How To Clean Golf Gloves

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You might be reusing the same water-stained and crumpled glove over and over. Not only will it affect the way you look on the green, but also it will give you a tough time with your grip. The form you have been maintaining at the golf range and clubs where you get assistance in keeping the ball on the course, all is based on how you wash and clean your gloves. After all, it is about getting a superior grip. Follow our tips on how to clean golf gloves and we will have you back on the greens in no time.

For any kind of golf shot, whether it is a straight one, the grip is the most important factor. A tight grip will make your whole body tense, and this affects the natural flow of your swing. The same is with a loose grip as it will make the club wriggle from your hand while making contact with the ball and sending it to somewhere else.

The worse is when it is a sweaty and hot day. A loose grip will make your club fly away from you and might land on someone’s head.

Getting A Good Grip For Your Golf Game

What every golfer is after is a relaxed and firm grip. This is what every pro golfer on various golfing tours like PGA wear. At least they wear one on the green.

No doubt, golf gloves are the least expensive item present in your arsenal irrespective of whether it is a synthetic or premium Cabretta golf glove. This is especially compared to the nice golf bag or set of clubs or the shoes that you use while playing golf. Even though golf gloves are inexpensive, they are still the major useful tool for hitting the ball right into the holes.

Various golfers (both experienced and amateur) would purchase new golf gloves every week. The major reason for this is that they aren’t aware of how easy it is to clean the golf gloves. It might not cost a fortune for golf gloves still, if you follow a proper golf glove care, they will last for a month of usage.

Compared to the average golf gloves, you can go for the bionic golf gloves as they are designed to last 2-4 times longer. Just follow some easy care tips to make sure that you can get the most out of your golf gloves.

Cleaning Golf Gloves At Home

As grit and perspiration will break down your golfing gloves over time, it might be a good thing to remove the unwanted buildup as soon as you get back home after the game. Here the sooner you wash the gloves, the better it will be reusing it. By following our how to clean golf gloves guideline, your handy pair of golf gloves can be easily washed and maintained.


  • First, gently wash your gloves to remove perspiration, dirt and other buildups. Keep in mind that most of the leather gloves can’t be washed. But almost all bionic golf gloves are safe and easy to wash as they are specially manufactured to withstand washing.
  • If your golf gloves are made from Cabretta leather, then you do have to know that they are delicate ones. You need to make sure that you wash the gloves only when they are soiled. Continuous washing will wear out the leather.
  • If you are washing by hand, try to use a mild detergent. Just gently wash the glove until all the perspiration and surface dirt is gone.
  • If you are using a washing machine, go for a delicate cycle. Make sure to secure any kind of velcro just before you dump them into the washing machine.
  • Avoid using bleach when you are washing leather gloves.


  • Always keep in mind that you need to air-dry the golf gloves. By exposing the leather to an extreme amount of heat, it will result in shrinking and cracking of the leather.
  • Just hang your leather gloves and allow air to pass through it for some time. But sometimes drying the gloves in arid and warm weather can dry out the leather.
  • If you feel that the leather is drying out after a long day at the golf course or green, or even after washing, then use some leather conditioner. It will make sure that the leather is supple.
  • When you are conditioning, give more attention to creases. These are places where fingers and hands have to be flexible. You can select from various leather conditioners available online, right from sprays to creams.

Replacing The Leather

Sometimes you might have taken good care of your leather gloves; still, you would have to replace them once in a while. But the better and in good quality you maintain the gloves, the less frequently you must have to replace them.

Here the golf gloves aim to take in the perspiration and provide an ideal grip for your club. So, it is natural for the gloves to break down as you regularly use it.

Try to avoid using bleach and wash delicately with mild soap and cold water. If your leather golf gloves have dirt that is hard to disappear from washing, then the time has come to replace it and order new ones. And the same is with the holes present on the surface of the gloves.

Such kind of damages is irreplaceable, and it is better if you go ahead and buy new ones just before you play the next golf game. The same is the case if your gloves have cracked or shrunk due to excessive exposure to heat. In such a case, it is good to purchase some new golf gloves.

Stiff gloves or the uncomfortable ones must be immediately thrown away. A golf glove must be comfortable, and it should assist in improving your game, and not be a huge distraction.

How To Clean Golf Gloves – Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that it is natural for your golf gloves to get damaged. However, you can still increase its lifespan with proper care. Proper washing and drying techniques will surely make your gloves more withstanding and durable. If you’re looking at replacing your old gloves check out our best golf gloves 2020 buying guide.

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