How To Clean Golf Clubs

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After the golf season, chances are your golf clubs are pretty dirty. Dirty golf clubs can negatively affect your performance. The grooves of the clubhead provide for spin and should therefore always be kept clean. The dirt can also transfer to the ball, changing the length and accuracy of your strokes. But clean golf clubs not only improve your golfing game – they also last longer.

It is best to clean your clubs after every round of golf with a towel or a brush tool. By getting into the habit of taking care of your clubs you save a lot of time before the next round of golf and can concentrate on the essentials – like the perfect golf swing.

Think about it as an extension of your golf game to give your golf clubs a care program and remove the dirt of the season from all grooves. We’ll explain why golf clubs should be cleaned regularly and what you need to look out for, and of course, this is not only true for the winter, but also for the golfing season. Because hand on heart, how often do you really clean your golf clubs?

Why is the regular care of your golf clubs so important?

How To Clean Golf Clubs

Well, your clubs and golfing equipment, in general, are an investment in your hobby, and they are rarely a cheap cost to get things started. But not only that you have paid a lot of money for your golf equipment, but the proper care of your material plays an essential role in your golfing success.

Things like dirt in the small grooves on your clubhead reduces the accuracy of your golf shots. Even on the stroke length, clean grooves can have a positive effect. Grooves are there for a reason not just for decoration, they are designed to pick up the dirt and grass that gets caught between the ball and the clubface at impact and make sure that the ball reaches the full power and energy of your swing. And remember, dirt stores moisture and can rust your clubs! Especially with your wedges and your irons, this can have adverse effects on those clubs as you can imagine.

Golf Club Handles – Cleaning Reasons

When cleaning, you should not only pay attention to the club heads, the handles also need your attention. Because only a clean and non-slip grip allows you a precise hit. Depending on how often you play golf, you should, therefore, renew your grips once a year. They will last longer with some regular cleaning to maintain them.

Basically, the grip is the only part of the club with which the golfer has direct contact. The cleaning of golf grips is vital to ensure a firm and stable grip during the swing. The cleaning improves the grip and avoids slipping. Your grips will last longer and perform better with a little care and attention.

The easiest way to clean golf grips is with wet cleaning wipes. There are some golf grip specialty wipes, developed exclusively for the cleaning of your golf grips. But a damps cloth can work just as well, use which you prefer. Take the wipe (it will be damp) and use it to wipe the handle thoroughly from top to bottom. A cleaning cloth is enough to clean the grips of a whole golf set.

How To Clean Golf Club Heads

Every golf club has a spot where you can find a water trough with brushes to clean your clubs. It is best to place your golf clubs with the clubhead in the water so that the dirt first softens. It will then be easier to get the dirt out of the grooves. Then you take one club at a time and scrub appropriately with the brush until the head shines again. Dry each golf club very carefully before returning it to your bag. Otherwise, there is also a risk of rust. It’s best to clean your clubs after every practice and every round.

1) Remove the coarse dirt from the clubhead and grooves. A brush tool should be used to avoid damaging the clubhead. There are various sizes and brands available.

2) Mix warm water and mild soap in a large bucket or container. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Otherwise, the ferrules may come loose. Use only enough water to cover the club heads. It’s important that the water does not get on the ferrules and shafts.

3) Place the club heads in the warm water and let them soak for a few minutes.

4) Scrub the gold club heads with a thick brush.

5) Rinse the golf club heads with clear, cold water. Again, make sure that no water gets on the ferrules.

6) Dry the club heads with a towel and make sure the heads are dry before putting them back in the bag

To give your clubheads a final touch, you can use a chrome polish. The club heads shine like new again afterwards. Note that a Chrome polish is only applicable to club heads with Chrome Finish.

Where do I store golf clubs?

After cleaning it is also important to know how golf clubs are best stored. Some golfers simply leave the golf clubs in the trunk of the car, others put the clubs in the garage over the winter. However, neither trunk nor garage are suitable storage places. If you want to store your clubs for more than a few days, it is best to keep them indoors. If you have no room at home, make sure they are stored in a heated and dry place.

Your golf bag may include a rain cover, you should pull it over the bag before stowing it. Find a place where your golf bag is not always falling over or being exposed to other impacts. Make sure that the clubs and bag are completely dry before storing them and that you have thoroughly cleaned the clubs (as described above).