Costco Golf Gloves

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Costco is not a company typically associated with quality golf products, but maybe it should be. Although more well known for bargains and bulk buys, Costco actually stock a fairly large quantity of golf gear, ranging from golf bags to golf gloves.

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Who makes Costco golf gloves?

Founded in 2016, Costco sells its golf gear under its own brand ‘Kirkland.’ Originally entering the golfing space selling balls, Kirkland made a name for itself due to the high quality, well-priced golf balls it was producing. Gradually, Kirkland expanded its golfing repertoire, diversifying into clubs, bags, accessories, training tools, and golf gloves.

Are they any good?

In short, yes. The product itself is excellent. Constructed from premium Cabretta leather, the glove is thin but super soft, allowing for an excellent feel. It is also high quality and durable, easily lasting 4+ rounds of intensive play, and comes in a range of sizes from small up to extra-large. Now surely a glove of this quality would be matched with a fairly substantial price tag? In typical Costco fashion, excellent quality has been paired with unbeatable value. Currently, Amazon are selling Kirkland golf gloves in packs of 3 for £23. More than reasonable for a glove of this quality.

So what’s the catch? Well, in all honesty, there isn’t one, but the one area where the Kirkland Golf glove perhaps falls slightly short is the fit. Ideally, a golf glove should feel like a second skin, acting as an extension of your own hand. However, some users have cited issues such as an excess of material in places, along with uneven glove tension. These are minor issues, though, for an otherwise excellent golf glove. The Kirkland golf glove is high quality, provides an excellent feel and feedback, and is highly durable. For the accompanying price tag, you really cannot go wrong.

Do Kirkland make right-handed gloves too?

Golf gloves are predominantly worn on a player’s less dominant hand (a right-handed player would wear a golf glove on their left hand and vice versa). Due to greater numbers of right-handed people (only about 10% of people are left-handed), there are naturally a higher quantity of left-handed gold gloves produced, and some brands do not supply right-hand golf gloves at all. Fortunately, Kirkland loves their right-handed and left-handed customers equally, offering both left and right-handed golf gloves (or both if you’d like?!).

The bottom line

The Kirkland golf glove is a premium quality golf glove in all facets apart from the price. It is grippy, allows for an excellent feel, and offers great durability. What’s even better, Kirkland also doesn’t discriminate between left- and right-handed golfers.

A great option for golfers of all levels on a smaller budget.