Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

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The popularity of golf is increasing year on year. Players are also becoming much better at golf as you progress in your golf hobby or even career. It comes to the point where you might want to upgrade your old golf clubs. In this buying guide, we share with you some of the best golf clubs for intermediate players. These are suitable for both males and females, but we’ve also included specific clubs for both.

The market is quite large, and there are different brands competing against each other. Some provide excellent clubs; others might fail when it comes to quality. That’s why many are searching for valuable reviews on the matter. If you are, for example, a golf player of an intermediate strength who is searching for high-quality clubs, then you are in the right place.

In a hurry? These are our top picks.
Lazarus Premium Golf Irons  – Our Top Pick
Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set – Best Set For Females
Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set  – Best Set For Males

Lazarus Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS GOLF Premium Golf Irons Set for Men (4,5,6,7,8,9) Steel Shaft Regular Flex Golf Clubs - Great Golf Gift for Beginner (RH, 4-PW Set, 7 pcs)
  • HANDS DOWN THE BEST QUALITY: This Lazrus golf irons set is made in the same place as some of today's "top" golf iron sets - For 1/4 the price!
  • THOUSANDS OF LAZRUS CLUBS SOLD: Our premium golf irons were created for normal everyday golfers like you or weekend warriors but without the crazy price tag. Truly amazing golf club irons that will shave strokes at an amazing price.
  • SET OF 7 GOLF IRONS: Individual golf 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron and pitching wedge make up this 7 piece golf set.
  • SPECS: Right handed, stepped steel shaft, regular flex with custom lazrus grips. Deep grooves for great spin, control and consistency from the fairway, fringe or rough.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Absolute 100% risk free purchase. Don't LOVE them? Simply return them! A deal that cannot be beat anywhere in the golf industry!

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  • High-Quality Product
  • Excellent Materials
  • Comfortable Handlers
  • Affordable Price
  • Short Clubs Not Ideal for Tall Golfers
  • No Bag
  • No Additional Equipment

Lazarus Premium Golf Iron clubs are definitely one of the best products of this type on the market. They are equally suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. Even some of the best professional golfers use this kind of equipment, and that’s the guarantee of their quality. It is possible to purchase these individually or in a set, so they are suitable for different needs. You might want to add some high-quality clubs to your set so you can decide to purchase these. It would definitely be a great decision, and you will enjoy the game with such a piece of equipment. Buying the entire set is even a better opportunity because you can get excellent clubs for all types of shots.

That’s a great way to improve your performance and score higher results on the field. The set contains seven different golf clubs that cover all aspects of the game. The shortest club from the set is 33.5″ while the longest club stands at 39.5″. They are all generally made of iron with stepped steel shafts.

The clubs are made for right-hand golfers, and they have custom grips that provide comfortable handling. You will feel no pain or pressure thanks to the design of these holders. They are also great because they allow you better control over the clubs so you can use them in an efficient way.

Lazarus is a well-known and established brand on the market, so that you can purchase their products with confidence. However, the price of these clubs is a really affordable one despite the exceptional quality. It means you can get an excellent product cheaply, and that’s definitely a great deal;l for every golfer.

The producer provides the warranty and money-back guarantee, so your purchase is entirely covered. There is no risk, and you can return the product back to the seller if you notice any errors or it does not correspond to the published specifications.

Lazarus golf clubs are available on the international Amazon website so that anyone can purchase the product. It will be delivered to your home address in a week or two, depending on your location. And you would be able to enjoy this excellent sport much more after receiving the shipment.

Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's Pink (Right Hand)
  • Includes Titanium Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's
  • 460cc Titanium Driver! Stainless Steel Woods and Irons
  • Ultra Light High Modulus 100% Graphite Shaft for all clubs!
  • Matching Deluxe Dual-Strap Golf Bag and Headcovers! Carry your bag like a backpack!
  • This golf set is for a right handed player!

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  • High-Quality Equipment
  • Durable Materials
  • Comfortable Grips
  • Many Useful Items in Package
  • Quality Bag
  • Price Could Be Lower

We all know that many men love golf and play it regularly. But it is also true that many women enjoy the sport too and some are even professional golfers. That’s why the good producers think about that group of performers when they were creating excellent equipment for them. Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set is just that kind of a product. You can find various high-quality clubs for all kinds of shots within the package.

They are made of excellent materials that provide durability and improve the player’s performance. The entire set is provided with a nicely designed bag where you can store all the clubs. The item simplifies them handy, so you can easily transport the product from one location to another one.

You do not need to purchase a separate bag, and this one is ideal for your set. It is great on the field because you will experience no problems related to this matter. You can move your equipment wherever you want.

These clubs are an excellent solution for all golfers regardless of the level of their knowledge and skills. That’s because of the appropriate shape and quality materials. They have comfortable holders and are developed with durable materials. You will experience no issues during handling so you can be more precise and efficient on the field. The clubs can last for a very long time without any problems thanks to the quality materials. And you can play golf in the most comfortable manner.

All the clubs are generally made of iron, and their length range from 5’3″ to 5’9″. They are quite lightweight, which means the steel shafts are up to 40% heavier than these ones. It is not even necessary to speak too much about that future because the conclusion is clear and obvious. You can manipulate these clubs with ease, and that’s really great for women golfers. They generally have lower amounts of strength than men golfers, so that the feature can be really useful on the field.

You also get some additional items in the same package, including a headcover and rain hood. So you do not need to buy these products separately, and that’s good for the financial aspect.

The product has a moderate price. It is definitely not the cheapest on the market, but the price is not too high either. So if you do not have financial issues, your budget should easily cover this product.

Aspire XI Ladies Golf Club Set is available on the international Amazon website, so you can go there if you are interested in buying. The shipping is allowed to the entire world, but you have to check if there are any additional fees for the deliveries. These might depend on your current location, so it is good to have that information on time.

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Top Line Men's Right Handed M5 Golf Club Set for Tall Men ( Height 6'1" - 6'4"), Includes Driver, Wood, Hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Stainless Irons with True Temper Shafts, Putter, Stand Bag & 3 HCs
  • Tall men's right handed golf set includes: 460cc driver, #3 wood, 21 Hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW stainless irons, putter, deluxe stand bag and 3 headcovers
  • Height: 6'1" to 6'4". might be suitable for 6'0'', 6'5'' and 6'6'' men
  • 460cc driver for extensive distance and forgiveness
  • Great aiming mechanism putter
  • Deluxe stand bag with spacious pockets and 3 matching head covers

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  • Suitable for Tall Players
  • Quality Materials
  • Lightweight Clubs
  • Additional Deluxe Equipment
  • Not Suitable for Short Golfers
  • Quite High Price

This is also one very quality product of this type specifically developed for taller men. The clubs are generally longer than average ones, so the taller golfers can use them more comfortably. You do not need to pull down your upper part of the body too radically, and that’s good for many things. You will protect your energy while focusing on your shot exclusively. It means your performance and precision can be at a higher level, and you can score the better result thanks to such an opportunity. The clubs are provided in a package, so it is not possible to purchase these separately.

You also get a spacious and nicely designed bag as well as three headcovers for your clubs. The carrier simplifies the transportation so you can easily pack your clubs and move there from one location to another one. You can use them on the golf field or outside, it depends on your needs.

The bag is durable and made of quality materials., so you can count on that item in the long run. It can have a quite high price when you buy it separately on the market, and you can have a problem finding an appropriate size for the entire set. However, you are supplied with this product, and it saves you time and money in the same way.

The clubs are developed for right-handed golfers, so these are not fully suitable for left-handed individuals. They are made mostly of iron that provides strength and durability to the product. That material is also good because it is quite lightweight in comparison with the steel, so the players can save a lot of strength and energy with such golf clubs.

The grips are also made of comfortable materials, so they are pleasant for use. You can play golf for hours without any feeling of pain or pressure. That’s how you can slowly improve your performance and results as well. These clubs are great for intermediate players because they can enable those individuals to improve their skills and knowledge further. Still, beginners and advanced players can use them too because of the many great features.

This is definitely not the cheapest product on the market, but you get many things in the same package, so it is definitely worth every penny. The product is suitable even for the most demanding golfers because it looks really deluxe and high class. That means you can enjoy it in a different way while using these kinds of clubs.

If you are interested in purchasing, it is good to know that this product is available on the international Amazon website, too, so you can complete the process there. All the important details are visible on the profile page, including the price. The product is available to buyers from all over the world; however, the shipping cost can be higher if you are far away from the seller. That’s why you should check the details before purchasing.

18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set

18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set With Titanium Driver, #3 & #5 Fairway Woods, #4 Hybrid, 5-SW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 H/C's (Blue, Tall Size +1")
  • Full Titanium Driver With a Large "Sweet Spot" To Hit Bombs Off the Tee!
  • Very Forgiving #3 & #5 Fairway Woods Built For Long High-Flying Shots. #4 Hybrid Which Is a Great Substitute for Long Irons - Easy to Hit = Less Frustrated You!
  • 5-PW Stainless Steel Irons with Bonus Sand Wedge! These Irons Were Made for Long, Controlled Shots
  • Lightweight Blade Style Putter With Alignment System to Sink More Putts!
  • Large Mid-Size Dual-Compound Grips for Extra Comfort! True Temper Steel Iron Shafts!

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  • Durable Material
  • Comfortable Grips
  • Good for Intermediate Golfers
  • High Price
  • Heavy Clubs
  • No Additonal Equipment

The golf clubs from this set are made of stainless steel that appears a little heavier than iron. That means these clubs generally have a higher weight. However, the difference is not a significant one, and it might even be helpful during the shots. The golf clubs of this type are not maybe the perfect solution for the beginners at this sport, but they are definitely perfect for the intermediate players who have already acquired a particular knowledge on the matter.

The grips have an appropriate shape that supports comfortable handling and are developed of a cozy material. That’s how you can play long rounds with minimal effort and without any uncomfortable feeling when it comes to your hand. This is definitely an excellent product for golfers who understand the game. They can get maximal results and improve their scores by using these clubs.

The stainless steel provides durability and strength, so you should not worry too much about this product. You can freely use it regardless of any weather conditions, and it will not experience any difficulties. The clubs are provided in a set, so it is not possible to buy them separately.

You do not get a bag or any other kind of additional equipment. If you need these, you will have to purchase them individually. That can increase your costs, however. So it is not an ideal solution.

This set also has a quite high price, so you have to be ready for that if you decide to purchase this product. You will get durable clubs with the potential to last the entire lifetime, but you have to pay an appropriate sum of money.

The product is available on Amazon, and it is currently available for buyers all over the world. No matter if you live in the US, Europe, or Asia, you should be able to make the purchase. The shipping costs, however, might come separately, and that’s why you have to check the details before taking any action on the website.

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M3 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 6-PW, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's - Right Handed - Regular or Tall Size (Blue - Regular, Right Handed)
  • Full set of clubs right out of the box!
  • Maximum forgiveness on the woods and irons equals straighter shots on the course!
  • Matching Deluxe Dual-Strap Golf Bag and Headcovers! Carry your bag like a backpack! Rainhood also included!
  • Tall Size available for 6'1" and above!

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  • Lightweight Clubs
  • Quality Materials
  • Suitable for All Golfers
  • Additional Equipment
  • Price Still Could Be Lower

The clubs from this set are made mainly of iron, which means they are quite lightweight in comparison with stainless steel. That, of course, has some positive sides, so you can play golf with less effort and energy. That’s how you can more easily handle long games while scoring better results. The grips are also developed in a way that supports the players. It means both the shape and materials are suitable for comfortable utilization, and they simplify the handling.

These clubs are provided together in a set, so you cannot purchase one by one separately. You also get different kinds of equipment, and that’s certainly an interesting benefit for the buyers. For example, you get a deluxe and spacious bag with additional pockets as well as headcovers in the same package. These items all come under the same price, so you do not have to buy them individually. That’s definitely a cost-effective approach, so you can get excellent products while protecting your budget at the same time.

The clubs are of different sizes, so they are suitable for both short and tall gamers. You have an option to pick up the most appropriate size in accordance with your height and preferences, so that’s a good way to make better results on the field.

The price is a moderate one, and the product is definitely not an expensive one considering all the things you get in the same package. The quality is also great; it is definitely a great value.

This product is available on Amazon just like all other clubs from the list, so you can find it there too. The details are visible on the main page. You can simply check all the specifications.

Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

WILSON Golf Profile Platinum Package Set, Women's Right Handed, Petite
  • Includes 10 clubs: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-SW, Putter
  • Large sweet spot Women’s high lofted Driver features super game improvement technology to get the most from your game Performance technology and lightweight components are combined to deliver tremendous distance off the tee
  • Easy to hit hybrid with tip reinforced graphite shaft creates large sweet spot for improved distance
  • Engineered for maximum control, these lower center of gravity heads improve launch trajectory and produce greater distance
  • Profile Platinum technology positions mass low and back - precision engineered for longer, straighter shots.
  • Thin, hot iron face is perimeter weighted to create large sweet spot for better shots every time, even on off center hits.
  • Premium Cart bag with numerous pockets, double padded shoulder strap and easy lifting handles

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  • Quality Materials
  • Wisely Shaped Grips
  • Good Additional Equipment
  • Moderate Price

If you are a female golfer of intermediate strength, this set of clubs might be an excellent solution for you. The items are quite lightweight and made of comfortable and durable materials. That definitely simplifies that playing so you can enjoy your time on the field.

Thanks to excellent specifications, these clubs can help you advance further with golf skills and knowledge while scoring higher results. They are made of iron, while the grips are smartly shaped to provide maximal control over the grips. That’s how you can have more precise shots, and your efficiency will be subsequently increased. All the clubs are made for the right-hand players, so they might not be suitable for the opposite hand.

This package also includes a big premium bag with many pockets. It is perfectly designed to store all the clubs, so you can simply transport the entire set from one place to another one. That feature is equally suitable on the field as well as outside the field. You can simply put all the clubs inside, catch the bag on your shoulders and move wherever you want. This item also looks quite nice, so it is one more positive aspect of this product. There are also three headcovers in the same package, and they all come under a single unique price.

This product will cost you a little more than some average golf club set, but it provides a lot of benefits, and it is definitely not the most expensive set for women. You can definitely find products with significantly higher prices on the market while the quality is at the same level. That means this set is worth every penny.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can simply visit Amazon because the set is available there like all other club sets on this list. The details and conditions are visible on the product’s page, so you can simply find out if it is a good solution for you.

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players – Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has helped you to resolve any doubts when it comes to the selection of appropriate golf clubs. All of these are very good for intermediate players so you can choose the most suitable one in accordance with your needs. Female golfers can select some of the sets developed for women, and male players can choose developed for their genders. Each of these sets has something unique and different from the other despite the fact that many specifications are quite similar. Only high-quality products are added to the list, so you will hardly make a mistake regardless of your choice.