Best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals 2020

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Do you want to enhance your game with the help of an advanced GPS? Or you might be thinking of buying one but not able to do so just because of the price tag. Well, the reason could be anything but a GPS is indeed pretty helpful to improve your game by a great percentage. Whether you want to understand your golf course better, measure shot distances, get notified about the hazard information, or simply keep track of your game, a GPS device will help you with everything.

But, all these benefits come after spending a lot of money. Some of the popular products from Garmin and other named brands come for thousands of dollars. So, you might think twice before picking anyone from them. And, some players may not afford these products.

But, now, during the occasion of Black Friday 2020, it is a great time to buy a great GPS device online. This is the time when you can get a huge discount on most of the golf accessories on various online platforms, including Amazon. Black Friday is going to arrive soon, and this is the reason I am here to provide you with a list of products that will see huge drops in their prices. So, if you were planning to buy a good Golf GPS, this Black Friday is perhaps the best time for you.

Best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals

All these devices are top-rated and best in quality in all terms. Let’s see all of them one by one and make it easier for you to pick the right one.

Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch


  • Customizable Watch Faces
  • Virtual Caddie
  • Suitable for daily uses as well
  • Long Battery Life
  • Size might be bigger for some people
  • High Price Tag

This Golf GPS watch is one of the best products to purchase if you are looking for a very helpful but compact device at the same time. This watch is equipped with lots of amazing features that you may not get with any traditional watch or GPS devices. Most importantly, the price of this beautiful but costly watch is going to reduce during the Black Friday Sale 2020. And this is the reason why it becomes worth buying golf accessory in this sale season.

If we talk about its features, the watch has a big 1.3 inches Color Touchscreen Display which is completely scratch-resistant. It has more than 41,000 full-color Course-View maps from all over the world. The watch has Virtual Caddie, which helps the players pick the right club as per the distance to be covered. This feature will also help you to know more about wind speed, direction, and numerous other things.

HazardView, PlayLike, PinPointer, and GreenView are some of the other amazing features inside this great GPS Watch. In a nutshell, this is an all-in-one solution for not only GPS but various other advantageous things in Golf. With its help, you will be able to improve your game.

Garmin Approach G6

Garmin Approach G6


  • Slim Design and Easy to use
  • Long Battery Life (up to 15 Hours)
  • Lots of Scorecard options
  • Easy Stats tracking
  • Basic stats keeper
  • Over-sensitive touchscreen
  • Can’t log distance as a stat

When it comes to the Golf GPS Accessories, Garmin is one of the most trusted and tested brands. And this is the reason why I have found another great Black Friday 2020 Golf GPS deal. This is another product that is supposed to become pretty affordable during this Black Friday sales season. So, if you are planning for a great handheld and touchscreen Golf Course GPS, this one is a great option for you.

If we talk about the features, this device comes along with more than 25,000 preloaded golf course maps. And you do not have to opt for any subscription for that. The design is rugged and pretty slim. Also, it is waterproof, along with its tough build quality. The glove-friendly touchscreen and adjustable backlight make it best to choose inside any kind of golf match in any golf course.

This device may not have all the features which you are getting in Garmin Approach C65, but it has everything you will need inside a golf GPS. And you have to pay less price for this one. So, you should think about this one if you have limited budgets. Also, Black Friday Sales are going to give you lots of other price advantages.

IZZO Swami

IZZO Swami


  • Digital Scorekeeper to easily save round scores
  • Comes with a magnet to attach to the cart frame
  • Layup and Carry Distances to doglegs and hazards
  • Basic stats keeper
  • Over-sensitive touchscreen
  • Can’t log distance as a stat

Izzo Swami 6000 is our next product, which you should consider buying if you have a limited amount to spend. However, the company hasn’t compromised with anything if we look at its price. And the Amazon reviews say it all. This is the reason why you should grab this GPS once its price gets more down during the Black Friday Sale 2020.

If we talk about its features, it has various things to offer at this small price tag. First of all, it has more than 38,000 golf course maps from all over the world, which you will get without paying for any subscription. Auto course detection, hole-advance, and shot distance measurement are some of the other features of this device. The display is large and vibrant for easy recognition of its elements. The battery life is pretty decent, and built-quality is also strong enough.

5 Things That make a great Golf GPS?

It is always good to become aware of all the things you want from any product. So, when it comes to choosing the right golf GPS, there are various things you should keep in mind. But, here are the five main things you should consider while picking a golf GPS for you. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Size and Type

Picking up your golf GPS is all up to your preferences. But, technology has given you the advantage of choosing your desired products without any hassle. You can either go for a small GPS or a large one. Also, you can either choose a handheld one or simply a watch. A GPS inbuilt inside a watch will be compact but costly at the same time. Let’s know about them in detail.


Inside the handheld category, you get options to choose either a small-sized or large-sized Golf GPS. If you want a larger screen to read, you should go for the bigger one. Some of these devices may be carried inside the pockets, whereas some will be a very big size. But, the most important thing here is usability. Because they are larger with a big screen, you will find it easier to use them using both hands.


These GPS devices are compact but slightly difficult to operate. Observing the readings could also be tough for some people. However, the features are not compromised. Some brands like Garmin are offering some excellent features for the golfers inside these GPS watches. Also, you can wear most of them outside of the courses. But, they are slightly expensive as compared to the simple devices.


You can easily purchase a separate rangefinder to easily detect the range to hit a specific shot. But, when you get the same feature inside a Golf GPS, why buy two different devices for the same task. Yes, most of the Golf GPS devices nowadays are having inbuilt rangefinder features. So, consider buying a device with both these features to facilitate yourself more.

Shot Tracking Distance

This is a feature in some devices which will help you to track the distance of your specific golf shot. This tracker will start working on your command when you hit a shot. You will end the tracker once you reach your ball. The total distance will be counted, and you will see it on your device. This is a good thing to improve your game with regular practice using different golf clubs and balls.

Preloaded Golf Courses

It is always better to have lots of golf courses already loaded in your Golf GPS. Most of the devices are coming along with thousands of golf courses already loaded in their database. However, in the earlier GPS devices, you’d have to load them using a computer manually. You would not like to do it these days by spending a lot of time downloading and then installing the data inside your watch. So, it is better to see if your device is equipped with these golf courses or not.

It will also be good if you are buying a device with Auto-course recognition. This feature will enable your GPS to detect your golf course automatically and start your round.

Green Mapping

This feature in your Golf GPS will allow you to see the actual shape of the green in a course. It is a perfect feature to aim right into your desired area. It will also help you to check the depth of the green and help you to make the right shot.

All these features are necessary whenever you find a good Golf GPS or GPS watch for yourself. Some other considerable things could be the warranty, manual pin location, waterproof device, swing analysis, battery life, touchscreen, etc. So, keep all these in mind, and you will pick the right product for you.

Best Golf GPS Black Friday Deals – Final Verdict

The products given above are subjected to change. I will update them and their prices as the Black Friday sale season comes near. In this way, I am going to help you make the most out of this sale period. If you have any query in mind, just let me know in the comment section.