Best Golf Bag Carry Straps

5 Best Golf Bag Carry Straps To Buy

It’s never easy to move your golf bags around the golf course. Unfortunately, you can’t use the wheel bags everywhere. So, whenever you are playing your game on a large golf course, taking your bag from one place to another is going to be a daunting task. Most of the bags come with handles and carry straps. Some of them may also come with back straps and shoulder straps. However, it is not the case in every situation. This means, if your bag doesn’t have a carry strap, you have to carry it with its handles or use a trolley. This could result in injuries to your neck, shoulders, and other parts of your body. It’s also pretty uncomfortable to carry your bag by the handle for a long period of time.

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But, you can easily buy an external golf bag carry straps to help alleviate this problem. These straps help you to easily carry your bag on your shoulder or on your back comfortably.

You can either choose a one-shoulder golf bag carry strap or a two shoulder strap as per your preferences. Now, you might be thinking, what type of carrying bag strap should I buy? Well, in this article, I am going to help you with everything. I will try to answer all of your questions. I will also provide you with the best selling and highly recommended straps available on amazon.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Golf Bag Carry Straps on Amazon

With enough knowledge about the carry straps, let’s see the actual products which you can buy on Amazon and solve the hassles of handling your golf bag inside the course.

Universal Adjustable Waterproof Shoulder Straps

Universal Adjustable Waterproof Shoulder Straps

This is a double-shoulder strap that is suitable for most golf bags. The straps are available in different colors, including Black, Green, Blue, and various mixed colors. The product is made up of water-resistant nylon material of high quality. It will definitely make carrying your golf bag loads easier. According to the manufacturer, this strap is suitable for everyone with including men and women of any height and weight.

Most impressively, this strap is available at a very low price. So, if you are looking for a quality shoulder strap at a low price, just go for this one.

Izzo Golf Dual Comfort Swivel Strap

Izzo Golf Dual Comfort Swivel Strap

This is another dual shoulder strap that can make carrying your golf bags easy and comfortable. The strap is suitable for players between 5’7” to 6’1” height. Whether you are left or right-handed, this strap is going to suit you in all cases. The straps have an ergonomic design. You can easily use them with most types of golf bags. In short, this product is designed to help you carry your weight more effectively without causing back pains.

Along with all these features, the Izzo strap comes along with a one-year manufacturer warranty that includes workmanship and defects. The price is also very competitive.

ProActive Sports Single Padded Strap

This is a single strap effective to carry your bag on a single shoulder. This strap will fit most of the golf bags without any hassle. Along with that, it can easily be adjusted to your desired height. This strap comes along with snap hooks on both ends. You are going to use them to attach this strap to any kind of bag. This strap can also be used to convert your backpack bag into a single strapped bag. A decent amount of padding is given to let you carry huge weights without any discomfort. Also, it is designed to help you balance your bag in a proper manner.

Intech Single Padded Adjustable Strap

This is another amazing product on Amazon to make your golf game comfortable for you. This is another single shoulder golf bag strap with a decent amount of padding for extra comfort. You can easily use it as a replacement on your backpack golf bag. It also has snap hooks by which you can easily connect this strap to any kind of golf bag. Besides this, the strap can easily be adjusted for a player of any height. So, whether you are looking for converting your dual carry strap bag into a single strap or anything else, this product is great for you. Again, the price of this strap is also very affordable.

Single Padded Adjustable Golf Pad Strap

Single Padded Adjustable Golf Pad Strap

This strap will be a perfect replacement for a broker strap of your golf bag. Also, you can use it as a replacement to your bag with a backpack strap. This strap is enough to help you handle any size of the bag pretty easily. Also, it will reduce the overall stress of hanging your bag on your shoulder because of its big padding layer. You can adjust its height from 29.5 inches to 47.2 inches. Not only with your golf bag, but you can also attach it with other things using its metal hooks.

The strap has pretty decent quality, so there is no issue of sudden wear and tears.

Benefits of Golf Bag Carry Straps

There are numerous benefits you are going to receive by using golf bag carry straps. They simply let you handle your bag and all the stuff inside it adequately. Without a strap, you will have to move your bag either on your hands or by pulling it. However, a carry strap is going to let you use your shoulders to do the same job. Let’s see some of the other benefits of having using golf bag carry straps.

Fewer chances of injuries

While carrying your golf bag in your hands, you are surely going to feel the pain in your arm, fingers, and wrist just after a couple of minutes. Also, if you are using a trolley, it can become tough to pull it at certain places. While doing any of these things, you can cause various injuries to yourself. So, a better way to move your golf bag is to put its weight on your shoulders. Yes, you will carry all the weight on your body, but it is the best way to move around with your golf gear.

It’s comfortable

Not only will you save yourself from injuries through your heavy golf bag using a carry strap, but it is also going to enhance the level of comfort during the game. Just buy a good golf bag which can carry all your equipment inside it. Now, when everything is inside the bag, you just have to wear your straps and take your bag wherever you want.

It’s a good exercise

If you are carrying your bag properly while moving from one hole to another on the golf course, it’s a good exercise. Most people do the opposite by not handling their bags properly. But, if you are using a golf bag strap to put the load properly on your shoulder, you are eventually doing good for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have maximum comfort while moving with your golf bag, I would suggest using a backpack strap. Otherwise, for short distances, you can manage with a single strap too.

Most of the single shoulder bag straps come with enough padding to reduce the stress on your shoulder. However, if you are carrying your bag for long periods, it can definitely cause some discomfort. I would suggest using your prominent shoulder for the best results.

Yes. Various players use both single and dual-shoulder straps on their bags. It gives you the freedom to handle your bag in the way you want.

Yes, there are various bags available with inbuilt straps. Just go online and find some amazing products if you want.

Best Golf Bag Carry Straps - Verdict

So, that wraps it up of the best golf bag carry straps. I hope you will find this article informative and helpful. However, consider buying any product after comprehensive research. If you have any questions in mind, just let me know in the comment section.

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