Best Golf Ball For Mid Handicapper

Best Golf Ball For Mid Handicapper

It is not a big deal to get all your shots lined up but actually getting them right is an achievement. If you play with a handicap, it is a dire need to have the best equipment in the form of the best golf ball for mid handicapper. If you are going to use standard equipment, they will not serve the purpose. It will only lead to a frustrating effort for you and a mere waste of time and energy.

You should be clear about the fact that it is not your club that is going to make a difference, but it is your ball that does matter. So keeping in mind this difficulty of golf players and to make your tiring efforts successful, we are coming up with the list of the best golf balls for the mid handicapper. All you need is to have a look at these products on our list.

  1. Titleist tour soft
  2. Srixon soft feel
  3. Top-Flite 2019 XL
  4. Srixon Q-star
  5. Callaway super soft
  6. Bridgestone E6 soft
Titleist Tour Soft

  • Solid launching power



    Available in an upgraded Pro version

    Reduced dragging forces and increased spin

  • A recent version available, but the manufacturing date needs to be elaborated.

    They are not used in other sports.

The new Tour Soft ball ensures a soft feel with an energetic core, longer shots, and better spin on green. Now that is the promise of every ball, but Titleist, one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers, upgrades your score as well as your happiness that lies in the thrill of your efforts and the magical performance of this ball.

Features and details:

  • A multi-component golf ball gives consistency on every shot.
  • Ensures extraordinary long-distance on all shots
  • Long-lasting durability and thin ionomer casing layer to upgrade speed and improve spins.
  • The new spherically- tetrahedral dimple design provides Titleist tour soft, most consistent sight ever.

Srixon Q-Star Feel

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

  • Straightforward long-distance

    Soft feel and a compression  core


  • Putter roll can be better.

An energetic -compression golf ball that delivers the perfect performance for golfers who demand long-distance, soft feel, and greenside spin control from a 2-piece ball.

The new Q-STAR is a high-performance, 2-piece golf ball that delivers an exceptional balance of distance, soft feel, and greenside control. This ball has been developed to deliver performance along with durability; the new Q-STAR utilizes similar technology to our tour-proven Z-STAR series golf balls in an ionomer cover design. It delivers not only long-distance shot but also durable while dealing with green.

Features and details:

  • A softer center that is firmer around the perimeter provides a soft feel as well as maximizing ball speed
  • Spin skin coating to boost the pin quality
  • Simple dimple pattern for long speeds

Callaway Super Soft

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

  • Great aerodynamics

    Great launching for accurate shots



  • Finishing can be improved

    • Callaway Super Soft takes the performance of a golf player with a mid handicap to another level. This is the best soft golf ball for mid-handicap developed by keeping in mind every aspect and element for more speed off the tee and longer distance of every club in the bag. A faster core for longer distance. A high energetic inner core is a base for control spin. Durability and spin of the best golf ball for mid handicapper are improved by outer thinner and firmer core with gasoline. The New Ionomer blend creates a more effective energy transfer from the soft inner core for faster ball speed. It has improved consistency and durability, and the mantle allows for an ideal and controlled spin on wedge shots.

      Feature and details:

      • Larger Graphene-Infused in the softcore for Increased Distance
      • Highly developed mantle system for consistent flight.
      • Fully controlled spin on the green side from a Thinner Urethane Cover
      • Enhanced visibility and durability

Bridgestone E6 Soft

Bridgestone E6 Soft

  • Good flight and spin angle

    Speed capabilities

    Launching power


  • Colors fade on overuse

The Bridgestone E6 softball is the same ball played by Tiger Woods. Bridgestone spends more of its resources directly on golf balls, producing one of the best soft golf balls for mid handicappers than anyone else in the equipment manufacturing business. This ball provides golfers with varying swing speed, excellent flight, and speed of the ball.

It is the best product for mid handicappers who enjoy playing with low compression core balls that produce good spin around the tee and also have a  soft feel. Played by some of the greatest gamers, the Bridgestone soft golf ball will help you play your best golf.

Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Balls

Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Balls

  • Expert-level developers



    Good quality speed control

    Customer reviews 4.9 from 5

  • Performance affected with different clubs

Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Balls – Golf players, are preferring this best soft golf ball for mid handicapper. The dimple present in the ball optimizes the distance and lift with great launching power on long shots and while unlocking superior spin control on greenside shots. A mantle layer specifically fits between the core and cove to reduce long game spin for more accurate shots.


  • Tour-preferred performance preferred by golfers from tee to green
  • Dimple aerodynamics covering lift and flight of shot.
  • Urethane cover for elevated spin side control
  • Highly energetic mantle layer and cover compression
  • 3-piece ball for effective flight, spin, and speed.
  • Packing of 15.

Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicapper - Conclusion

By now, your concepts about the best golf ball for mid handicappers must be clear. All of our products are highly durable, and you can select any one of them depending on your choice of selection. They have a solid build, good control, aerodynamics, and spin control in all products. Thus making it a complete package for those scrolling out the best soft golf balls for the mid handicapper. You can move with a little bit of digging to enhance your adventure as well as your score in the game. Ultimately, your choice is going to be adjusted according to your budget and your needs!

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