What To Look For When Buying Golf Irons

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Are you looking to buy golf irons? Read this first! In this article, we will explore everything that you need to know before buying golf irons, from the key information you should know before buying to what a set of golf clubs will cost to buy!

We also discuss all the different types of irons so that you will feel fully educated before you purchase your new set of golf irons. Be sure to read to the very end so you know all there is to know before you buy your next set of irons!

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What to know before you buy golf irons?

These key factors will help you choose the right golf irons for you! There are several different types of golf iron, each type is designed for a slightly different skill level, so it is your skill level that will determine what irons you will need to look for.

Super Game-Improvement Irons

The super game improvement golf irons would be the ideal place to start for beginners just starting out in the sport! These golf irons are designed with beginners in mind meaning they are designed to have more forgiveness than more advanced golf irons. The heads and faces of these golf irons are usually a little bigger, and the weight of the iron is distributed around the outer edge of the golf club’s head, making it a little easier for beginners to strike the ball.

Game Improvement Irons

The game improvement golf irons are a solid choice for golfers who are a little better than beginners. These golf clubs are a little more advanced than the super game improvement game irons we mentioned earlier; however, they still benefit from extra forgiveness when compared to yet more advanced golf irons.

Players Irons

Players golf irons are designed for expert golfers. These golf irons are less forgiving on off-center shots than other golfer irons that we mentioned earlier. These golf irons are often referred to as blades due to the narrower sole width and the thinner top lines. Players golf irons are designed to give the golfer much more feel than improvement golf irons, enabling expert golfers to play a wide variety of shots.

Players Distance Irons

Players distance golf irons are ideal for more advanced golfers who are not quite experts! These golf irons will give you a solid blend between the game improvement golf irons and the more advanced player’s golf irons/blades. These golf irons will give a good feel whilst also providing some of the forgiveness of improvement irons, making these irons a really good option for mid-low handicap golfers. 

Types of Materials

As well as different types of heads, golf irons also have different types of shafts to choose from. The shaft of the golf club will also have an impact on a player’s performance! There are three main types of shafts to choose from.


Steel shafts are usually less flexible than other shaft types and are the heaviest material shafts can be made from, meaning it requires more work to swing and can result in lower swing speeds for some players.


Graphite shafts are more flexible and lightweight, meaning most players can get higher swing speeds with these shafts.


These shafts combine graphite and steel and can provide a good middle ground between weight and speed for those looking to improve on ball flight.

As well as different types of materials, shafts also have different types of flexibility, from extra stiff to regular. The type you choose will be determined by the type of wing that you have.

What makes a good golf iron?

The makeup of a good golf iron will be slightly different for each individual player. Whilst there are some good general rules to follow, the best golf iron for one player may not be the best option for another player. A way to make sure the golf irons that you buy are the right golf irons for you is to try them before you buy by getting fitted at a local golf store.

Most golf stores will be able to help you find the right golf irons for you and help advise you on what ones you should buy; after all, golf irons make up the majority of the golf clubs in a player set, so a well-fitted set of golf clubs is important!

Should you buy new golf irons?

Should You Buy New Golf Irons

When it comes down to buying golf irons, new ones are always better. The reason for this is that new ones will have less damage than older ones, as small chips and dents, particularly on the face of the golf club, can have a dramatic effect on how the golf club performs both through the air and when striking the golf ball.

As well as being in perfect condition, you are also able to maintain new golf clubs easier and have more control over that maintenance. As mentioned earlier, golf clubs in good shape will make for better play!

How much does a full set of golf clubs cost?

The cost of a full set of golf clubs can differ. It will mainly come down to the type of construction required for your golf club, and also the quality of the materials it’s made from.

A basic beginners set of golf clubs can be found for around $200 with the best of the best sets of golf clubs costing thousands, as with all products you get what you pay for, meaning that the more you spend, generally speaking, the better quality the golf clubs will be when you get them. Reputable brands in the industry are Callaway, Titleist, Nike, Srixon, TaylorMade, and Wilson.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Irons -Conclusion

To sum it all up, you should always look for a well-fitted set of golf clubs that are in the best condition possible. It is recommended to visit your local golf shop in order to be fitted for golf clubs properly before you buy them as this will make sure you have the best irons for you, and this can help improve your game.