Golf Ball Posistion

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As with the golf grip and the golf set up, golf ball position is also one of the foundations of a good golf swing. Properly positioning the golf ball will make a good golf swing more effective. The key points in learning the correct ball position rely on aspects such as the ball’s placement relative to the area between your feet, as well as its distance from your feet. Altering the ball position will consequently lead to changes in the ball’s flight and trajectory. Your height will also play a major role in determining the right distance of your feet from the ball.


The following free golf tips will help you more on how to position the golf ball correctly. You could try seeking the help of a professional, but if you want your golf tips free, you could easily follow the steps below and become less of a novice golfer. These free golf tips are intended for golfers with an average height and level ground. As you practice more using these tips, you could eventually adapt to different terrains and execute your shots accordingly.

Golf ball position – The basics

A good ball position would be placing the golf ball where the lowermost part of your swing arc, which will meet with the ball upon initial contact. The lowermost part of your swing arc normally lies about 2-3 inches from the inner portion of the left heel. Your distance from the golf ball depends on what type of golf club you’re using. Typically, the tip of the golf club handle rests about a fist away from your left thigh’s inner part for irons. For the driver, the distance between the inner left thigh and the handle’s tip should be around two fists in length.

The longer the golf club, the farther you’ll position yourself from the golf ball. Also, as the golf club becomes longer, the right foot should be farther away from the left foot. For the pitching wedge, the inner part of the shoulders must line up straight with the outer part of the heels. For the driver, the outer shoulders should line up with the inner heels. Doing this will make the spine move farther behind the golf ball as the golf club becomes shorter, creating the right angle and impact for every shot you make.

A more vertically-inclined stroke will be required as your irons get shorter with the spine resting over the golf ball. On the other hand, a sweeping stroke will be adapted for longer irons, with the spine resting behind the golf ball. You do not have to change the position of your left foot from the golf ball.

Essentially, the above is considered a single ball position. With the ball position kept the same relative to your left foot, it makes it easier to recognize and more consistent with your every game. The driver is the only exception to this rule, where the golf ball is placed directly off from your inner left foot, allowing an upward rather than a downward blow. This is due to the golf ball being a little elevated from the ground because of the tee.

Things to keep in mind

Using the free golf tips mentioned above, you could determine the direction that the golf ball will take and how far it could go. More importantly, you could practice at any time you want without any professional assistance using these golf tips. The more you practice the basics of the golf ball position the easier and more natural it will become. The ball position is often overlooked in golf but its a very important part of the game. Once you master the fundamentals your game will only continue to improve.