Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Glove to Putt

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You may be watching professional tour golfers on TV, and you may notice that many of them don’t wear gloves around the greens? That begs the question that many beginners have, “why do golfers take off their glove to putt?” 

The answer is simple. It provides ventilation to the glove and helps to air out the hand sweat. In addition, golfers will have a better feel for the putter when using two bare hands compared to one hand with a glove on. 

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Should You Take Glove Off When Putting?

There isn’t a right or wrong method when deciding whether you should keep your glove on or take it on while putting. Some golfers prefer to keep their glove on while putting for the entire round, while some golfers won’t wear a glove at all. Ultimately, wearing the glove while putting is a matter of preference. 

However, most golfers tend to take their glove off when they are putting on the green. The purpose is to enable the glove to air out so that sweat isn’t built up inside, which increases the glove’s durability. Most gloves, especially made with leather material, will wear down fast if perspiration is collected inside. Some golfers even experience hand dermatitis if they continuously wear sweaty gloves. These can develop into rashes, which aren’t pleasant to look at or play in! 

Also, since the feel of the grip is an important element to putting, many golfers prefer to have two hands on the grip so that they can have direct contact with their putter. To have a good grasp of how much effort it takes to swing a given distance and direction, you’ll need a good feel for the putter. However, it may be worth experimenting with both to see which method helps you perform the best. 

Is It Legal to Mark Your Golf Glove?

Unfortunately, it’s typically illegal to mark your golf gloves during a tournament since it’s considered a training aid. In Section 14-3 of the USGA rule book, only plain gloves must be worn. Many golfers may mark their glove by adding dots to each finger area to aid grip setup. 

How to Mark Your Glove Hand to Practice Proper Golf Grip 

Although it’s not allowed in tournament play, you may consider marking the glove to ensure that your hand is holding the club correction. The glove hand is an important aspect of the grip since it promotes consistency, mobility, and stability. 

You want to mark a red dot on the second knuckle of the glove hand. Next, market a red dot in the middle of the palm pad, specifically one-third of the way down from the wrist where the pinky finger starts. 

Now you’re ready to grip the club. Have the red dot on the pal pad fit on top of the shaft. The red dot should be in line with the top of the shaft. When you’re gripping the shaft, you should just barely see the red dot that is placed on the second knuckle while looking down at your hand. 

Your hands are the primary connection to your club, which allows you to have a consistent swing with your hands, arms, and body. The hand position helps control the swing path, which also impacts the speed, thus having the proper hand position is crucial to your performance. 

Do You Need a Golf Glove? 

If you’re a beginner, you may be confused about which accessories you will or won’t need while playing. In particular, golf gloves are not required. However, we do recommend using them for all levels of players. A golf glove is worn on the lead hand, which is the hand that is positioned on the top of the grip. Left-handed players will wear the glove on the right hand, while right-handed players will wear the glove on the left hand. 

While most golfers wear the gloves during most of the 18-holes, many choose to take them off during putts and short-iron shots to get a better feel when striking the ball. 

Benefits of Wearing a Golf Glove

Wearing a golf glove has many benefits you might not think of. These reasons can improve your performance and prevent damage to your hands. 


Most players wear a glove because it provides extra grip and prevents slippage in hand. The glove is much tackier than the skin. When the weather is hot, the club may turn in a player’s hand. Gloves help to generate more friction between the gloved hand and the grip. Furthermore, your grip can slip during rainy weather, whereas a glove can provide protection and minimize slippage. 

Callous and Blister Prevention 

If the club is gripped too tight, the repeated swinging action and tension can cause blisters and calluses on your hand. Wearing a glove provides a layer of protection to reduce damage to your hands. Some golfers may even tape their hands to prevent blisters from occurring. If your hand is in pain, it’ll only affect your swing motion and cause other body parts like your arms to overcompensate. 

Dryness and Warmth 

Golf gloves also have different uses based on the materials its made from. Some manufacturers create weather-specific gloves to help you in cold or wet conditions. Winter gloves are made to keep your hands dry and warm, while rain gloves help to repel and resist moisture allowing the gloves to maintain a secure and natural grip. Some tackier materials like synthetic can provide extra grip. 

Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Glove to Putt – Conclusion

Golf is a game that relies on skill. This means you need to take advantage of the accessories involved and master the details within the game. Using the right glove can significantly improve your game. 

However, when it comes to putting, you may want to consider taking the gloves off. Doing so will significantly improve your putting. You’ll have a better feel of the club, allowing you to have better control as you attempt to hit the ball in the hole.