Taylormade R5 Driver Review – UPDATED 2020 – Price, Headcover & More!

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Taylormade Golf has been reigning over the driver marketplace for quite a few years now. The first company to popularize the modern metal wood, Taylormade gained a lot of momentum with its 300 and 500 series titanium drivers. These were followed by the R7 Quad driver, one of the most popular and preferred drivers all over. Taylormade has introduced the new R5 dual driver as an updated version of the R7 Quad. In this post, we take a closer look at the driver and learn more about its features, specifications, advantages, and drawbacks.

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Taylormade R5 Driver Review – UPDATED 2020

At the first look, the Taylormade R5 driver looks like the R7 but it is not. It actually comes with a design breakthrough with removable weights that can be changed to adjust the ball flight and trajectory. And unlike four Taylormade Launch Control ports in the R7, the R5 has two ports. And these weights are fixed. This fixed-weight design aims to simplify the configuration of weights to fit anybody according to their ball flight. They come in two types – Type D or draw-biased or Type N or neutral weighted.

The most important difference between the R7 and R5 drivers is the size. The area of R5 driver is 450cc as compared to 400cc of R7. The bigger driver head gives a higher moment of inertia and thereby better resistance to twisting, making it preferable for many players. When you hit the ball off-center, the higher moment of inertia helps stabilize the clubhead and keeps the shot from going as far off-line.

Apart from the weighting design and size, the R5 drivers are constructed using the same technologies as used in the R7 and other Taylormade drivers. It makes use of Inverted Cone Technology that creates a larger sweet spot as well as Super Thin Wall Technology that helps move unwanted weight from the walls of the club to the ports. The R5 driver also features a deep face design to help launch the ball with less spin.

Talking about the esthetics, the R5 dual drivers are big and bold. The large, metallic black clubhead and the tiny Taylormade logo add to the look. Looking from the side or bottom, these drivers look quite high-tech and advanced. The driver comes with the M.A.S. 2 shaft from Fujikura; both the type N and D heads feature little different shafts intended to work with the weight configuration. The 450cc clubhead gives excellent contact, confidence and consistently straight shots.


  • Extremely easy to hit
  • Unique design and weighting
  • Great headcover


  • Some problem with achieving distance
  • Some users get confused with the weight system
  • Has a hollow feel

Is Taylormade R5 Driver Illegal?

Taylormade R5 Driver Illegal

According to the rules of the United States Golf Association, golf drivers must conform to predefined dimensions in terms of weight, length and head volume. The material of headclubs is also limited to avoid any undue advantage like excessive spring effect. Many manufacturers produce non-conforming drivers intended for amateur weekend golfers. A lot of club models from different companies are on the USGA’s list of illegal drivers.

While there are some non-conforming models from Taylormade as well, the R5 driver is legal and conforms to the USGA’s rules. Though it comes with some amazing features and design modifications that result in higher ball velocity for longer and more consistent drives, the Taylormade R5 driver is made to conform to the rules set by USGA and is legal to use.

Taylormade R5 Driver Headcover

The Taylormade R5 Driver features a large 450cc clubhead with a high moment of inertia to suit any player looking for extra distance and forgiveness off the tee. The driver comes in two different options of head types – N with neutral weighting for players who like working with the ball both ways and D that promotes a draw. The driver’s CG is positioned low as well as deep in the clubhead to make it easier to achieve a higher, longer-carrying trajectory. The headcover gives the driver a bold presentation. It comes with a M.A.S – 65 graphite shaft in red color for few inches and then gray for the rest up to the head. The combination of such colors along with a bright yellow accent is repeated on the large, cushy headcover that feels and stretches like neoprene because of the sock-like extension at the end to protect the shaft when the club is in the golfer’s bag.

Taylormade R5 Driver Headcover



A driver is one of the most important clubs in any golfer’s bag. Those who prefer large driver heads would find the Taylormade R5 driver the right match and it comes in two configurations to make sure it fits your game perfectly. The Type N is set up with a neutral setting for different types of players to give an excellent ball flight, feel and distance performance. This version of the R5 driver is a great choice for players on a budget. It can cater to any level of golfer. The type D driver is designed to promote a draw and gives amazing fall flight and distance performance.


With an amazing design and advanced technology, the Taylormade R5 driver is the right choice for players of any level. It offers a high, nice fall flight and easy workability. It is an amazing driver for those who are looking to hit the ball straight and achieve some forgiveness on mishits. If fitted properly, the R5 can be solid drivers offering the type of performance any golfer would expect.