How Should a Golf Glove Fit

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Although golf gloves aren’t mandatory, they absolutely enhance your game. A golf glove should provide comfort and protection to your hand while you grip the club. Typically golf gloves are worn on their weak hand. Some prefer to take off the glove on shorter swings such as putts.

Golf gloves can provide a better grip to prevent the club from slipping in your hand. Also, it will prevent calluses or wear and tear, especially after a long-range practice. However, if a glove doesn’t fit properly, chances are you’ll actually lose grip on your swing. In fact, one research study found that about 50% of golfers tend to wear a golf glove too big. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about golf gloves, including how should a golf glove fit.

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How Do I Know My Golf Glove Size?

Golf gloves are designed to fit tightly around your skin and fingers as if they are a second skin. Measure the circumference of your non-dominant hand to determine your golf glove size.

Use the table below to determine the right fit for you. If the measurement falls between two sizes, you may select the smaller size since a golf glove is meant to fit snugly.

Golf club size chart

Hand CircumferenceKidsWomenMen
16cm / 6.3inS
17cm / 6.7inMS
18cm / 7inLLM
19cm/ 7.5inMLS
20cm/ 8inLML
21cm/ 8.3inL
22cm / 8.7inXL
23cm/ 9inXXL

How Should a Glove Fit

The feel and fit of the glove are just as important as the material and quality. A glove that is the wrong size will only cause grip issues, causing a negative effect on your performance.

Snug Fingers: On the tip of your fingers, there shouldn’t be any extra material. If you find extra material that can be stretched, it means that the glove is too big for you. You may want to try a smaller sized glove. Or look into cadet sizes. Cadet size gloves are designed for individuals who have wider palms and shorter fingers.

Feels Like a Second Skin: When wearing a golf glove, it should feel as if you have a second layer of skin. It shouldn’t feel like there’s extra loose material hanging on the edge of your fingertips or palm.

Choose the Right Size: Luckily, there are many golf glove sizes to choose from. Whether you’re a child, man, or woman, you can choose between S, M, ML, and L. The male sizes even have XL and XXL.

Slight Room for Adjustment: The velcro tab should only close about 75% of the way across the back of your hand. This leaves a little wiggle room for adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

If you’re a golfer who holds their club correctly when you’re swinging and takes care of the gloves, it’ll likely last between 8 to 12 rounds.

Do Golf Gloves Shrink or Stretch?

Leather golf gloves tend to stretch over time. That’s why it’s important to buy golf gloves that fit snugly or on the smaller size since they’re more likely to stretch than shrink.

How to Care for Your Golf Glove?

Here are some tips you should follow when caring for your glove gloves. After every golf session, you should take the glove out of the bag and allow it to air dry. This prevents moisture like sweat from staying inside your glove, which may cause odors.

Between shots, you may also remove your glove to keep it drier throughout the game. Also, consider carrying multiple gloves with you if one wears out or gets too wet from the weather. Keep in mind that most leather gloves aren’t washable.

Does a Golf Club Help in Wet Weather Conditions?

Golf gloves are especially important in wet weather conditions. In wet and cold climates, you may struggle to hold and stay consistent with your grip. They also work in keeping your hands warm and dry throughout all 18 holes.

What Golf Wear Can Tell You About Your Golfing Skills?

After using golf gloves for a while, you will notice wear marks on them. These marks can indicate areas for improvement for your golf game.

Palm wear marks: Wear marks located on the palms of your hand usually indicate that you’re placing too much pressure on the palms of your hand. This doesn’t allow for enough hinge on your wrists.

Heel wear marks: Golf marks in the heel area is a great indicator that you have a good grip on your golf swing. These marks are caused by holding the grip of the club in the back of the hand. This shows you’re using the big muscles and helps to promote a nice hinge on your golf swing. Holding the grip on the front of your hand on your forefinger and thumb generally means a weaker grip and less power.

Thumb wear marks: Long-wear marks usually indicate an all-fingers grip, while short wear marks will show that you’re using a palm and finger grip style. Both grip styles have their advantages and disadvantages. However, knowing which style you’re using is useful to know, so that you know whether it’s working for you or not.

Finger wear marks: If your glove shows a lot of wear in the fingertip area, it can reveal the degree to which your fingertips are being used to grip the club. Signs of too much wear on the tip of the index finger will mean you’re placing too much pressure on the top of your hand. This engages the twitchy muscles in your forearms and wrist, making it hard for you to swing the long shots.

How Should a Golf Glove Fit – Final Verdict

Golf gloves are extremely helpful, especially if you’re someone that always gets calluses from gripping the club too hard. Also, it’s useful for golfers who get sweaty hands easily. However, finding the right size and making sure they fit snugly is just as important. We hope you found our guide on golf gloves insightful and will help you determine the right gloves for you.