Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

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Bridgestone has created quality, affordable golf balls for amateur golfers with their e6 Speed golf balls. Designed with accuracy and distance in mind, Bridgestone e6 Speed golf balls are a great choice for a great price for anyone searching for driving a straighter, further shot with less spin.

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Putting Research into Practice

Bridgestone Golf is so committed to player development that it introduced ball-fitting just over a decade ago, in 2007. Similar to club-fitting, the idea is to search for optimal matches of golf ball to individual golf game, because with the right ball for your game, you can improve your play. They then took the information provided by its millions of fitting sessions and real-life experience and created the e6 line of balls.

Bridgestone has made some fairly large claims with information developed from their extensive ball-fitting data, including the statement “83% of golfers show a performance gain when switching from Pro V1 to e6”. This could be because, as Bridgestone suggests, “most players are using products detrimental to their performance, as few generate the speed necessary for optimal performance of Tour-calibre balls”. They also stated that “the e6 series testing proves it is 9 yards longer and 31% straighter than leading competitors”. However, many reviews from various golfers can attest to this too, so don’t just take the manufacturers word for it – users agree.

So, how have they managed to manufacture a ball which drives straighter and goes a further distance? Well, to put it simply, they combine a low spin with soft compression core. Lower spinning golf balls grant less curvature to your shot by decreasing the side spin of it. Although this means they tend to travel less length, it also means they tend to roll further upon landing due to the lack of spin.

On the other hand, balls with lower compression are typically softer and able to create more distance by compressing more than balls with higher compression. The downside to this is that they offer less control, but higher compression balls require players with faster swing speeds to properly compact the ball. To that end, the e6 Speed takes soft compression to create more distance and combines it with an anti-spin mantle layer to reduce spin and prevent curvature for those mid- to high-handicapped players out there.

Bridgestone e6 Speed Technology

Bridgestone e6 Speed golf balls give you the ability to hit longer tee shots, thanks to their multi-layer design. These high-performance balls are composed of three layers: a soft Surlyn cover, an anti-spin mantle layer, and a soft gradational compression core.

The Surlyn cover is an ionomer resin cover ideal for amateurs and durable enough for everyday use as it won’t scratch as easily as urethane covers. Unlike the softer urethane covers used by professionals, Surlyn is scuff-resistant and can be found on almost all non-Tour golf balls. It is highly popular thanks to its durability and efficient energy transfer for optimizing distance.

The 330 seamless dimple design features new Delta Dimple technology, which effectively cuts through wind and provides smoother air resistance around the ball. It does so by shallowing out the angle of the ball’s descent as well as lowering drag in flight and at impact. Thus, it facilitates greater distance and increased velocity and rollout. Although this doesn’t mean a guaranteed hole in one for you, it does mean faster ball speed, improved accuracy, and maximum distance.

The anti-spin mantle layer fights against excess backspin by helping the ball keep its shape, thus preventing the ball from compressing at impact. As a result, the unwanted spin caused by the face of the driver is reduced, providing straighter shots and increasing length of flight.

The soft gradational compression core allows for maximum distance as even players with lower swing speeds are able to compress the golf ball. It also optimizes feel for players as despite its low compression, it doesn’t feel too soft. The e6 Speed is able to produce straighter overall shots due to this soft gradational compression core which is designed to enable quicker speed as well as low driver spin. Of course, straighter shots will go further, so distance and accuracy go hand-in-hand. With driver spin minimized, you’ll get less curvature and longer distance.

One thing to note when using these balls is that you may have to adjust your putting and short game. Because these balls are built for distance rather than control, you may putt slightly further with a little extra roll than anticipated.

Bridgestone e6 Speed VS e6 Soft

If you’ve already heard about the Bridgestone e6 Speed, you’re probably also aware that it has a sibling, the e6 Soft. The only real difference between the two is the feel – the e6 Speed feels a bit firmer than its counterpart, and the sound – naturally, the firmer e6 Speed sounds a bit more “clicky” and feels harder, where the e6 Soft obviously is softer and “spongier”. So, if you’re struggling to choose between the two, simply go with whatever you prefer feel- and sound-wise.

  • Exceptional distance with reduced spin and less curvature.
  • High initial velocity of these balls is remarkable.
  • Excellent accuracy, great for fending off hooks and slices if you have a side swing.
  • Amazing value for money.
  • Surlyn cover provides a great feel and durability.
  • Ideal for mid-to-high- handicappers and lower swing speeds (80-95mph).
  • Less control around the greens.

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls – Conclusion

Based on many years and millions of golf swings, Bridgestone has produced near-faultless golf balls for amateur golfers. Bridgestone e6 Speed golf balls are among Bridgestone’s most popular lines, getting you closer to the green while getting the ball to go where you aim. For those seeing value and performance, these balls offer capabilities not far from that of the high-end B330 series, but for a fraction of the cost. So, if you’re looking for a ball with excellent value for money which delivers a longer, straighter distance, the Bridgestone e6 Speed is the golf ball for you.