Gogogo Sport Rangefinder Review

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If you are looking for a highly precise yet affordable golf rangefinder, Gogogo Sport Rangefinder could be your answer. This product is a tough competitor to various top-selling rangefinders. So, if you want to have the best experience in distance measurement, this one is definitely a good pick for you.

The price of this rangefinder is very competitive but full of advanced features that are available only with the premium products in this domain. So, I found it really important to review it here and let you know about all its features. You will surely like them.

The product is simply one of the best rangefinders you can ever buy for highly precise outputs. Because of its great accuracy and a 6x zoom, it becomes a great deal for all kinds of players, from beginners to professionals. Along with golf, people use it for hunting purposes as well. Let’s see all of its amazing features below and know whether you should buy it or not.

Gogogo Sport Rangefinder: A Tough competitor to premium golf rangefinders

Gogogo sport rangefinder has all the features you will need to detect the distances on a golf course. Everything else in this rangefinder is good for the golfers and especially in the long games. Let’s see all its amazing features below.

Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder


  • Scan Mode
  • Water, dust, and shockproof
  • Flag-pole lock
  • Slope Mode
  • Suitable for golf and hunting
  • Easy to operate using top-mounted buttons
  • Adjustable diopter lens
  • Rubber grip for easy handling
  • Sometimes picks the background objects
  • The texts may get out of focus when you adjust the lens
  • No strap of magnet available
  • Focus adjustment is over sensitive


Flag Lock

I just love this intelligent feature of this rangefinder. The flag lock function directly identifies the flag and lock it to give you an accurate distance. Unlike other rangefinders, it will calculate the total distance between you and the locked flag instead of the things behind it. This feature helps you to play confident shots because you always know how far you have to hit the ball.

 Easy to Use

The most important feature every golfer will need in a rangefinder is its ease of use. And this product is designed by taking care of it. You just have to point it to your desired location and press the button. It will give you an alert vibration pulse after that. Also, you get a user-friendly manual to understand its features more clearly. Even if you are using a rangefinder for the first time, you will have no problems at all.

Good Range and accuracy

If we talk about its Range, it can cover 650 yards area from your location. This Range starts for a minimum of 5 yards. It provides you with an accuracy of +/- 1m. The magnification can go up to 6x. And all these features are just impressive if we look at its price tag. In fact, you get this type of feature only in very expensive products in this field. With these features, the company says a line, “Swing with confidence.” And it is actually true because you get great offerings that you can never regret your decision on the course.

Slope Function

Another impressive and advanced feature of this rangefinder is its quick calculations even when you measure the distance in slopes. This rangefinder is equipped with an automatically calibrated system using the Rifleman’s rule. So, even if there is an uphill or downhill along the way to the hole, you are going to have precise information within seconds. Unlike other rangefinders, it will not take so long to produce the outputs.

Turn Off Slope any time

If you want to use your Gogogo during a tournament, you can easily turn off the slope feature anytime just by pressing one button. It will make your rangefinder legal to use in any tournament.

Pulse Vibration Technology

When you are calculating long distances, it can sometimes become tough to lock the flag, especially when you have shaky hands. It is important to keep your rangefinder steady to lock your target properly and get an accurate distance. Thanks to Gogogo’s Pulse vibration technology, you can easily lock your target whenever you realize you are at the right place. You will get a pulse vibration, and it will be the indication that you are ready to hit the shot.

Compact (One hand operation)

The weight of this rangefinder is just 184gm. Also, the size is pretty compact, and that’s why you can use it just with a single hand. Just hold it with your fingers and thumb and press the button. That’s all you have to do, and you can now calculate any distance on your golf course. The Angle Range compensation system will help you to easily calculate the distances in any kind of area.

Risk-free purchase

It has not only a 1-year warranty but also a money-back period as well. So, if you do not like this product or find any problem, you can return it and get your money back. You can imagine how well the company is prepared to serve the customers. So, if you are buying it, you are definitely getting a great deal.

Comparing Gogogo Pro GS22 with its competitors

If we look at the price range, WoSports and Peakpulse are some of the brands that are providing us with similar offerings.

PeakPulse 6Pro

The price of this rangefinder is somewhat similar to the Gogogo. But, there are some limitations of PeakPulse if we compare these both products. The first one is accuracy, and the second one is the Range. 6Pro can cover the highest Range up to 500 yards, whereas we are getting 650 yards Range in Gogogo. Also, the slope calculations are better in the Gogogo.

WoSport 650

This one has similar features, just like Gogogo. But, precision is somewhere compromises. Lots of players have admitted that this rangefinder was not able to lock the flags properly, and it was giving inaccurate readings. The Range offered by this product is 650 yards, which is similar to the Gogo Sport rangefinder.

There are various other competitors to the Gogogo sport, but in my opinion, it is the best option to have balanced offerings in all terms. Whether we talk about the price or features, it is one of the best options to choose from.

Gogogo Sport Rangefinder Review – Final Verdict

I hope this review will help you make your decision whether you should buy Gogogo Pro GS22 or not. In my opinion, it is the best option if you want to purchase a quality product for a accurate distance calculation. Most importantly, if you have a budget under 100$, just go for it. If you have any other questions regarding this, let me know in the comment section.

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