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If you are looking for the best driver for 100 mph swing speed, then this is the article for you. We will go over some of the best drivers on today’s market and give you a buying guide so that you can find your perfect club.

There are many things to consider when choosing a driver, including swing speed, shaft type, weight range, and more! Do not worry if it feels overwhelming- we are here to help.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Shaft

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Shaft, 9.0 Degree Loft, Left Hand, Stiff Flex , Black, Titanium, Blue
  • Revolutionary New Shape with Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator: Designed to provide faster clubhead speed for more ball speed and distance while the rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness
  • Speed Injected technology for intelligently optimized C. O. R. where golfers typically hit it: Improves ball speed across the face by calibrating each head to the threshold of the legal speed limit
  • Twist Face technology with slightly larger face area: Uses corrective face angle face designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots while providing a larger face for more confidence
  • Multi-Material Construction with Carbon, Titanium and Steel: Creates a head design where weight is positioned precisely in the head for ultra-low CG and high MOI
  • 2-degree Loft Sleeve: Provides adjustability and personalization to optimize the club for each golfer’s trajectory and face angle preferences

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First up, we have the TaylorMade SIM Max Drive – Amazon’s bestseller! This driver is best for those with a swing speed of 100 mph and higher.

The clubhead is constructed from titanium to make it lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever before! It also features TaylorMade’s patented Slot Technology, which will help you get the ball in the air when you need it most by opening up at impact so that less energy is wasted on sidespin or backspin.

The Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft can be adjusted from regular flexing all the way down to stiffer flex, depending on your needs.

Overall this a great driver for those who want to create more distance on the golf course.

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Extreme Driver Black-White

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Extreme Driver Black-White (Men's, Right Hand, Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60, Stiff Flex 6.0, 9.0)
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face-The Power Zone-The face is the engine of the driver and foundation for speed.
  • Titanium Speed Chassis-The Strength Zone-A Newly designed T-Bar Speed Chassis is lighter and stronger to withstand high speed collisions and deliver excellent stability and feel.
  • 360 Carbon Wrap Crown-The Light Zone-A 360 Carbon wrap crown covers 50% of the club body, adding stiffness to the chassis while saving 25 grams of discretionary weight that we moved low, back, and to the perimeter.
  • Speed back Weighting-The LOW CG Zone-69 grams of mass is positioned as low as possible, creating the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball and speed that you can relish every time you step on the tee.
  • Speed back Shape-The Aero Zone-A streamlined shape with milled perimeter leading edges harness airflow with ultimate precision for maximum acceleration power.

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Next up, we have the Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Driver that boasts a powerful 460cc head and an ultra-low center of gravity.

This driver is best for those with swing speeds under 100 mph, but the lower ball flight can be difficult to control, which might not work well for some golfers.

The shaft on this club comes in both stiff flexing models or regular flex models depending on your needs; it also has adjustable weights that you can use to fine-tune the feel of the clubhead.

For beginner players who don’t have too much power behind their swings, we recommend using this driver as it will help them generate more distance without sending their shots out wide from where they were aiming left or right!

Overall, Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Driver is one of our favorite options for those who want a driver that is lightweight and fast but still has the power to send shots downrange.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

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The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is a club that utilizes the extreme speed of titanium to fly balls off the tee instead of using sheer force and strength.

The best way to understand this driver is by looking at some comparative statistics; when someone hits their ball with a swing speed between 95-110 mph, they will get an average distance from 250 yards all the way up to 275 yards compared to those who use other drivers on the market today!

This driver also comes in various flexes for different levels of players so that you can find one suited best just for your needs!

Overall, we think this is one of our favorite options as it provides great distance without having too much power behind your swings like many other popular drivers these days.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G, Regular, 10.5 Degree)
  • The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that’s 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.
  • Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to promote fast ball speed, and the significantly lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI.
  • We also used A. I. to design a sophisticated internal titanium rib system that fine-tunes the head to produce a deeper, highly satisfying sound.
  • Included Components: Golf Club, Headcover

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Callaway is known for their top-quality golf gear and equipment, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the best manufacturers in this area.

The 2020 Mavrik Max Driver is a decent option for those who want to get some extra height off the tee without having too much power behind them – which can be perfect if you have an average swing speed!

This driver has been designed with higher launching angles than other drivers on the market these days so that wearers will find themselves getting more distance from each shot, while simultaneously keeping things nice and easy at all times.

Overall this is an excellent driver for 100 mph swing speed, and it’s also very easy on the eye with its sleek style.

TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange, Large
  • Speed Injected: Every Head Is Individually Speed Tested and Injected With Tuning Resin to Optimize Cor Across the Entire Face; the Speed Injection Process Is Designed to Maximize Ball Speed and Distance in the M6 Driver
  • Twist Face: Revolutionary New Face Curvature With a Corrective Face Angle On Off Center Hits, Engineered to Reduce Side Spin and Deliver Straighter Shots; Lie: 56° – 60°
  • AERODYNAMIC CARBON SOLE DESIGN WITH "INERTIA GENERATOR": Sleek, aerodynamic shaping designed to provide increased club head speed for more distance
  • HAMMERHEAD 2.0: The new, more flexible Hammerhead slot works in conjunction with Speed Injected Twist Face to produce a larger sweet spot and preserve ball speed on off-center strikes.SWING WEIGHT:D3

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The last driver on our list is the TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc), which is best suited for those who are looking to hit the ball a little further than most drivers on the market can take you.

This driver has been made with high launch angles, which means that it’s perfect if you want your tee shots to go as far as possible without having too much power behind them – so this could be an excellent choice for beginners or people who have a 100mph swing speed. The versatility of this driver makes it one of our favorites!

The TaylorMade M-series range has always offered some great performance and reliability at a very affordable price point, and we’re happy to say that the 460cc model continues in suitably impressive fashion.

Overall, this is an excellent choice of driver if you’re looking for something with a good balance between distance and forgiveness.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Next Driver

Although performance should be your number one concern when buying new drivers, you may want to think about a few additional things before making your final purchase.


The best driver for 100 mph swing speed depends on your budget. The more expensive the club, the better it will perform. You can find drivers that are $200 and under, but they might not be as forgiving or have a lot of distance with them.

Drivers in this price range usually don’t come with an adjustable shaft length, so you’ll need to make sure you get one that’s the right length for you before purchase!

Drivers cost anywhere from $250-$400 and should offer plenty of forgiveness on mis-hits while also providing some extra yardage.

Shaft Material

Some shafts are lighter than others and can provide more distance but might not be as forgiving. There’s a trade-off between the two because while you’re spending less energy on your swing, you have to spend it trying to get the ball in play rather than over the fence!

Shafts come in many different materials, such as steel, graphite, or titanium.

Graphite is usually best for those who want an extra-light club that provides plenty of forgiveness when mishitting shots.

Titanium drivers are also lightweight enough for most golfers but won’t offer quite as much forgiveness on mishits with their stiffer construction.

Steel clubs will give players a little bit of both worlds by providing some flex at impact without being too forgiving.


While many competitive golfers focus on distance as the most important aspect of a driver, we believe that slight yardage differences are negligible (due to their similar distances) and should be disregarded in favor of better accuracy.

For most golfers, it may be worth sacrificing a few yards in favor of tighter dispersion and smaller numbers.

Shot Correction

If you have trouble with a slice, knowing your options can be helpful to improve your swing. There are two types of drivers: movable weight or dedicated draw-bias. If you want one that will help as you practice improving your swing, the movable weight driver is worth considering.


That concludes our list of the 5 best drivers for 100 mph swing speed. All of these drivers are an excellent choice, no matter the level of golfer.

We hope that this buying guide has helped you narrow down your search to find the exact driver you need!

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If you are looking for the best driver for 100 mph swing speed, then this is the article for you. We will go over some of the best drivers on today's market and give you a buying guide so that you can find your perfect club.

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