How Does An Electric Golf Trolley Work?

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Many elements make up a golf course. And one essential item to have during golfing is an electric trolley. It allows you to play golf without tiring yourself out by walking long distances and carrying heavy clubs.

To drive an electric golf trolley, you must know how it works. This will allow you to manage the vehicle efficiently—the best way to learn how an electric golf trolley work is by understanding its components.

Here is a complete guide to the components of a golf trolley and how they allow you to operate it.


The battery pack of an electric golf trolley is a must-have component. Without this, the vehicle cannot function and is practically useless. Within the batteries, chemical energy is converted into electrical. This change is what allows your trolley to go.

You should also keep in mind to maintain the battery from time to time. And eventually, you will have to replace it. That is because no battery can work forever.


The battery supplies energy to the motor continuously. But if this happens, then you won’t be able to control the vehicle. That is where the role of a solenoid comes in.

A solenoid is a switch that controls another circuit. It is made up of two components that allow you to drive the cart. So when you pull down the trolley lever or press on the pedal, the solenoid allows energy from the battery to transfer to the motor. As a result, the cart will speed up and move forward.

Speed Controller

The solenoid is the component that allows your trolley to move. But it is the speed controller that lets you control the speed. Many people consider both these components the same while they’re not.

Speed controller functions using the motor circuit in electric golf carts. It consumes electrical energy to control the motor speed.


This component is what sends the signal to the speed controller. When you press on the pedal, the throttle sensor will indicate to the controller how much energy it should consume. So basically, this is actually the part that will determine the overall speed of the cart.


The working of an electric golf trolley is complex. That is why it is best not to go into the details. All you need to know is that the motor receives energy from the battery pack. And when it does, a magnetic field is created due to which the motor turns, and the wheels can rotate.

Can You Push An Electric Golf Trolley?

Yes, you can push an electric golf trolley. If the cart has a handle-brake system, you can put it in a tow position using the tow run switch. After that, you can quickly push your golf trolley on the course.

How Does An Electric Golf Trolley Work – Final Words

That was your complete guide on how an electric golf trolley works. Understanding the working will help you to control the cart efficiently on the course. This information will also help you in cases of emergencies and on rough paths.