How To Buy Golf Clubs – Our Top Tips

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How To Buy Golf Clubs

If you are new to this field, then it is time for you to talk to an expert if you wish to invest in golf clubs. Talk with them extensively or take them along when you make the actual purchase. It is a tough task and can be an elaborate one, so take your time and choose wisely.

However, you can also take the online route and can buy golf club sets from an online store’s website. Some of the most reputed stores will help you along the way.

They have expert customer care executives that will help you with any doubts and queries that you have. These professionals are diligent and prompt and can come up with easy and convenient solutions in no time. If you are already an expert in golf, you can go ahead with your purchase in both offline and online markets without any second thoughts.

However, if you want to be informed enough, before investing in the golf club sets, you need to study on the subject and read up as much as you can. Here are a few things in our how to buy golf clubs guide that will help along the way.

How to Choose Golf Clubs?

Playing golf is a great activity. You can play it as a hobby, as a sport or as a profession. Playing it right takes a lot of practice, skills, patience, passion, and talent. Of course, the right set of equipment will help you to reach another level of perfection.

It is no secret that the right set of golf clubs will help improve your overall game. Having the right clubs will help you to play confidently as well, whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur. Are you confused about how to choose the right set of golf clubs that are apt for you? Here are some suggestions that will help you along the process.

How Many Golf Clubs In A Set?

For a standard golf set, there are around 14 golf clubs. However, for amateurs, it is better if you do not get carried away with initial enthusiasm and go for collecting golf clubs over time. So, even if you have fewer clubs, it will not change anything much. The USGA states that a golfer can have 12 or lesser number of golf clubs required for any game.

Don’t Obsess Over a Professional’s Brand

Obsessing over a brand is unhealthy. Understandably, you would want to follow your golf idol’s brand, but you need to understand your body and your requirements. If you choose a golf club set that does not suit your body type, no matter how good you are at your game, you will start to notice your score dropping.

This is why you ignore the brand. Instead, go for the set of equipment that will not require any time for you to get accustomed to it. Take your time and consider the other sets of factors such as gender, mobility capability, and other physical conditions, and so on.

Think About the Grip and Shaft of the Club

Your grip needs to be adequate on the club handle, neither too tight nor loose. So before you make the purchase, test your grip out patiently. There is a rule to know if the grip is right enough for you. Use your left hand for the process. Hold the handle using the middle and ring fingers. Do not use the thumb of the middle finger much. If the grip is too big for you, the fingers will not touch, and that is a sign of letting go of that golf club.

The shaft needs to be proportional to your height. If it is not according to your height, it gets difficult to get a good flex. Hence your shot will lack the perfect swing needed for a good swing. Get hold of the loft angle as well because as soon as you learn to adjust it, your game will improve.

Consider The Size of the Club-head

The club-head is probably one of the most significant factors that you should consider while buying golf club sets. The size matters here. This is because the greater the size of the club-head, the easier it is for you to hit the ball, with a considerable amount of swing. This is a great advantage for beginners, as they can easily get a hit without much effort or precision. However, bigger club-heads do have one disadvantage. They are obviously heavier than golf clubs with small club-heads. Amateurs, with lesser practice, will find it hard to get it under control to get the perfect swing.

Type of Golf Clubs

There are several types of golf clubs that are available in the market today. The main examples in the list include iron golf clubs, wedges, wood golf clubs, drivers, putters, and hybrids.

There are several driver models, such as driver standards, neutrals, draws, and offsets. They can be chosen according to your capability and grip over the sport. These driver models will help you veer the ball in the right angle so that your aim gets better with practice and concentration on the impact of the hit.

If you are worried about the line of sight, you will be happy to know that some golf club brands in present days, manufacture square driver shaped heads. This is so that you can easily aim with a straight and very clear line of view. Traditionally shaped drivers will not make your tee shots so easy and convenient.

If you are new to the game, it is suggested that you try it out a few times before investing in it monetarily. And if you are not new to it, it is time for you to consider the speed of your swing. If you have an average swing, it will be wise for you to go with 9 to 11 degrees of loft drives. These lift driver degrees are chosen by most of the players because it suits almost everyone.

If you have a fast swing, it is apt to go for 8 to 9 degrees of loft drives. These are mostly chosen by professionals. Standard players who play it as a fun activity or hobby should avoid it because if you are not good enough with the speed of the swing, your ball will not be able to cover much distance. If you have a slow swing, get a lot between ranged between 12 to 13 degrees. Over time, if you feel confident enough with practice, you can change your golf clubs.

Decide Which Wood Clubs To Buy

When you go for choosing your woods for your golf club sets, consider factors like the golf club numbers, wood head designs, wood shafts, and soon. One thing to keep in mind about wood clubs is for lower golf club numbers, and you get shorter shaft length. And if you go for higher golf club numbers, higher will be the loft degrees. Also, there are two types of wood shafts available in the market. You get to choose between steel woods and graphite woods.

While graphite woods are popular among the crowds because they help you to aim better and hit the ball better because of the good angle that you get. However, steel woods are preferred by many as well because they help your ball to cover a more considerable distance with much ease.

When you go for Iron clubs, there are several variations and factors that you should consider as well. For example, there are forged irons and cast irons.  If you want to for a good feel while you play, you should go with the forged irons, no doubt.

However, cast irons are suitable for people with lesser height, and these are created with some creativity to help low height players to get a better experience. Iron clubs are very strong and durable. They last long and are absolutely worth every penny you pay for.

Last but not least, consider the putter type before you purchase these. There are mainly three types of putters. The three main types of putters are mallets, half mallets, and blades. Blades are the easiest types of putters in the business and are apt for beginners. And if you are having a problem with your alignment, it is a wise decision to go for mallets and half mallets. Also, if you are confused about the putter length, go for the standard size without any doubt.

Buy Within Your Budget

This is perhaps one of the most critical points when you choose your golf club set. Golf club sets are an investment, and if you are really invested in the game, decide the budget accordingly. Today several online stores get you the best golf sets at very reasonable prices. These sites are well-known and are trusted by several customers across the country.