Is Buying A New Driver Worth It?

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If you’re like most golfers, you probably take your driver to the range every once in a while and hit balls with it.

It’s what we do; we go out there, try hitting some balls, have some fun. And then maybe after a few rounds of golf or even just one round, you think to yourself, “I need to switch drivers.”

But is buying a new driver worth it? They are expensive, and most of the new benefits are all sales gimmicks.

So how do you decide? Read on the find out.

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Is buying a new driver worth it?

Every year new drivers are introduced, but do they offer any advantage?

Many players enjoy the sense of adventure and mystery associated with switching to a new driver.

Every year golf companies release numerous lineups in search of the “perfect” club.

They work tirelessly on research and development to find ways to make their clubs longer, more accurate, and more forgiving.

Recently we have seen companies such as Callaway and Nike abandon their clubs to start fresh with new drivers and more technologies.

So is it worth the money?

The truth is that most manufacturers make slight changes to their drivers, and they normally only increase the distance by 1-2 yards on average.

And it is difficult to say if the new product is any better than the one you currently use.

There are two ways to answer this question; you can test the club yourself with a swing monitor or pay someone to do it for you.

This way, you’ll have the data to show whether the new driver will be worth it.

The second thing to take into consideration is the age of your current driver. If you have a driver that’s three years and up, you will notice a bigger impact.

However, if you bought a new model last year, the chances are you won’t see a big impact in performance when switching to a new model.

The benefits of switching to a new golf driver are:

If you have been using your current driver for the past three years, you can see some substantial benefits in switching to a new driver.

You should also consider switching to a new driver if you are simply looking to add distance, increase accuracy, and more forgiveness.

Below is a list of benefits that await when you decide to switch to a new driver.

1) Improved Accuracy

New drivers are created with the idea of increasing accuracy. Manufacturers do not only focus on increasing the distance; they spend more time honing inaccuracy.

This is because they know most golfers struggle to hit their desired landing spots.

When you buy a new driver, it may take you a few days to get used to the new weight distribution. However, once you are familiar with your new driver, expect better accuracy in long drives.

2) Increased Distance

As mentioned above, switching to a new driver will increase your distance by 1-5 yards on average. You should be able to hit your drive longer when using a new driver with better technology.

3) More Forgiveness

New drivers are created with the idea of eliminating ‘slice’ shots. Manufacturers do their best to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) to give you extra forgiveness.

When switching to a new club, it is common for golfers to make more mistakes when they first start, but this is only a temporary effect caused by the new weight distribution.

As you become familiar with your new driver, expect fewer slices and a better overall shot shape.

This just touches the surface of the benefits that await when switching to a new driver. If you have been using your current driver for the past three years, you should think about changing to a new driver.

However, if your current driver is less than three years old, then it may not be worth it. It all comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend.

Does an expensive driver make a difference?

When it comes to purchasing a new driver, you might be tempted by the expensive models.

However, if your current driver is not too old, then an expensive model will not offer much in terms of performance. It will only increase the price of the club, but nothing else.

If you are looking for a way to improve your game, then you should consider buying a new driver, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Expensive drivers will offer higher quality materials and slightly more distance and accuracy when compared to the cheaper drivers.

You will also get more features like adjustable weights to give you more control.

If you’re in the market for a new driver, then paying a little bit more is well worth the investment.

Is Buying A New Driver Worth It – Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to improve your game and want more distance, accuracy, or forgiveness, then investing in a new driver may be just what you need.

You can either purchase one yourself at the pro shop or pay someone else to test it for you with an online swing monitor.

With so many benefits awaiting those who switch clubs, there is no reason not to make a change if you’re current driver is beginning to age.