Should You Buy Cheap or Expensive Golf Balls?

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You get what you pay for, right? But is that a reason to buy an expensive golf ball right away?

This may seem obvious, but a ball won’t magically make you a golf expert. I can emphasize this with a quote:

“It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.” – Tony Robbins

Golf requires practice and investment for your golf equipment, and this is why it’s important to educate yourself on what kind of golf ball to use.

You have to know various reasons for you to determine if you should opt for the cheap golf balls or the expensive ones.

By the end of this blog, we guarantee you’ll be able to spend your money wisely on golf balls!

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How Does a Golf Ball Affect Your Game?

Control, speed, and distance — these are three things that you can improve on when you choose the right golf ball.

Using the right golf ball can also give you confidence in how you play and lead to more accurate shots.

Different types of golf balls are sold in the market because everyone plays differently. The technology that these various golf balls offer are the reason why golfers will spend a ton of money for them, this technology can range from lightweight materials up to varied compression levels. All of these subtle differences from a golf ball can make a slight improvement to your game.

How to Know if a Golf Ball Is Expensive or Cheap?

The main difference between cheap and expensive golf balls are the materials used to make them.

Fewer materials are used for cheap golf balls. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of cheap golf balls:

Advantages of Cheap Golf Balls

Disadvantages of Cheap Golf Balls

Expensive golf balls often have multiple layers of materials, which makes them much better than cheap golf balls.

An example of an expensive golf ball would be a multilayer golf ball covered with urethane. The extra spin and control that a urethane-covered golf ball has can undoubtedly give you an advantage when playing golf.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of expensive golf balls:

Advantages of Expensive Golf Balls

  • Durable
  • Increased Spin
  • Nice Soft Feel at Impact

Disadvantages of Expensive Golf Balls

How to Know if You Should Buy Cheap or Expensive Golf Balls?

You should buy cheap golf balls if you’re just starting out because beginners tend to lose a lot of golf balls while playing. This way, you won’t lose a lot of money if you did lose some golf balls.

When you gain more experience in golf, that’s the time you can try expensive golf balls to see if they truly make a difference in your game. However, be aware of the placebo effect!

The placebo effect is when you think there’s a difference, but there really isn’t any difference. A solution for this problem is not looking at the brand of the golf ball whenever you’re playing golf, which can help you determine whether an expensive golf ball helps you with your game.

Should You Buy Cheap Or Expensive Golf Balls – Conclusion

It’s intrinsic to think that expensive is always better, but why are cheap golf balls recommended to other golfers?

Cheap golf balls are often recommended for beginners because losing expensive golf balls can hurt your finances. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both cheap golf balls and expensive golf balls, but there’s no doubt that expensive golf balls are better.

It’s essential to keep in mind that golf balls will improve your game, it makes you confident about your golf shots, and it can enhance each accuracy of those golf shots. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll turn into an expert. Besides choosing the right golf equipment, practice is also key to becoming a great golfer.

Understanding when to buy cheap golf balls and when to buy expensive golf balls can help you spend wisely.

Expensive golf balls will not ultimately make you a better golfer, but they can give you subtle improvements.