Can You Paint Putter Face?

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Before you begin throwing out your old putter, just stop and think. Is your putter broken, or does the putter face need some fixing up? I found that many clubs simply need a new paint job. But can you paint putter face?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

Buying new clubs after a few scratches can be incredibly costly. Most putters will range between $40 to $400.

Before you buy a new putter, you’ll want to distinguish whether the putter is damaged or simply has a few scuff marks. 

If it is the latter, you can simply paint the face of the putter to make it look new again. 

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Putter? 

When repainting your putter, you’ll primarily use an etching primer and epoxy paint. An etching primer is specially formulated with various combinations of resins to enhance adhesion to metal surfaces. 

Primarily, phosphoric acid is used to improve adhesion and etch the primer onto the surface. Some coatings have contained anti-corrosion pigment and zinc phosphate for sticking onto steel surfaces. 

In addition, epoxy paint is a type of latex acrylic product that uses a small amount of epoxy. It’s a durable and protective coating that is quite easy to maintain. The reason for the epoxy used on the putter is to maximize durability. Since the putter makes frequent contact with the ball and rainfall or wet surfaces, it’s important to use paint resistant to moisture. 

Standard acrylic paint can be prone to flaking and peeling. Also, acrylic paints won’t endure the friction that the club will endure while on the golf course. Epoxy paint is easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, and corrosion-resistant. 

You want to consider enamel paints as well since they offer very fast drying times while sticking well to the putter. 

Can You Spray Paint a Putter Head?

Can You Spray Paint a Putter Head

Yes, we advise you to spray paint the putter head rather than using a paintbrush. That’s because a paintbrush is quite messy and may cause uneven painting on the surface. Putter heads come in many different shapes and sizes, so a paintbrush may not be able to cover all the little crevices on the surface. A spray paint lets you thoroughly cover the putter head with multiple layers giving you a brand new-looking club. 

How Much Does It Cost to Refinish a Putter? 

Expect to pay between $120 and $150 to have a professional refinish your putter. Although it’s quite expensive, it’s still cheaper than most putters in the market. However, if you choose to refinish the putter yourself, it will likely cost you under $50 to do it yourself. 

How to Paint a Putter

You may think that painting a putter is difficult, but it’s a straightforward process. Make sure that you have the following materials to get the job done: 

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to paint the putter. 

  1. Strip and remove the existing paint. Dip an old cloth or rag into acetone and rub the putter head. This should remove the paintwork, but it may take you several attempts. Make sure when removing the paint you wear latex gloves. You can use a Q-tip and dip it in the acetone to remove the hard-to-reach areas of the old paint. If the paint is securely stuck on, you can use a nail, toothbrush, or an object with a sharp edge to scrape the paint off. 
  2. Dry the putter head with a towel once the paint has been removed. Make sure that isn’t any acetone left. 
  3. Apply a water-based degreasing agent to clean the putter head. This helps the new paint stick better when applied. If there are any spots that you don’t want to have painted, you can use painter’s tape or masking tape to cover those areas. 
  4. Place the putter onto a canvas drop cloth. 
  5. Next, spray or pour etching primer onto the putter’s head. This will serve as a foundational layer of paint for the putter. Let the golf sit for four hours so that that primer can sink in. Avoid having air bubbles. You can use a brush to press down the air bubble. 
  6. Once the putter head is dry, use a spray can of enamel paint and spray the putter head. This type of paint helps to withstand the wear and tear of the putter on the course. Ideally, you’ll want to apply about three coats of paint with intervals between each coat. 
  7. Once the paint job is complete, make sure to leave the putter out to dry for a couple of hours. You may want to patch it up or add finishing touches after inspecting it. 

Can You Refinish a Putter Face? 

When it comes to scuff marks or scratches, you can simply sand the putter head to restore the face. But keep in mind that you do too much sanding, which can alter the putter’s weight and disrupt your putter’s balance and performance. 

If you notice dents or nicks in the putter face, then you’ll have to iron them out. This may call for re-milling the putter face. In this case, we advise going to a professional golf club or custom fitters to help you with re-milling and structural adjustments to the putter face. 


Going to a professional golf shop or custom club fitter will cost you a lot of money to paint your putter face. Why not get the job done yourself? The task is relatively simple. It only requires a bit of knowledge and materials. Now that we’ve given you the steps, all you need is the supplies to get started. Repainting your putter face will make it look as good as new. Furthermore, you can customize and choose any paint color you desire. Say goodbye to the scuffs and scratches on the putter’s head. We’ve hope you’ve found this article helpful!