How to Fly With Golf Clubs? Our Essential Travel Guide

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Do you want to enjoy your golf game in different golf courses around the world? Or you want to fly with golf clubs to join a tournament in another city?

This is one of the most amazing things you can do as a golfer. Also, who does not love to travel? But, when you have golf clubs with you, things can become pretty tough to manage because it is never easy to carry those heavy clubs with you when you are reaching out to the new places. Taking them around inside the taxis, hotels, and airports is not an easy thing.

So, if you want to know how to fly with golf clubs, this article is definitely going to help you with the same. In fact, I have collected detailed information about this topic and discussed everything below. So, if you are a frequent or occasional traveler who tends to keep his/her golf clubs along, this article is worth reading once. So, make sure you read it till the end.

Of course, there are some costs and a lot of effort involved in it. But, it is mostly preferred to keep your own golf clubs when you are about to play professional games. So, let’s discuss all the aspects of this topic one by one.

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Is it worth hiring golf clubs instead of taking my own while traveling?

It is all up to your preferences. But, most of the professional and even beginner players will prefer to keep their own golf clubs because they have made their hand over them.

But, if it is a normal game and you are just looking for a good time pass inside the course, you can think about hiring golf clubs.

In most of the countries, you can find numerous ways to hire golf clubs. You can get them on rent for as much time as you want. However, different vendors will have their own set of regulations and price structures. You can research more on the internet or get in touch with the course and make a booking before your flight to make things easier for you.

Different Airlines and Allowances

how to fly with golf clubs different airline allowances

Fly Southwest Airlines

This is one of the best airlines to choose from when you are traveling with your golf clubs. Whether it is price or convenience, they have taken care of everything. They allow you to check one golf bag for free along with an additional bag for other stuff. If you are choosing any of the other airlines, they are definitely going to charge for it as per the weight and dimensions of your bag.

American Airlines

If you are traveling on American Airlines, you can travel with only one golf bag that may contain golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees, and a pair of golf shoes if you want. If we talk about the cost, the standard checked bag fees would apply to bags weighing up to 23 KG and 320 cm in length, weight, and height. If your bag exceeds these limits, you will have to pay a fee of 150$. You can check more here.

British Airways

British Airways also allows you to carry your checked baggage for your golf bag. However, they are going to charge for it if it exceeds certain limits. Obviously, the price is going to change as per the destination and class of your flight.

In British Airways, you are allowed to carry two bags, neither of which should be weighing more than 32 KG. However, if you are flying in the economy class, this weight is just 23 KG. Also, your golf bag should not exceed the dimensions of more than 190x75x65cm.


Easyjet also has a separate plan to help players carry their sports equipment, whether they are choosing any flying class. But, they charge around £30 each way. They have different plans to choose from. If you choose the normal plan, you can carry a bag with a weight of no more than 32 KG. However, they also have a small equipment package where you can carry a bag with weight no more than 20KG.

How To Fly With Golf Clubs?

There are some effective tips you can follow to make your journey comfortable for you with your golf clubs. Below are some important things you can follow to fly with your golf clubs without any worry.

Have a Golfing Travel Insurance

Golf Accessories are costly, as we all know. So, when you take them along to a foreign country, you should have a proper backup plan to cover any losses that may happen during your visit. Golf Travel Insurance can help you with this. You can find numerous companies providing this kind of insurance plan at easy costs. These insurances will include various things like:

  • Loss of Damage to your clubs
  • Coverage for loss of green time
  • Injuries while playing
  • Any other legal fees coverage

A normal cost of golf travel insurance covering most of your assets will be around 25 to 50$ per year. This price is pretty minimal. However, you can find various companies that offer numerous additional services at different prices.

Book a non-stop flight

Booking a non-stop flight means you do not have to take your bag from the plane to the plane. Frequent moves could become overwhelming when you have a heavy bag to carry around the airports to get into the next plane. Also, it increases the chances of you losing the clubs. So, the second rule to happily travel along with your clubs is to book a single flight, which will take you directly to your destination.

It is pretty easy to find these flights, and you are going to save a lot on online bookings. The early you book your flight, the best your flight savings are going to be.

Also, traveling in a non-stop flight will incur less damage to your bag and, eventually, your accessories inside it. Most importantly, you are going to arrive at your destination in a very short time frame.

Try to Store Everything in One Bag

It is the time to take advantage of all the extra pockets your bag has got. Make sure to store everything inside one bag, so you just have to think about one thing. If your golf balls, clubs, shirts, shoes, and everything else is placed inside a single bag, you will find it pretty easier to handle everything with proper care.

4. Choose a Durable Bag

Having a durable as well as comfortable bag is important to make your journey easy for you. Of course, a bag with a hard shell is going to be expensive, but it will definitely offer more protection to your accessories inside. A normal price range of a hard shell bag is around 250 Dollars.

Along with that, make sure to choose the bag with the right weight. Most airlines will not allow you to carry a bag of more than 50 pounds. So, you should try to fit everything inside this bag.

4.1 If you are choosing a soft-sided bag

In that case, I would suggest packing a golf club protector device along. Using this thing, you can save your shafts from getting damaged if you drop your bag upside down. But, instead of buying this device, you should try to invest more in a high-quality and durable bag. You will find numerous options to choose from on the internet.

Because you are putting your expensive and important items inside this bag, it should be enough to protect them in normal conditions. Also, you are going to have peace of mind during your visit.

Check out this guide for the best golf bags with wheels.

Label your Golf Bag

It is another important thing to do when you are flying with your golf clubs. It will be good if you put tags inside and outside of your bag. This will help people know what is inside the bag. It can enhance the level of care your bag receives at the airports, hotels, and taxis. Make sure to write your name, address, contact information along with the flight number on the tag. This is going to help you get your clubs back if they are stolen or lost.

Pack Only The Important things

People often make the mistake of packing numerous extra things inside their golf bags that increase the weight a lot. But, you do not have to make this mistake. Make sure to pack only the things that are important by keeping the weight allowance in mind.

Players normally pack shoes, towels, shirts, balls, sweaters along with their clubs inside the golf bags. It is also advised that you do not pack any other expensive items in your bag like mobile phones, range finders, watches.

Booking your Golf Clubs before flying

Most of the airlines will allow you to book your golf bags while you book your ticket. So, it should be easy to do for you. So, when you book your ticket online, look for the sports equipment section given there. Make sure to read the weight/size allowance and other important instructions and obey those rules.

It will make things easy for you because most of the airlines will charge the fees for your golf clubs along with your ticket. So, you just have to take your bag along to the airport, and everything will go smoothly.

4 Pro Tips For Saving Money While Flying With Golf Clubs

Below are some smart tips to make your trips much more affordable and convenient for you. Let’s discuss some unknown things which you can do to make your golf journeys budget-friendly.

Try to fit two sets in one bag

This is genuine advice you will not hear anywhere else. The idea is to fit two sets of golf clubs in a single bag without exceeding the weight limit offered by the airlines. If you are carrying two bags, the airlines are going to charge a massive amount for sure. So, even if your single bag is exceeding the weight limit, you are going to save much more as compared to carrying two different bags with a single set inside.

Use a Pencil Bag

These bags are lightweight and have enough capacity to carry most of your normal golf accessories. You will definitely be able to fit two sets of clubs in this bag, along with some other items. These bags are going to help you save a lot when it comes to obeying the weight allowance rules.

Wear your golf clothes if possible

Yes, this is a good idea, especially if it is winter outside. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing inside your plane. So, if you can cut some extra costs by wearing your golf clothes, there is nothing wrong with it.

Hire or Ship your golf clubs

We have discussed the process of hiring golf clubs. So, if you want, you can get in touch with some organizations that offer golf club rental service in the approached city. However, another effective way is to pick a shipping company to deliver your golf clubs to the location you want to go to. This is going to save your money in most cases. Also, they will move your clubs with proper care. But, make sure to choose a reliable shipping company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a single golf club while flying on a plane?

Most of the airlines and government authorities do not allow you to take a single golf club because it could be considered a weapon. However, you have to check your golf club along with all other stuff, but when it is protected properly.

How to avoid damage to my clubs?

The most important thing to keep your golf clubs protected during your travel is to put them inside a highly durable golf bag. That is the reason why I suggest everyone has a hard case golf bag.

Is it good to have golf travel insurance?

This insurance is worth purchasing because you will be able to cover most of the losses during your trip because of it. Because we never know when a thing might go wrong. So, it is good to keep everything covered up with an insurance plan. Also, you will have peace of mind.

How To Fly With Golf Clubs – Wrapping It Up

It is always a wise decision to take your own golf clubs while you are playing tournaments or vacation games abroad or in a new city. But, your golf clubs need proper care from your side. So, make sure to pay your full attention while you are flying along with them. I hope this article has provided you enough value to make these things easier for you.