Do Golf Mats Damage Clubs

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As a golfer do you think do golf mats damage clubs? Golfers are always looking for the next best club to add to their bag. But do they know what equipment is safe and what can do more harm than good?

You may be surprised that some of your favorite clubs have been damaged by your mat!

In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of using a mat on the ground or holding it in your hand.

Golf Mat Materials

Golf mats are typically made out of nylon surface and rubber. These are the most widely used materials, but other options do exist.

Nylon is a synthetic material; it provides the best non-slip surface for any golf mat. Rubber can provide a grippy surface so you don’t slip whilst you practice.

Some mats use PVC as their main foundation because of its affordability and durability in comparison to rubber or nylon surfaces. It also makes the perfect choice if you are looking for increased traction on your garage flooring or concrete clubhouse floors when wet conditions arise.

The only downside for this type of mat is that it has been observed to have an effect on club heads from time to time with excessive contact (runners sliding across the surface). This much less common issue could be avoided by using a thin cloth between the PVC and the clubhead.

Another popular material is rubberized polyurethane, which offers a high-grip surface that will work for you if you do not want to use your hands.

This type of mat can be expensive but it does have some benefits: It lasts longer and doesn’t start wearing down as other materials do; it provides more stability in wet conditions because of its density.

Which Golf Mat Material Is Best?

So which is the best material for your golf mat? It really depends on what you are looking for.

Nylon mats provide some of the most desirable features, like a durable and slip-resistant surface that will last forever with minimal care.

Rubberized polyurethane allows runners to slide freely without worry about damaging clubs because it can support their weight better than other materials may be able to do so.

PVC has been observed as being less favorable when used in excess or near club heads but this issue could be resolved by using cloth between the two surfaces instead of direct contact.

Can Golf Mats Damage Your Irons?

Golf mats can also affect the club heads of your irons. The surface that you are practicing on will often determine how much damage is caused to them.

Rubberized polyurethane surfaces have been shown to cause less scratching but they still wear down over time.

Nylon golf mats provide the best protection for your iron heads because it is a durable surface, but rubber mats may have an effect on them as well and should not be used excessively.

PVC can cause some of the most damage to irons if you’re practicing too close to the clubhead or are using excessive force with each swing.

It’s important to remember that these materials are different from one another and understanding how they react within certain situations helps golfers determine which material is right for their needs.

How To Use Golf Mats Safety

If you’re going to use golf mats it’s important to use them in a safe manner.

Using a thin cloth between PVC surfaces and clubheads provides just enough cushion without risking any damage from friction like seen with excessive contact. This prevents clubs’ heads from being scratched when practicing at high-intensity levels since there isn’t direct contact with either material involved.

If you’re using a nylon golf mat then you should make sure to clean it regularly so that your clubheads don’t become corroded or dirty.

When using a rubberized golf mat, make sure that you’re not practicing too close to the clubhead or swinging excessively hard.

If you follow these basic rules then your golf mat will be safe for both its own longevity and the safety of anything sliding across it.

Is it bad to hit golf balls off mats?

Hitting balls off of golf mats isn’t a bad thing, as they say, practice makes perfect.

However, it is different from hitting on the course as mats don’t have the same type of ground that you’re used to.

This is because on mats, you have a more solid footing and the balls will bounce differently.

You also don’t need to worry about hitting into hazards when using mats because they’re usually in designated areas or are set up with barriers that simulate them.

However, if you just want to practice your swing, then hitting off of mats is a great way to do so without worrying about weird bounces or hazards.

How to practice on golf mats

Golf mats help players practice their swings and other shots. Use a mat to take the guesswork out of determining what your ball will do when it lands or rolls on the grass, sand, or even concrete.

Golfers can improve accuracy by practicing at varying distances from targets like trees, fences posts, and more.

Some mats include a built-in tee, which makes it easy to do your practice shots. Mats are also much more stable than the ground and so ball bounces come out more true without skidding or rolling off as they often do from the grass.

Regardless of what type of mat you choose for use in practicing golf, look for one that is highly durable with extra pad cushioning where necessary.

What golf hitting mat should you buy?

If you’re in the market for a golf mat, then these are the three we recommend for both quality and durability.

GoSports Golf Hitting Mats – Artificial Turf Mat

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The GoSports Golf Hitting Mats are the most durable mat we found. They have a rubber backing which creates a soft and stable surface for you to hit off of, and they’re made from artificial turf that will last 20x longer than real grass mats. The only downside is that these require more maintenance since they don’t drain water as some others do.

They also come with removable tee holder sections so you can store your tees in each one! This makes it easy for golfers on the go who want to practice their swing without having to carry around an extra bag full of gear or supplies.

Additionally, this mat is available at many different lengths (ranging from 12 feet all the way up to 24 feet).

CHAMPKEY Tracker-PRO Impact Golf Hitting Mat

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The second mat on our list is the CHAMPKEY Tracker-PRO Impact Golf Hitting Mat. This mat is durable and stable enough for golfers of all skill levels, plus it also comes with a free tee holder! The downside to this product is that it doesn’t come in as many lengths as the GoSports mats do (it only has one).

This mat will be perfect if you’re looking for something small and convenient, like if you want to bring your own hitting mat on vacation or commute without getting tangled up.

It’s also great because the CHAMPKEY brand offers fast shipping – so when they say “pro”, they really mean pro!

DURA-PRO DuraPRO Premium Residential Golf Mat

Commercial Golf Mat - 5x5 Feet Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Hitting & Chipping - Golf Stance Mat for Pros & Beginners w/Golf Accessories (Golf Tray + 3 Rubber Golf Tees)
  • TOP-RATED COMMERCIAL GOLF OUTDOOR MAT: The (5x5 feet) premium and portable turf & rubber mat used by golf courses, ranges and schools nationwide! These entry-level model mats come pre-punched w/ holes for rubber tees w/ a 5/8" heavy texturized rubber backing. Includes 3 free rubber tees--one 2 ¼ tee for fairway woods, one 3″ tee for drivers & 1 adjustable wood tee holder as an added exclusive bonus.
  • GOLF PRACTICE MAT FOR PROS AND BEGINNERS ALIKE: Golf hitting mat used in public golf courses or ranges and for people looking for entry level option with the premium level of padding. Made of 100% nylon 3D turf fibers and 30% denser than ordinary residential golf practice mats! Absorbs club shock, easy on the wrists and elbows of the pro and newbie alike. Non-slip, non-staining, and thermally bonded turf mat for longevity!
  • QUALITY & DURABILITY TO A TEE: Has a thin pile height on turf for entry-level model golf courses and ranges. Thermally bonded (not glued), has an all-weather resistant and 8-year UV sun protection. Resists tears, fading, curling and separation too! Perfect for your backyard golf chipping game, and hitting/chipping practice game.
  • GET LUXURIOUS MAT EXPERIENCE: Get that fairway divot feel when you swing fat or thin! Perfect for , commercial-use or when you can play golf cornhole chipping game at home! Feel the expensive experience wherever you are. Exceeds the industry standards for quality and durability.
  • ALL-GOLF EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES FROM YOUR TRUSTED BRAND: These are the best hitting or chipping mats you can buy! We are your trusted partner for at-home golf accessories and training equipment. Please do not hesitate to reach back to us for anything you need, we are happy to help!

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The last mat we recommend is the Dura-Pro DuraPRO Premium Residential Golf Mat. This mat is durable and ideal for beginners or those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Just like the other mats we recommend, it also has a tee holder section that will make your golfing experience more convenient while you’re out practicing!

It’s important to note that this mat only comes in one length (16 feet), but if you’re looking for an everyday practice routine then this product should be right up your alley!

This would be perfect if you live near home and just need something quick and easy to set up whenever you have some free time.

These are our three favorite options when it comes to hitting mats – so what do you think?

Do Golf Mats Damage Clubs – Conclusion

As technologies improve golf mats have become more and more flexible, allowing for the club to be dragged across without damaging it.

With that said, there is really no evidence of mats causing damage to clubs whatsoever. A lot of people are under this impression but in reality, they have been tested and safe when used properly.

This myth can usually be attributed out to knowing how golf mats work: their sole purpose is protection from dirt while practicing. As long as you follow these tips then I believe that using a mat will cause absolutely no harm to your golfing equipment at all.

I hope this article has given you some insight into what will or won’t damage your golf clubs if used properly: use mats but do not slam them down or drag through rough surfaces, it’s as easy as that!

Now get out there and enjoy those precious moments with friends and family on the course!