Do Golf Hitting Nets Help?

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Loved by some and not so much by others, golf hitting nets are –just as many other golf practice accessories- a matter of discussion among both rookies and seasoned golfers. But, do golf-hitting nets really help you in any way? Find out in this article.

Whether professionally or as a hobby, people who practice sports always strive to step up their game. No one wants to suck at a sport and keep it that way, or to be “just good,” right?

Golf is no different. All golfers want to improve their game and get to that last hole in as few hits as possible, less and less each time.

Many of those people will practice a lot at home, in parks, at their offices, etc., all of which will require using a golf net to avoid losing a bunch of balls.

But far beyond the fact that hitting nets will keep your balls and property safe is the question of whether using the net can improve your game. Since you can’t see where the ball goes when you hit it, what are hitting nets good for?

This is why haters don’t trust the net. But, on the other hand, Golf net lovers believe that regardless of you don’t see where the ball goes, you can still work on many things like your swing, movements, speed, body position, and other crucial factors of golfer’s development.

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What’s the purpose of a golf hitting net?

Being able to answer whether nets can help will first depend on the purpose of using the net. Meaning there are several reasons you could consider getting a golf hitting net:

  • To have more practice time by setting up space in your backyard, garage, or basement.
  • To set up indoor space for relaxing golf-ball hitting as a way to unwind.
  • To work on your posture, your swing, or focus.
  • To be able to practice golf under special situations (i.e., coronavirus lockdown).

What hitting nets can help you with


Golf nets are a perfect option for players who don’t have a hitting range near them, and for those who don’t have the time to be constantly going for outdoor practice.

Due to their portability, different styles, sizes, and materials, golf hitting nets allow you to find an available play space virtually anywhere. From a large space like your backyard to a smaller space like your office or even your bedroom, you will be able to practice anytime, anywhere, and regardless of the weather.

This makes golf hitting nets an ideal way to make golf newcomers comfortable with golf principles and basics.

Swing improvement

When playing in the field, you can typically get distracted from your swing practice sessions because you’re trying to see the ball’s direction, the way it moves, or where it lands.

Using a golf hitting net will improve your focus when practicing your swings. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on new ways to swing, or if you want to improve something about your current swing; working with a net will allow you to be fully aware of how your movements affect the ball’s strike.

When this more focused practice takes place, your swings will be more accurate every time. The more you practice, the more these accurate shots, these flush, right-on-the-spot shots will build into your muscle memory, allowing you to achieve better results, easier and faster every time.

Time to practice

More practice means improvement, without a doubt. But you don’t always want to get out of home and hit the course or a hitting range just for practice. It can also happen that regardless of your willingness to practice, the weather has other plans for you.

Golf hitting nets give you more time to practice, making every free time spot a possibility to improve your game. Whether you have a large net set up in your front or backyard or have a pop-up net to install anywhere, golf nets increase your chances of practice.

It is a fact that regular practice will improve your overall game, so it’s a no-brainer that using golf hitting nets to practice over and over again will enhance your swing and your hitting skills.


Let’s face it. Most of us love the relaxation that hitting a few balls gives us. So many people get a golf-hitting net to get the chance to play a couple of rounds of a stress-free ball hitting to unwind after a long day of work.

Many hitting nets are very easy to install and allow you to take them anywhere with you. This turns many places into potential practice spots for you to breathe in, breathe out, and golf.

What hitting nets can do nothing for you

Help you with your ball’s direction

If what you’re looking to improve is the ball’s direction and where it lands, a golf hitting net will not help you a lot. If you intend to improve these aspects, playing outdoors is your best option.

Make you a better player

Like any other golf tool or accessory, Hitting nets will be worthless if you don’t practice with a purpose. If you stand in front of the net and mechanically shot balls, you will see no results.

Make sure to seize every practice day and work in your shortcomings, and you will witness the improvements.

Are golf-hitting nets a good investment for a golf player?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, golf nets can be a good investment if you are serious about improving your performance. Quality hitting nets may cost you somewhere from $150, but you will witness the results of having one will be worth it.

Nevertheless, golf hitting nets can be found for prices as cheap as $30 and up to high costs of $500 and more.

So it’s a matter of your goals with a hitting net and, of course, your budget. But are golf hitting nets something worth it to be bought? Yes, they are.

Tips on practicing with a hitting net

If you have got to the conclusion that golf hitting nets help and you want to get one for yourself, follow these tips to use your net properly:

  • Don’t just hit the balls into the net, practice with a purpose, and pay attention to what you’re doing. This is a principle of “Deliberate Practice”: a practice methodology to make the best of each session. Also, if you practice the wrong way, you will be creating muscle memory on your flaws.
  • Find a coach or a good golfer colleague to get feedback on what you need to work on. Another way is installing a video camera and recording your practice.
  • Use a target to have a visible goal when you hit the balls. Then, you can cross-reference your targets against your goals, the moves you made, the strength you used, etc.
  • Consider the space; otherwise, your ball can end up breaking a window, damage your garage door, your club, etc.

Do Golf Hitting Nets Help – Conclusion

After reviewing all the pros and cons of golf-hitting nets, even though we can’t convince everyone, we believe that golf-hitting nets help.

Not only does using a golf hitting net can’t hurt, but it can help you… in many ways.

  • Giving you more practice time
  • Making any place a place to golf
  • Making you more body aware
  • Improving your posture
  • Allowing you to relax
  • Improving your hitting skills
  • Helping you develop muscle memory
  • And more

Although using a golf hitting net is not mandatory, you can bet that using one often and with purpose will for sure improve your performance.