Do You Wear Golf Spikes To The Driving Range?

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So you have decided that you want to hit the range and develop your swing? Great, and now you need to know what to wear to the range to get the most out of your practice! In this article, we will explore what you need in order to get the most out of your practice sessions on the range!

What do you wear to a golf driving range?

The answer to the question of what to wear will most likely come down to the range that you are visiting! Whilst most public/stand-alone ranges have no formal dress code, if you are visiting a range that is attached to a private members club or golf course, you may be expected to dress as if you were playing on the course. No matter the type of range that you are visiting, the clothing you wear should be comfortable, a good example of which is shorts and a tee-shirt! When it comes down to footwear, you will need as much grip as possible to help get a more controlled swing, so golf shoes or trainers/sneakers are a much better choice than flip flops!

Do I need golf shoes to golf?

Again the answer to this question will mostly come down to course rules and personal preference! Whilst most courses will not have any footwear-specific rules, private members clubs will often have rules for what footwear can and cannot be worn on the course. Whilst it comes down to course rules and personal preference, there are advantages to wearing a well-fitted pair of golf shoes when playing golf. Golf shoes are designed to give you the best grip on the course and prevent your foot from moving around too much during your swing, and as such, they can help improve your golfing performance! Whilst in the past golf shoes were not always very stylish, they have come a long way over the years and can be found in a variety of styles to please most golfers! 

Do golf shoes really matter?

As we touched upon in the previous paragraph, golf shoes can help improve your performance during your round/s of golf! Most coaches and professionals would highly recommend the use of golf shoes, as they are designed to give the golfer the optimal grip on the course and will prevent the foot from moving during the swing. When you swing a golf club, a lot of downward, lateral and rotational pressure is exerted on your feet, so having footwear that is specifically designed to counteract this is a massive advantage as one of both of your feet slipping during the swing is almost guaranteed to produce a poor shot!

Do You Wear Golf Spikes To The Driving Range – Wrapping Things Up

Whilst the clothing you will wear to the range will mostly come down to comfort and personal preference, you should check the rules of the particular range you plan to visit just in case! When it comes to footwear, golf shoes are recommended, but trainers are a good substitute on the range! Again when it comes to footwear, it is always a good idea to check with the range you plan to visit beforehand, and footwear such as flip flops, sandals, and high heels should be avoided!