Most Forgiving Driver for High Handicapper

Most Forgiving Driver for High Handicapper

For any high handicapper looking to get a little extra boost off the tee, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing worse than hitting some balls into the trees, water, or in the rough. Forgiving drivers have enough stability and forgiveness to negate the effects of bad shots that are off-centered or simply slow swing speeds.

To help you with your journey to find the best drivers, we’ve thoroughly researched and tested many drivers in the market. We’ve compiled the top 5 most forgiving drivers for the high handicapper, along with a buyers guide sharing what to look out for.

In a hurry? These are our top picks.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver – Best Overall
Cobra Radspeed XB Driver – Best for Distance
Callaway Epic Max Driver – Optimal Performance Across the Face
Cobra King Speedzone Driver – Best for Slower Swing Speeds
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo – Budget-friendly

Below are our picks for the most forgiving, stable, and shot-correcting drivers in the market.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver - Best Overall

When it comes to forgiveness, we believe the TaylorMade SIM2 can compete with any driver in the market. This driver has a 24g of back weight to provide additional forgiveness along with a five percent larger clubface than it’s the previous model.

Also, the SIM2 features a speed-injected twisted clubface that has corrective face curvatures in the sides to protect against toe and heel mishits

  • Speed injected twist face to increase ball speed and protect against mishits
  • Made from aluminum for lightweight, high strength, and durability
  • 24g of tungsten weight is positioned on the sole of the club to increase launch and spin
  • Speed pocket helps against off-center hits
  • Able to adjust loft degrees
  • A little bit pricey

Cobra Radspeed XB Driver - Best for Distance

Cobra Golf 2021 Men's Radspeed XB Driver Gloss Black-Turbo Yellow

High handicapper players tend to struggle with getting enough ball flight and distance into their drives. The Cobra Radspeed XB Driver is designed for those who want more stability and distance in their shots. It features 8g of fixed weight on the front side and 20g of weight positioned in the back, which enhances the forgiving nature of the driver.

This radial technology is their strategic placement of weight engineered to optimize flight direction, forgiveness, and speed. The driver has a T-bar chassis that is 7g lighter than most drivers positioning the weight mass forward. As a result, the ball spin decreases, and the ball speed increases.

  • Weight is strategically distributed to optimize flight direction, ball speed, and forgiveness
  • 460cc clubhead size to increase margin for error
  • Very light driver allowing you to increase swing speed and ball speed
  • Made of titanium for long-lasting durability
  • Cobra Connect can track performance
  • Limited gains compared to its previous model

Callaway Epic Max Driver - Optimal Performance Across the Face

The Callaway Epic Max Driver utilizes their new Jailbreak AI speed frame, enhancing the club’s torsional and horizontal stability. This improves the overall ball speed when it meets the clubface. The face has a more expansive and wider surface to correct for any off-center hits.

In addition, the Epic Max Driver promotes shot-shaping corrective features with their 17g sliding rear weight. The Optifit Hosel and sliding weight can help adjust the ball flight straighter despite bad shots. This driver offers up to 20 yards of shot shaping correction for golfers.

It also uses Triaxial carbon, which saves about 19g of weight compared to titanium. The saved weight is more effectively used for more forgiveness and better ball flight.

  • Draw bias will help slicers
  • Users can adjust weight, loft angle, and lie angle
  • Jailbreak AI speed frame to boost torsional and horizontal stability for better ball speed
  • Includes 17g of sliding weight to correct and ensure excellent ball flight
  • High MOI, draw bias, and deep CG keeps the ball straighter
  • Loft only configures from 9-12 degrees

Cobra King Speedzone Driver - Best for Slower Swing Speeds

Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Extreme Driver Black-Yellow

Don’t you hate missing the center of the clubface? With their infinity edge design, the mill area expands by 95% up to the absolute legal limit. This ensures that individuals with slower swing speeds can get the maximum accuracy needed to ensure high ball flights.

In addition, we enjoy their low CG speed back weighting, which purposely positions the weight to the bottom to maximize the transfer of energy. As a result, the ball will fly straighter and farther. Since the weight also is wide, even the effects of off-center hits will be negated. For individuals who frequently slice the ball, this feature is incredibly helpful.

  • Infinity edge design expands the milled area
  • 69g of mass is positioned near the bottom to ensure efficient transfer of energy
  • Weight is positioned low and wide to offset the mishits or off-center hits
  • Made of titanium of strength and lightweight
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Not a big improvement on their previous model

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo - Budget-friendly

For individuals who struggle with hitting drives that go straight and far, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo aims to solve this issue. This driver utilizes a Turbocharged cup face extending beyond the front in a cup shape. As a result, users will experience faster ball speeds across many points in the clubface.

Their redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the weight by 2.2 mm to produce greater forgiveness and higher launch. The weighting scheme on the driver also reduces the impact of off-centered strikes.

  • Larger impact area for more distance and increased ball speeds
  • Weight is shifted lower to increase launch power
  • Lines on the crown for easy alignment
  • Clean design with a matte finish
  • Very forgiving due to flexible shaft and wide clubface
  • Produces a loud sound of the strike

What to Look For When Buying a Forgiving Driver for High Handicapper

There are many factors to consider when looking for a forgiving driver for high handicappers. We’ve broken down the biggest factors, so you know what to look for when making your purchase.


The term forgiveness refers to the design in a golf club that reduces the effect of poor contact and bad swings with the golf ball. Typically, there are unique characteristics that make a golf club more forgiving such as:

  • A bigger clubhead
  • An offset feature, where the clubface is setback from the hosel allowing users to square the face more easily.
  • The shaft is softer and more flexible
  • The soles have more bounce

A driver with plenty of forgiveness should provide assistance when it comes to off-center hits and feels easy to swing. As a result, you should notice a big improvement in your direction, ball speed, and distance.


Due to slow swing speeds, high handicappers tend to struggle to produce enough air and launch behind their swings. Look for drivers that will enhance your launch and air time. This includes a softer and more flexible shaft and higher loft.


You want to look for drivers that give you the best features for its price. We’ve aimed to provide drivers at various price points. Make sure you use a driver that is durable and has everything you need. The last thing you want is a driver that you’ll need to replace in a few months.

Accommodates Your Swing Speed

The shaft affects your performance significantly. It will determine the consistency of your shots and determine how the ball flies through the air. Most high handicappers have a swing speed of 70-90 mph, meaning you should have a very flexible shaft. The flexible shaft will promote a more consistent and straighter ball flight.


Adjustable lofts can be very effective in enhancing your game. The driver’s shafts can be unscrewed from the head and rotated to decrease and increase the loft angle of the driver from 9 degrees to 14 degrees. By adjusting the angles, you can increase the accuracy of your drives and how far you hit the ball on your drives.

Loft Options

Many high handicappers fail to realize that the loft of a driver equates to the ball height. When it comes to your drives, it’s best to maximize the height, especially for high handicappers who have slower swing speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers are arguably one of the most important clubs to have in your arsenal. They're designed with the purpose of getting the maximum distance off of your tee. The design of the driver is made to affect the ball speed, launch, spin, and trajectory.


High handicappers need a specific driver to minimize the effects of their slow swing speeds and off-centered shots. If used on a professional driver designed for a mid or low handicapper, the off-center hits will cause slices that cause inaccuracy and loss of distance. Also, low swing speeds will result in slow ball speeds and poor ball trajectories. That's why it's crucial to pick a driver that suits your precision and swing speed.

Although many golf manufacturers tend to release new drivers every year or multiple times per year, you won't need to buy the latest one every time. Most drivers can last between two to four years before you need to replace them. However, this depends on your skill level, how to take care of it, and your playing style.

In most golf courses, you're only allowed to carry up to 14 clubs in your golfing bag. That means carrying one driver should suffice. Ideally, you'll want to choose an adjustable driver so that you can maximize distance and shot shaping.

Shafts come in varying degrees of flexibility. Low handicappers need more stiff shafts, while high handicappers should use more flexible shafts.

A shaft that is too flexible for your swing speed may cause inconsistent release points. If the shaft is too stiff for your swing speed, that'll cause you not to produce the maximum launch trajectory and swing speed.

Typically, shafts are labelled as:

  • L, which stands for ladies
  • A or M, which stands for amateur or senior flex
  • R means regular
  • S for stiff
  • X denotes extra stiff

For high handicappers, we suggest using a shaft that is labelled A or M to maximize your ball speed, launching angle, and spin rate.

It can be confusing to know which driver is geared towards high handicappers. Some manufacturers may release misleading information to persuade customers to purchase their products. Here are a few things you should consider to determine whether a driver is intended for a beginner.


  • Clubhead size: For beginners, the bigger the club size, the better. Most golf courses allow for a maximum of 460cc in clubhead size, which is the size you should aim for. A bigger clubhead size means that there will be a bigger sweet spot and a larger room for error.
  • Shaft flexibility: Every shaft should have enough flexibility to support your swing speed. For high handicappers, you'll want the most flexible shafts in the market because they'll help you carry more distance and keep your ball straight.

Forgiveness: Off-center hits are one of the most common issues for a beginner. Forgiveness will help to keep the ball straight and with a high trajectory even if the hit is off-target.

Most Forgiving Driver For High Handicapper – Final Verdict

As mentioned, we believe the TaylorMade Sims2 Max Driver provides the best combination of stability, forgiveness, and flexibility. Using its speed-injected face and back-shifted weight, you can easily drive balls faster and straighter than before.

Make sure to read through our buyer’s guide to understand the key factors that make up forgiveness. Getting a driver that suits your swing speeds will ensure that you maximize and enhance your game.

Most Forgiving Driver for High Handicapper | Our Top 5

Our top 5 most forgiving driver for high handicappers. These drivers are specifically designed to give high handicappers more control over their ball flight.

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