What Are Strong Lofted Golf Irons?

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So many golfers may not know what strong lofted irons are, and that is fine. In this article, we will explore what people mean when they refer to strong lofted golf irons and how they impact a golfer’s performance out on the golf course! Be sure to read to the very end so that you know all there is to know about strong lofted golf irons and whether strong lofted golf irons are right for you!

What is a strong lofted golf iron?

Simply put, a strong lofted golf iron is a golf iron that has been manufactured to produce greater loft on the shot compared to other irons of that number; for example, some strong lofted 7 irons, can carry the ball the same distance as a 5 or 6 iron, something which has caused some golfers issues out on the course over the past decade or so!

Why do manufacturers produce strong lofted golf irons?

There are a few reasons why golf club manufacturers produce string lofted golf irons. We will start with technology! With the availability of launch monitors becoming more popular and golfers being able to obtain information about the carry distance of an iron and compare brands against one another, manufacturers started to produce strong lofted irons so they could say that their golf irons hit the ball the furthest and therefore golfers would be more likely to buy their golf irons as opposed to rival companies.

The other reason manufacturers started to produce strong lofted irons is that they are a great choice for a starter set. When starting out in golf, many people struggle to get a good carry distance on the ball. Having a club with a stronger loft compared to standard clubs enables new golfers to get a little extra carry on the ball and focus more on improving their overall technique.

Do strong lofted golf irons help improve scores?

Having a set of strong lofted irons can help certain golfers, newer golfers, in particular, improve their performance out on the golf course; however, this will not be the case for all golfers. Whilst stronger lofts may be helpful to newer players by allowing them to focus more on their technique and still get a few extra yards of carry, something many new golfers struggle with, the extra loft can actually be something of a hindrance to more experienced players. The reason that strong lofted golf irons can be a hindrance on more experienced golfers is simply because they are most likely used to more “traditionally” graded golf irons therefore, they will end up getting too much carry on a shot, making it go further than intended and potentially worsening a golfer’s score out on the golf course

How much have lofts changed?

So at this point, you must be wondering how much lofts on golf clubs have really changed. The answer to that is a lot! Back in the 1990s, the average loft for a 7 iron was 35 degrees. Back in 2020, the average seven iron was 32 degrees, with the strongest lofted seven irons on the market being as high as 29 degrees – an entire club and a half lower than 20 years ago!

Do all modern irons have strong lofts?

The answer to this question is no. As golfers gain more experience, develop their technique and become better golfers, they have no need for extra carry distance as they can achieve the correct amount of carry with the “traditional” lofts. This means that sets designed for the more skilled golfer will more likely have lofts similar to that on traditional clubs.


To summarise on strong lofted irons, we will say this: If you are the type of golfer who struggles to keep the ball in the air, there is a strong likelihood that strong lofted irons will help you to improve your performance out on the golf course. If you are a higher-skilled golfer, you may find that going for a set with a more traditional loft will better suit your technique. For better or for worse strong lofted irons are a part of the market now, but how much loft will increase over the next two decades is a story that’s yet to unfold! Be sure to check out our other article on what is golf lie in order to find out what the link between loft and lie really is!