Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200

Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200

Golf Rangefinders Helps Improve Your Game

Most people think golfing takes years of hard work and practice to become good at it. Although skill is required, there are tools out there to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game with little to no effort. Most novice golfers tend to eyeball or guess the distance between their golf tee and the ball. Unfortunately, this leads to swinging the golf too hard or soft. When it comes to unfamiliar courses, eyeballing won’t get you very far.

Golf rangefinders are a tool that many professionals use to accurately read the distance to the next hole, hazards, and bunkers. Some rangefinders have innovative features such as measuring slopes, vibration reduction for individuals with shaky hands, and other modes for various conditions.

Most of the rangefinders in the market range from $100 to $500. The expensive rangefinders tend to have the extra features, whereas the cheaper ones at around $150 have the basic features for most beginner to mid-tier players. On average, they cost about $250. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best golf rangefinders under $200, so you can improve your game without spending a fortune!

Limited for time? These are our top picks:

Our Overall Winner: MiLESEEY Professional Precision

Best Value:  TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

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10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200

Leveling up your game doesn’t have to be expensive. The SereneLife Laser Rangefinder has a draw-dropping low price without sacrificing much in quality or features. It doesn’t have quite the distance or range that some of our other rangefinders on our list. But it still measures up to 540 yards within a one-yard degree of accuracy. It will always be enough to measure each hole. However, an 18-hole course usually runs about 1,200 yards.

This device has a smart pin seeker mode that can automatically find the flag and lock into it while also displaying the distance. Furthermore, SereneLife is easy to use. Simply aim the device at the target and press a button to get the precise distance reading on the screen. It’s also extremely lightweight and portable. You can easily hold it in the palm of your hands and carry it around with the hard case that comes with it.

  • Very affordable

    Easily locks in and gives you an accurate reading

    Able to measure up to 540 yards

    Water-resistant body and very durable

    Portable and lightweight

    Slope tech which adjusts reading based on elevation

  • The battery doesn’t last long

TecTecTec VPRO500

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is a high-quality rangefinder with outstanding features for golfers to improve their game. After thoroughly testing this device, we’ve found their continuous scan mode to be a game-changer. Most golfers use rangefinders to simply lock into the red flag to find their next hole.

However, the scan mode enables the device to look out for nearby objects that could affect your play. For example, lakes, trees, and other objects that are far away can affect your game. There’s nothing worse than swinging the club and the ball getting stuck in the trees. With the scan mode, you’ll be able to locate several objects at once and determine the precise distances, so you’re aware of potential obstacles in your way.

In addition, it has a pin seeker mode to instantly lock the target in even if you have shaky hands. The maximum range is 540 yards. It comes with a 6x lens and a high-quality multi-layer coating to ensure clear and bright images. Furthermore, it has a durable body, and it is rain resistant.

  • Portable and durable

    Measures up to 540 yards

    Water-resistant body

    Provides within a yard of accuracy

    Perfect for measuring the distance of hazards, golf flags, and wooded areas

    Comes with a two-year warranty

    Comes with a wrist strap, battery, carrying pouch, quick start guide, and cleaning cloth

  • Battery door may slide off

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

We’re surprised that the Bozily Rangefinder has a stunning range of 5 to 1,000 yards for the price. This is nearly double the range of some of the previous rangefinders we’ve listed. It also has a powerful 6x magnification along with a 7-degree field angle. The Bozily Rangefinder has two scanning modes, one for regular distance measuring and the other for slope distance. Its magnification and scanning ability quickly focus on the target and alert you once the target is locked in.

The product comes with a soft case that easily clips onto your clothes, so you can walk around the course without holding it. Bozily offers a two-year warranty, meaning you rest assured that the product will work for a long time.

  • Slope adjusted mode to measure the angle and elevation

    Measures between 5 to 1000 yards

    Accurate reading within one yard

    One year warranty and 30-day return policy

    Includes user manual, cleaning cloth, lanyard, carabiner, two batteries, carrying case, gift box, and rangefinder

    Fog and water-resistant

    Portable and lightweight

  • Made of plastic

It can be hard to find an inexpensive laser rangefinder with all of the standard features an expensive one would have. But the Gogogo rangefinder definitely rivals some of the higher quality ones. Rangefinders can be similar to a binocular where they enlarge the images that are far away. The Gogogo device includes multi-coated optic lenses to boost light transmission and lower the reflected light. This ensures that the image is much more clear and bright. Users can adjust the focus as needed.

Like many of the top rangefinders in the market, it can scan continuously to find various objects. Simply point and scan around the golf course to find them. It also has an angle range of compensation to determine the range of various uphills and downhills. Gogogo has a total range of 650 yards, up to 250 yards to lock-in the flagpole.

  • Includes slope function to compensate for angles

    Measures from 5 to 650 yards

    Extremely affordable

    Automatically locks in the flagpole

    Powered by AAA batteries

    Easily fits in the palm of your hands

    Measures distance in 0.5 to 1 seconds

  • Doesn’t include a strap or magnet

PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

PeakPulse laser rangefinder offers the perfect combination of accuracy, speed, size, and verification. We like the ease of use, making it convenient for novice golfers to use. For example, it has a simple toggle system to turn the slope technology on or off. Users can increase the focus by simply turning the black knob to the right.

One of the biggest complaints about rangefinders is its short battery life. PeakPulse solves this issue by automatically turning off the device if there are over eight seconds of inactivity. This ensures you aren’t unnecessarily using the battery. It has a range of only 500 yards, but it does have a pulse vibration technology to alert users when a target is locked in.

  • Slope technology to account for the uphill angle

    Easy to lock in the flag

    Able to focus lens to the target with 5x magnification

    Fits in the palm of your hands

    Shoots distance of up to 1/10 of a yard

    Able to find target even with shaky hands

  • The case could be designed better

For under $200, the Bozily 6x rechargeable rangefinder offers similar capabilities as some of the high-end ones. We’re shocked to find that this device has a measuring range of 1200 yards. If you test this device on the roof of your building, you’ll be able to view other buildings. Another unique advantage of this rangefinder is that it uses USB charging instead of batteries. There is no need to worry about running out of batteries, simply charging the rangefinder anytime using its USB charger.

We also love that the device is both fog and water-resistant. A lot of other rangefinders will have trouble detecting objectives or providing accurate readings under poor weather conditions. The rangefinder has an ergonomically designed grip on the exterior, making it easy to hold and carry around.

  • Continuous scan mode to find hard-to-detect targets

    Two-year warranty

    USB charging, no battery required

    Accuracy within one yard

    Measures distance up to 1200 yards

    Able to adjust distance with slopes

    Incredible zoom feature of up to 6x

  • Battery life is short

Improve your scores overnight with the Profey Golf Rangefinder. This device has a whopping range of 1,500 yards where there are no obstacles between points. For the flag locking feature, users must be within 250 yards of distance. Like other rangefinders on our list, it has two scan modes: the continuous scan mode and the angle range compensation. The normal scan mode finds the distance between a straight-line path. While the angle mode compensates for altitude and slope.

It also has its own battery-saving feature where the device shuts down automatically after three seconds of inactivity. Included in the package, you’ll receive a rangefinder, two CR2 batteries, carrying case, cleaning cloth, lanyard, user manual, and a carabiner.

  • Kit includes rangefinder, manual, cleaning cloth, lanyard, two batteries, case, and carabiner

    Two-year warranty

    Measures up to 1500 yards

    Easily switch between slope and regular function

    Soft case to protect rangefinder

    Ergonomically designed to hold easily

  • May pick up unwanted targets

When it comes to durability, we find this laser rangefinder to be among the best. This device is dustproof, anti-fog, waterproof, and can withstand falling on concrete. It has a grip pad on the top, making it easy to gold. Your hands will directly hover over the buttons, and it is made from non-slip material to avoid dropping the device.

Unlike other devices with only two modes, it offers five modes: scan, flag-lock, accurate range, fog mode, and speed. Depending on where you are in the game, you’ll need to utilize different modes. For example, the scan mode is a great early game strategy to get a feel for any unfamiliar golf course obstacles. Flag lock and speed helps you quickly get a read on your target once you’re closer to the hole. The device is as simple to use as aiming at your target and pulling the trigger.

  • Easy to use and portable

    Batteries last over two rounds of 18 holes

    Measures up to 700 yards

    Fits into your pocket or golf bag

    Lifetime battery replacement and lifetime warranty

    Able to focus in on target with 6x magnification

    Provides reading in both meters and yards

  • Need a steady hand for a most accurate reading

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

If you’re not looking for anything with high-tech features, the Wosports rangefinder is a simple device with only the features that you need. The device ranges between 5 and 650 yards, up to 180 yards for locking into a flag pole and 6x magnification. Similar to the previous rangefinder, this one has both speed and fog modes. Fog mode helps to detect objects when the images aren’t clear.

Wosports have standard features such as slope adjusted measurements, vibration alerts, and scanning modes. One unique feature of this device is that it offers two different metrics. Users can choose their readings to display in either yards or meters.

  • Measures up to 650 yards and 6x magnification

    Filters out background objects to better lock into the target

    Includes battery cover

    Adjust distances based on slope angle

    Includes 18-month warranty

  • Can fog up lense depending on weather condition

The Saybien Golf Rangefinder has a few unique features that stand out from the other ones on our list. Its frame is made from a rubber material, making it very durable and hard to damage. We also like that it uses a combination of battery and USB charger. A long-lasting lithium-ion battery powers the device. However, the battery can recharge using the USB cable. This rangefinder is waterproof so that it won’t be damaged under rain conditions.

As far as performance, the Saybien has a range of up to 1,200 yards with a slope mode and scanning mode. Its 2mm lens is thicker than normal, providing a more clear picture. Lastly, it comes with a lightweight hard case so that you can take your rangefinder on the go!

  • Rubber body for durability

    Able to turn on and off slip mode

    Device is waterproof

    Very lightweight and easy to hold

    Quick scanning and lock-in

    Measures up to 1300 yards

    Long-lasting battery with USB charger

  • Closing case closes via magnets; some may prefer Velcro for security

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200? (Buyers Guide)

Range and Distance

For most golfers, distance is the main priority and will affect the type of game you play. If the flag or target is out of reach, there’s no way to get a precise reading, affecting your performance. For a rangefinder under $200, finding one that has over 1,000 yards is a steal! Scout the golf courses in advance and determine how far of a range you need.


Accuracy plays a huge role in your performance. If your rangefinder is off, you could be swinging the ball too short or too far to the flag. The best rangefinders usually record an accurate reading of within one yard. In addition, these tools should have a strong magnifying capability of up to 5 to 7 times. This magnification power helps to bring the target into a sharp focus. Even in poor weather conditions, the lens should be able to pick up accurate readings.


Durability should also garner consideration. There’s no point purchasing a cheap rangefinder if it only lasts you a few weeks. Many of the brands we’ve chosen have at least one year or longer in warranty. Most reliable rangefinders offer a long warranty period because they stand by the durability of their product. Consider selecting ones that have protective layers that can prevent spills, water damage, or fog.

Easy to Use

Operating a rangefinder shouldn’t be rocket science. For example, many of them have a simple slope button to toggle on and off. All the features should be easy to understand and use. Some rangefinders can display the readings on your smartphone device. The information displayed may include slope, weather, and distance. All of the various modes should be easily adjustable and there should be a brightness adjustment setting.

Slope Technology,

Golf courses are seldom flat surfaces. Many include rigorous slopes. Due to the change in angles, the normal mode of measuring distance won’t be accurate. A rangefinder should account for the gradient and angle of the slope to provide a more precise reading. This technology will balance readings on both downhill and uphill shots. In addition, it adjusts for atmospheric conditions and altitude. Sometimes it will even display the perfect route for you to swing your shot.


Finding a target should be relatively easy. Some high-quality rangefinders have a scanning feature to find your target quickly. Once you’ve found the target, it’ll block out the background objects to help you focus and not lose sight. Some diopters can be adjusted to your eyesight. This will enlarge the object, so you get a clear picture of the target. Some of them have a feature that locks into the target preventing shaky hands from ruining the display.

Extra Features

How seriously do you take your golfing? Professionals look for advanced technology to help improve their game. Some rangefinders have pin seeker technology to help guide golfers select the right club to use once the object is in view. This feature allows you to zoom in on the target and lock in despite objects being in the way, such as bushes or trees.

There’s also jolt or vibration technology to provide users with alerts once the target is locked in. It helps to increase stability while the technology is doing the reading. However, it also provides various alerts when scanning the golf course.

Frequently Asked Questions

A golf rangefinder is a measuring device to help you measure the distance from the pin to your golf ball. Knowing the golf course’s precise distance helps you choose the right golf club for your next shot.

Before you can gauge the distance, you’ll need to have the object in view. Once you determine the object, aim the viewport of the rangefinder at the object. Then pull the trigger, which sends a pinpoint laser beam to the object. On the display screen of the rangefinder, you’ll be able to read the distance. If you were unable to locate the object, you might see an error on the display screen.

Although a rangefinder isn’t necessary to play golf, it’s incredibly valuable in improving your game. Distances are really hard to gauge when playing on an open golf course. Understanding distances helps you choose the right golf club and gives you an indication of how hard to swing the golf club. When you’re playing on new courses, it’s much more difficult to estimate distances. Furthermore, it saves you the hassle of trying to eyeball distances, and you’ll see fewer balls go into the bunkers, so your score will likely improve.

A golf GPS provides ballpark or general distances between locations, but rangefinders can pinpoint exact distances based on the target’s location. A golf rangefinder is more precise and can show yardage down to the 1/10th or ½ of a yard. A golf GPS relies on map data, which can be inaccurate at times. A rangefinder simply focuses on the distance between you and the target. A GPS usually requires you to charge them in between rounds, while rangefinders use batteries to operate.

Final Verdict - Which Golf Rangefinder Under $200 is the Best?

After our thorough research and testing, we’ve found the Bozily 6x rechargeable laser rangefinder to be the best golf rangefinder under $200. It checks all the boxes in terms of accuracy, range, durability, slope technology, etc. For under $200, this device has a maximum range of 1,200 yards and a 6x magnification. No matter the scenario or condition, the Bozily can help provide a reading. It can handle slopes, rainy conditions, fog, and even obstacles in the way.

Personally, we like that it uses a USB charger to power this device. We find it cumbersome to buy spare batteries and carry them around on the golf course. It’s much better to have a portable charger to charge your device anywhere. The Bozily has all of the standard features such as slope technology, flag -lock, angle, and jolt-tech. With this device, we’re certain it will help improve your golf scores by taking fewer hits to get inside the hole. We hope our comprehensive guide of finding the best golf rangefinder under $200 has helped you decide which device to get.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 | All Golf Reviews

Our full buyers guide of the best golf rangefinder under $200. Everything you need to know before you decide to purchase.

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