Can You Use A Golf Trolley In Winter?

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Golf clubs spend thousands of dollars every year to maintain their golf courses. So it is only fair that there are certain rules and regulations in place for the players to keep the golf courses well maintained.

The game of golf has changed a lot over the years. Technology has enhanced the golfing experience for everyone involved. One of such technologies is the golf trolley.

What Is A Golf Trolley?

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For people who are new to the game, a golf trolley is a cart that is used to transport the golfing equipment, including the golf clubs around the golf course. The use of golf trolleys began around the 1980s; however, the trolleys have changed a lot over the years. These days, you can even find electric trolleys in the market.

Instead of putting all the weight of heavy clubs and equipment, the golfing bags are placed on the golf trolley, and the person can then easily push the golf trolley around the golf course.

What Are Winter Wheels On A Golf Trolley?

What Are Winter Wheels On A Golf Trolley

If you have ever seen a game of golf, then you know that golfers use caddies to move around the golf course. These caddies are specifically designed to be driven on golf courses. Their wheels do not damage the course because of their unique design.

Golf trolleys work in the same fashion. However, during the winter season, the golf courses become more susceptible to damage, and using golf trolleys to move golfing equipment around the golf course can damage the grass. However, if you make certain adjustments to your golf trolley, you can keep on using it during the winter season as well. This will also prevent the trolley from skidding.

Those adjustments are the addition of winter wheels on your golf trolley. The golf courses are damper during the winter, so when a golf trolley is used on them, it can damage the course and ruin the golfing experience for everyone playing the game. However, it can be difficult to carry all the equipment throughout the course. So what can golfers do in such a case? Well, they can get winter wheels on their golf trolleys. Winter wheels are a term given to non-smooth surfaced trolley wheels that wouldn’t damage the course.

There are different types and brands that offer such wheels, including Fairway Hoppa, Hillbilly, Hedgehog, PowaKaddy, and many more. If you are using a push trolley, then it has to be fixed with a minimum of a 3-inch wide wheel. Anything below is usually not accepted by golf courses.

Do Golf Clubs Ban Trolleys?

Yes, golf clubs all over the world ban trolleys, especially during the winter season. The decision for allowing the use of trolleys is based on how they affect the golf course, which is why some golf course management is stricter than others.

In some golf clubs, the trolleys are completely banned in the winter season. In other clubs, the players are allowed to use the trolleys; however certain conditions have to be met for that, e.g., the player is injured or disabled, the trolleys are fixed with the non-smooth winter wheels, and a range of other conditions.

The decision to ban trolleys belongs to the management of each of the individual golf courses.