golf subscription box are that you don’t ever really need to go shopping for your golf gear ever again, meaning that you get more time out on the golf course and that you also get extra discounts and offers to take advantage of on the Short Par 4 store as part of any of the monthly packages provided.

The cons of this package are that it is really focused more on style, meaning you do not really get any accessories with this box, and also it is the opinion of some golfers that the big brand names are limited in style options.

Mully Box – Best Value

Mully Box is focused more on accessories and training aids, meaning it is the perfect option for those golfers looking for extra golf gadgets! The contents of this box usually contain things like Tees, Golf Balls, Golf Gloves, and training aids.

The theme of the box varies from month to month; for example, one month would be putting themed, then the following month may be all about improving your iron game!

There are four membership options available with Mully Box, with two packages being billed and sent monthly and the others billed and dispatched quarterly.

The basic package offers two sleeves of golf balls along with 1-2 additional accessories in each box for a low cost of just $19.99 per month.

The essentials package offers all the contents of the basic package along with an extra 2-3 accessories. The price of this package is slightly more at $39.99 per month.

The Premium package is the best selling package on offer at Mully Box and offers members 12 premium golf balls, tees, one glove, 5-8 Training aids, or accessories! This box is sent out on a monthly basis however is billed quarterly (every three months) at $99.99.

The Luxury package is the most expensive package on Mully Box and is also the only package that includes a piece of golf clothing. The contents of this box include all the same benefits of the premium box, as well as Luxury Apparel, Aids, and Accessories. This package is shipped monthly and is billed at $199.99 quarterly.

Mully Box is all about helping golfers improve their game, and that is what they aim to do with every box a golfer buys! With Mully Box, the focus is always more on golf rather than style, meaning you do not get any clothing or gear with the monthly boxes. It is one of the cheaper boxes on the market, and as mentioned earlier in the article, it has a very straightforward ordering process.

My Golf Locker – Best Flexibility

With My Golf Locker, members have full control over what they want in their box as well as when or how often they would like to receive their boxes. My golf locker also offers members the chance to pause/cancel their membership at any time, then simply resume ordering again in the future if they wish to do so! Simply tell the good people at My Golf Locker what you like and what you do not like so much, and they will fully tailor a box to match not only your style choices but also your budget.

The pros of this membership are the flexibility allowing you to stop or start at your convenience, the fact that the clothing provided is selected to your exact tastes, as well as your chosen price point!

The downsides to My Golf Locker is that they currently only offer boxes designed for men, and the prices are similar to what you can get the exact same item for in a retail store, meaning that you do not really get to take advantage of the same discounts that are provided with other subscription services.


To summarise, the box that is right for you will come down to what you are looking for in a monthly subscription box. If you want to get the most stylish gear and always look sharp out on the golf course, then the Short Par 4 box may be for you.

If you are looking for the best value for money or extra gadgets to help improve our game, you will most likely prefer the offerings from Mully Box. Finally, If you are looking for flexibility and control over what you are getting in your monthly box, My Golf Locker will most likely cover your needs the best!

As mentioned earlier in the article, you should also take into consideration if the items that you are expecting to receive in your box are items that you would normally buy during the month or whether they are of particular use to you out on the golf course! Either way, it is safe to say there is certainly plenty of choices out there in the golf subscription box market, so there should be something out there to suit any golfer!