How Often Should You Replace Golf Shoes?

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If you’re like me, you love the game of golf but despise shopping for new golf shoes. I seem to go through a new pair every season, and it can be tough to find a comfortable shoe that also provides the traction and support I need on the course.

In this blog post, I’ll answer how often you should replace golf shoes and provide some tips on finding the perfect pair for your game.

How often should you replace golf shoes: What Pros Say?

Golf shoes provide traction and stability while walking on various terrain, from soft grass to hard-packed dirt. They also need to be comfortable enough to wear for several hours.

Depending on how often you play and the conditions of your courses, you may need to replace your golf shoes every few months or every year.

So spikeless golf shoes wear out?

The type of golf shoe you choose will also affect how often you need to replace it. For example, spikeless golf shoes are designed to be more versatile and comfortable than traditionally spiked shoes, but they may not provide the same level of traction and stability.

As a result, these shoes can typically be worn for more extended periods before they need to be replaced.

How can I make my golf shoes last longer?

1. Clean them after every round

After every round of golf, it’s essential to clean your shoes to remove any dirt or debris that could cause them to wear down prematurely. Use a soft brush or a cloth dampened with water to remove any mud or grass from the soles and uppers of your shoes.

2. Store them in a cool, dry place

When you’re not wearing your golf shoes, storing them in a cool, dry place is essential. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or damp areas, as this can cause the shoes to deteriorate more quickly.

3. Use shoe trees

If you want your golf shoes to retain their shape and keep the uppers from wrinkling, it’s good to use shoe trees. Shoe trees are placed in the shoes when they’re not being worn, and they help absorb moisture and keep the shoes looking their best.

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last

The lifespan of a golf shoe depends on its quality, how often it’s worn, and the conditions it’s exposed to.

A well-made golf shoe that’s properly cared for can last for several years, while a cheaper shoe may only last for one or two seasons. If you play golf frequently or walk on rough terrain, you may need to replace your shoes more often.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes every day?

Golf shoes provide stability and traction while swinging a golf club. In addition, they typically have spikes or cleats on the sole, which helps grip the turf and prevent slipping. However, golf shoes can also be quite comfortable and stylish, making them excellent for everyday wear.

In addition, many golfers choose to wear their shoes off the course, enjoying the benefits of the extra support and traction. So if you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can be worn both on and off the green, golf shoes are a great option. Just be sure to take care of them, so they last for years.

Is It Bad To Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Wearing golf shoes on concrete is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can certainly wear down the soles of your shoes much faster than if you were playing on grass or another softer surface.

Therefore, it’s essential to take good care of your golf shoes and often replace them to ensure that you have the best possible traction and support while you’re playing. In addition, if you’re walking on concrete a lot, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of golf shoes designed explicitly for that surface.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes In The Rain?

Can You Wear Golf Shoes In The Rain
Rain at a golf course

There’s no definitive answer to this question since everyone’s tolerance for wet conditions (and cold weather, for that matter) is different.

Golf shoes are not typically designed to be worn in the rain – they’re more susceptible to water damage and won’t provide the same level of grip and traction as a dedicated rain boot.

Multiple Pairs for Alternate Use

While a single pair of golf shoes can last you years with proper care, there may come a time when you want to invest in a second pair. This can be helpful if you play golf frequently or want to have a backup pair if your primary shoes become damaged.

It can also be beneficial to have multiple pairs of shoes so you can alternate between them, allowing each pair to dry completely before wearing them again. This can help prevent moisture damage and extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for new golf shoes:

The soles of your shoes are worn down – Check the soles of your shoes after a round of golf if you see significant wear and tear.

Your shoes are uncomfortable – After a few rounds in the same pair of shoes, they should feel comfortable and broken in. If your shoes are starting to feel uncomfortable or tight, it’s time to get a new pair.

You’re slipping during your swing – If you’re slipping or your feet are moving around inside your shoes during your swing, it’s time for new shoes. This can lead to inconsistency in your game and eventually lead to injury.


Golf shoes are necessary equipment for any golfer, providing traction and stability. However, it’s essential to take care of your shoes and avoid wearing them on soft surfaces like concrete.

In addition, golf shoes should be stored in a dry place and allowed to dry completely between uses. By following these simple tips, you can extend the lifespan of your golf shoes and keep them looking new.