How Do I Stop My Golf Bag Twisting On The Trolley?

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The golf season is here, and one of the most annoying things about it is that your golf bag always seems to end up twisted after every hole. If you have never played golf before, you wouldn’t understand the amount of frustration this brings to the players.

You can blame this on a few factors: weight distribution, an uneven surface, or simply not securing your bag at all. Regardless of what caused it in the first place, there are a few methods to prevent this from happening again, and we’re going to discuss them in detail!

Why Do Golf Bags Twist On The Trolley?

There are a few reasons that cause this to happen; let’s take a look at some of the reasons that can cause the golf bags to twist on the trolley.

One of the most common being an uneven surface. This can be due to two factors: The soil has become soft, and you can’t push your trolley as easily over it.

Another major reason for your bag to twist to one side is that the golf clubs or any other golfing equipment you have in the bag isn’t placed in a balanced way. The weight inside the bag makes it tilt towards one side, and thus the bag twists.

The third major reason for a bag to twist on the trolley is that it’s not strapped in well. So always make sure you have high-quality and strong straps to protect your bag from twisting while you move the trolley from one hole to the other.

How to Stop a Golf Bag Twisting On the Trolley?

There are many ways to stop this from happening again, some better than others. Here are our favorites with a little explanation as to why they work so well:

Use a Weighted Bag Strap

When you have your bag hanging on the trolley, it’s easy for one side of it to become heavier due to its positioning. To prevent an uneven weight distribution, tighten up everything on your bag and then add a weighted strap to the end. This will ensure that you have maximum weight going towards the wheels instead of hanging outwards.

Secure the Bag to the Trolley

One of the most annoying things about this problem is that it’s often easily preventable if you just take the time to secure your bag properly. The last thing you want is for it to twist and damage your expensive golf clubs! To fix this problem, simply purchase a couple of clips that will allow you to do this without any hassle. If there is extra space for movement on the trolley, then cover it with a towel. That would create a strong grip and fix the bag in its position.

Use a Heavy Anti Twist Bag Strap

If all these methods fail, then we recommend using a heavy-duty strap that will allow you to secure your bag in place. This is especially useful if you have a heavy golf bag that’s not easy to move around or carry for long periods of time

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Use Anti Slip Glue on the Cart / Trolley

This is a really easy trick that can be used by anyone. All you need to do is purchase anti-slip glue, then place it on the trolley surface where your bag will be placed. Don’t use too much glue as that might damage the appearance of the cart.

Use Bungee Cord to Keep the Bag in Its Place

Tying the bungee cord between your bag and trolley is another great way to prevent it from twisting. All you need to do is tie both ends around one of the handles on your golfing bag, then take it back behind the cart where there usually are built-in holes in which will allow you to attach them together. This method works well if you have a small bag or if you don’t want to place too much weight on the straps.

Purchase a Non-Twist Golfing Bag

It may sound like a strange solution, but it’s actually one of the most efficient. If you purchase a non-twist bag (you can find them online), then there will be no ‘twisting bag’ problem, and more importantly, there will be no risk of damage to your expensive golf equipment. They hold the bag firmly in one position. These bags have built-in anti-twist straps that make it impossible for the bag to skid from its position.

There are many ways to prevent your golf bag from twisting on a trolley. We hope that this article has given you an idea of what works best and which methods to use in different scenarios.