Best Fairway Woods For Seniors

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Older golfers are often very experienced and can navigate golf courses exceptionally well. Getting the best fairway woods that can help them strategically position their shots can greatly improve their ability to get higher scores. Fairway woods are an important club for older golfers, and older golfers are just as competitive as their younger counterparts. The best clubs for distance, accuracy, and forgiveness can easily become a higher priority.

Fortunately, golf club makers are ahead of the game and are continually developing high-quality equipment that can help you increase distance, throwing angle, accuracy, and overall performance. Modern technology has dramatically improved fairway woods in recent years as the thinner cast has resulted in lower weight, lower center of gravity, and higher circumferential weight across all brands.

Fairway woods can be used for both teeing off and approach shots, even at slower clubhead speeds. This list of fairway woods is best suited to help players take smooth, controlled golf shots from anywhere. To help you choose the right fairway wood, below are the best fairway woods for senior golfers.

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

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Cobra Golf 2020 F9 Speedback Fairway (Black/Yellow)

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Fairway, Black/Yellow
  • Speed back Baffler Technology-Re-engineered BAFFLER rails and a low, back tungsten weight optimize turf interaction and lower the CG for improved launch and faster club head speed from any lie
  • CNC Precision Milled Face-Golf's first fairway to feature a CNC milled face. A forged, and precision milled 455 stainless steel face insert delivers our thinnest, hottest fairway face
  • 360 Aero Technology-Polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips are positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the club head to reduce drag for faster club head speeds
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown-A lightweight carbon fiber crown saves discretionary weight to move the CG lower and deeper for higher launch and increased forgiveness
  • MYFLY8 with Smart Rail- 8 easily adjustable loft settings help you manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance

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The Cobra F9 is a brilliant option for older golfers who like a mix of distance and playability.  The F9 has the added benefit of being a highly adjustable golf club that offers the loft you need with an incredible tee and fairway performance with its ultra-light graphite shaft with senior flex and aero club head.


Baffler technology has been around for several years. The concept is that the golf club rails help a player overcome any type of lie they are in. The Cobra F9 fairway wood features incredible lawn interaction and a CNC machined surface to ensure the clubface’s MOI and haptics are perfect for your needs. It’s a very thin clubface that allows you to get a real hit on the clubface.

The carbon crown of the Cobra F9 gives a light feeling. This club also comes with Cobra Connect technology, so you can track your performance.

Performance and accuracy

Cobra has always been known for its precision. With this fairway wood, however, they are also known for their distance. We love that you can always adjust this club for the right loft you need. If you’re playing on a course that requires more loft or body roll, you can customize your golf club accordingly.

  • It is very easy to adjust
  • It has a thin clubface
  • There is a lot of jump off the clubface
  • There is plenty of distance.
  • The clubhead is available in two colors, yellow and Gray; not all golfers enjoy the yellow look.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway, #3, 15 Degree Loft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex
  • Multi-Material Fairway Wood Construction with Steel Body and Carbon Crown: Creates a 185cc head design where weight is positioned precisely in the head for ultra-low CG for explosive distance, high launch and mid-low spin
  • V Steel Sole Design: Designed to improve turf interaction through reduced friction and provides additional versatility when playing from tight or difficult lies
  • Twist Face : Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots
  • C300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face: High-strength C300 steel allows for a stronger, faster face engineered for explosive speed performance
  • Speed Pocket : Allows for increased sole flexibility and designed to provide additional ball speed and forgiveness on low-face mis-hits

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All of TaylorMade’s decades of experience culminated in the Sim Max range of clubs and carbon heads twist face technology, a low center of gravity and speed pocket, and a heavy-duty steel face for the ultimate distance, forgiveness, and maneuverability. Seniors with high and low handicaps appreciate this golf club. Despite its tolerance, you can still get a lot of feel and handling in your recordings.

The SIM Max Fairway is fantastic; when it comes to distance with this club, you will have one the fastest ball speeds on the market as well as incredible forgiveness.


The V Steel sole ensures that your interaction with the turf is reliable regardless of the lie. The V-steel reduces the friction of your punches on impact and works well on tight or thicker lies.

With the Speed ​​Pocket technology, golfers can reach the desired distance. It really is one of the fastest ball speed clubs out there.

Performance and accuracy

The SIM Max has a lot of forgiveness, but it’s a golf club known for its distance. If you’re looking to hit the ball with great distance, the SIM Max can help. There are several lofts to choose from to make sure this is right for you.

  • It is known to have a great ball speed.
  • There is a lot of lofts available.
  • Availability of a twist face technology.
  • There is a V Steel sole for better turf interactions.
  • It is known to be very expensive.

Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Callaway Men's Steelhead XR Fairway Wood (Left Hand, Graphite, Regular Flex)
  • Easy Launch from Classic Steelhead Shape + Modern Hawkeye Sole
  • Fast Ball Speed from Next-Generation Face Cup Technology
  • Extreme Forgiveness from a J-36 Carbon Crown and Shorter Hosel
  • Fast Head Speed from Speed Step Technology
  • Premium Stock Shaft for Power and Control

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The Steelhead XR is another great fairway wood for senior golfers who want modern technology at a fair price. The steelhead has a classic look that appeals to golfers who want a rounder, slimmer club head.


If you’re struggling to get your fairways up in the air, the Steelhead XR is a great choice. This club has a smooth start and a lot of ball speed. You will find that the clubhead shape is a classic design and does not have any more triangular speed shapes found in the later versions.

The steelhead isn’t the longest fairway wood Callaway has ever produced, but it could be one of the most enduring and forgiving.

Performance and accuracy

The steelhead also has incredible forgiveness and stability. If you played with the original TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway a few years ago, you will love the updates these clubs have given them. You can choose a target and shoot with this racket in hand.

  • It is very easy to hit with this fairway wood.
  • They are available in lots of lofts for a senior player.
  • It has a more traditional and classic feel while in-use.
  • It can be regarded as older technology.
  • This fairway wood won’t be as long as something like the Sim Max.

Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed Fairway Wood

Cobra Male Golf 2019 F-Max SuperLite Fairway Wood Golf 2019 F-Max SuperLite Fairway 3 Wood (Mens, Left Hand, Graphite, REG Flex, 16.0), Black-Red
  • Lighter overall weight-16 grams of weight saving performance is achieved through a 4 gram lighter clubhead, a 7 gram lighter grip, and a 5 gram lighter shaft
  • Forged 455 steel face INSERT-A shallow face design is forged using high strength stainless steel to create higher dynamic launch and faster ball speeds
  • Back/heel weighting-an ultra-forgiving construction features an internal weight pad positioned low, back and heel ward that promotes higher launch and straighter ball flights
  • Crown alignment feature-a subtle crown alignment design assists with a square setup at address and provides a visually pleasing detail with it being distracting to the Eye
  • Offset design-an Offset hosel helps deliver a square face at impact to optimize launch and distance, while promoting straighter, more accurate ball flights

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The Cobra F Max Airspeed is a little heel stick designed to help golfers who tend to cut their shots. The face is much easier to square when you enter the impact location. The Cobra Airspeed has a slightly offset club head, so if you tend to slice your shots, you can keep things more consistent.

If your distances have changed, the Cobra Golf F-Max Airspeed is a golf club to consider. This is also one of the lightest options on the market and is designed to help older golfers from greater distances. The clubhead weighs 10 grams lighter than fairway woods from previous years.


Overall, the clubhead, shaft, and handle are the lightest Cobra have ever made. This makes it much easier for the club to swing faster and creates a great impact with the ball.

Performance and accuracy

As we mentioned in our other reviews, Cobra golf clubs have always been known to be forgiving. Sometimes the question arises whether they are as long as other golf clubs on the market. You will gain a lot of distance with aerodynamic speed if you are a player struggling with the speed of the clubhead.

  • It is known to be Light-weighted.
  • It has an excellent clubhead speed
  • It has a lot of forgiveness.
  • This fairway wood is not great for faster clubhead speeds.

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade M4 Women's Fairway (3HL, Ladies Flex, Right Hand)
  • Speed pocket creates more ball speed across the clubface for more distance & forgiveness. Split-weight mass pads provide increased MOI & perimeter weight distribution
  • Ultra-strong ni-co 300 steel face insert allows for optimized ball speed
  • 5-Layer carbon crown creates a lower CG by saving 8 grams vs a steel crown, driving higher launch while reducing spin
  • Fluted hostel provides superior sound and feel without compromising CG location
  • PLAYABILITY THROUGH GEOCOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY: A large footprint and low-profile shape makes it easy to launch and easy to play. The sole is shaped for optimal playability and improved sound & feel.

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If you’re on a tigher budget, then maybe the newest fairway wood isn’t for you. In that case, the TaylorMade M4 is a great choice. This club isn’t the newest on the market, but that doesn’t change the incredible technology it offers. Golfers looking for the perfect mix of distance and forgiveness will appreciate the M4.


The Speed ​​Pocket technology you’ll find in this M4 has been continued in both the M6 ​​and SIM Max.

Even though this technology has improved over the years, the concept is still the same in the TaylorMade M4, and it works perfectly.

The sweet spot in the M4 is huge, and that’s part of what makes this club easy to use. Inside the M4, there are internal weights to help it be more forgiving and get extra ball speed.

If you are having problems with your fairway woods’ consistency, this is not the case when you put the M4 in your bag. Another reason the M4 has performed so well over the years is that it offers a great feel and sound.

Performance and Accuracy

As this club is now a few years old, you may find that it is not as long and as forgiving as a brand-new model. For the price difference, it may be worth it to you. If you don’t mind a fairway wood in your kit that is a few years old, the M4 is a good choice.

  • It possesses a lot of forgiveness.
  • It has excellent ball speed and launch angles.
  • This fairway wood has very fair pricing.
  • It cannot be regarded as the newest technology in the market.

PING G400 Fairway Wood

PING G400 Fairway Wood (Right Hand Stretch 3 Wood Stiff Flex)
  • Ping G400 Stretch
  • Machined Back Weight The machined back weight is more dense to increase total MOI for extreme forgiveness with maximum stability while enabling you to customize your swing weight. You can fine-tune your launch conditions prior to a round by adjusting loft up to +-1*.
  • Reduced Spin The face texture reduces spin, and the head's cascading sole increases face flexing for higher launch.

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The experienced golfer who appreciates the classic ping feeling and performance will appreciate the G400. It’s a perfect mix of performance, technology, and feel. A premium fairway wood that offers distance, forgiveness and easy to use.


The G400 is several years old when it comes to technology, but it was one of the easiest clubs Ping has ever put out. If you’re having trouble controlling your fairway wood, you’ll love what the Ping can do.

Performance and accuracy

The Ping G400 offers the perfect mix of distance and feeling. If you’re looking to be able to control the ball while occasionally escaping with a bad shot, this club is for you.

  • It has a great feel when in-use.
  • Very easy to hit on the fairway and even the rough
  • It has a premium quality golf shaft.
  • This club is on the heavier side compared to other options available in the market.


When do you use fairway wood?

Fairway woods can be used almost anywhere on the golf course. They can be used as a backup driver from the tee box, approaching the green from fairways and rough, or scaling greens from tight lies.

How do you hit a fairway wood?

Fairway woods can be difficult to use. Many players succeed by playing the golf ball slightly in front of the center and try to sweep the ball off the grass or tee. For players with slower swing speeds, increasing your fairway woods’ loft can also make it easier to hit.

How do you find the best fairway woods for your round of golf?

There are several factors to consider when looking for the right fairway wood for you. It’s important that your set has a mix of fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are the best approach to achieving the distance distribution. How often you may need to use your fairway wood and what types of courses you play may also be a factor you may need to consider.

Best Fairway Woods For Seniors – Conclusion

I hope our list of the best fairway woods for seniors has helped you narrow down and rate some of the top picks. All of the above woods do a great job, and we recommend them all. Of course, the most important things to consider are distance, forgiveness, and price.

For older golfers who need all the distance, they can get, choose a fairway wood option with plenty of loft options, as this adjustment can really help.

Bestseller No. 1
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway (Right, RCH 65gr Graphite, Regular, 3 Wood) , Silver
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway (Right, RCH 65gr Graphite, Regular, 3 Wood) , Silver
We’ve added offset to reduce slices and promote distance-enhancing draws.
Bestseller No. 9
Flash Face for Exceptional Ball Speed and Unconventional Forgiveness; High Strength Face Cup for Fast, Consistent Ball Speed
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Bestseller No. 10
Callaway Golf Paradym AI Smoke Max Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Tensei 65G, 3 Wood, Stiff)
Callaway Golf Paradym AI Smoke Max Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Tensei 65G, 3 Wood, Stiff)
Breakthrough Fairway Performance Powered by Ai Smart Face; A Paradym Shift from a Lighter, Stronger Carbon Chassis
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