How To Keep Golf Gloves Fresh

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Of all the items you’ll put on yourself when playing golf, your gloves are probably the ones that need freshening up most often. If not cleaned regularly, they can get pretty ripe. There’s no rule of etiquette about how long you should go between glove washes; two to three new pairs every season makes sense if you’re an avid player. Keep reading to find out how to keep golf gloves fresh and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

  • Practice With Your Old Gloves
  • Store Them Properly
  • Wash It Regularly
  • Improve Your Wrist Technique
  • Take Them Off Between Rounds

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Practice With Your Old Gloves

Try playing a couple of rounds with the same pair of gloves. If you notice they’re not gripping the club as well as you’d like, consider replacing them. The best time to check your gloves is on the course—not at home or in the clubhouse locker room before you play.

Store Them Properly

Cleaning your gloves regularly keeps them fresh and ready for use on the course. For regular spot-cleaning, spray them lightly with a disinfectant solution of one part bleach mixed with nine parts water. Let the solution sit for about five minutes before rinsing it off with clean water. Dry them thoroughly before storage to keep mildew from forming inside of them.

Wash It Regularly

New gloves are the best, but they’re not always an option. If you have a few pairs on hand, rotate them to keep them fresh between washings. Use your old ones for practice sessions and casual rounds, so you don’t wear out new pairs before their time. Rough up glove leather with fine-grit sandpaper to help increase its ability to grip the club.

A Bad Wrist technique can also wear out Your Golfing Gloves

Another way to keep golf gloves fresh is to improve your wrist technique. If you have a habit of dropping your hands when hitting the ball, it can wear out the seams in your gloves much quicker than necessary.

Tighten up your grip by holding the club more firmly with both hands. Use lighter pressure with just the left or right hand—not both—to improve playability and safeguard against glove breakdowns.

Take Them Off Between Rounds

As tempting as it might be to leave them on between rounds, make sure to take off your golfing gloves after each 18-hole outing. Dirt and sweat are no friends of leather, so removing them helps prolong their lifespan when used properly.