How To Waterproof Golf Shoes

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No matter how much you enjoy your breathable mesh golf shoes, the unfortunate truth is that they simply aren’t built for wet conditions. However, there’s no need to swap them out for expensive waterproof golf shoes. There are many ways to apply waterproofing to your golf shoes. Once you learn how to waterproof golf shoes, you’ll be able to rock your favorite kicks on the golf shoes without worrying about little drizzles or heavy rain. Your golf shoes will last longer and won’t receive nearly as much wear and tear.

How Do You Seal Golf Shoes?

If you’re looking to sell your golf shoes and keep water at bay, you can either use wax or waterproofing spray. They both work, but you’ll need to follow the steps laid out below. 

Waterproof Golf Shoes Using Wax 

Here are the following steps required for using wax to protect your golf shoes from moisture. 

1. It’s never worth applying the product on a dirty shoe. Start by cleaning the shoes by washing them or using a damp cloth. Wiping down your shoes will remove the debris and dust off the shoes. Waxing over the dirt will only trap the dirt onto the shoe. 

2. Grab a small chunk of beeswax or candle wax and test it on the sidewall of the shoe to ensure that it won’t stain. It’s best to use an off-white or colorless type of wax. This prevents the wax from changing the colors of your shoes. 

3. Apply the beeswax all over the exterior of the shoe. Make sure to thoroughly rub the wax on the shoe and try to really dig in to ensure the wax completely blocks the moisture. The wax should cover all areas of the shoe, including the laces, sidewalls, heel, and toe box. 

4. Dry the wax using a hairdryer and turn it onto high heat. Blasting the wax with high heat will ensure the wax will dry and melt faster. 

5. The wax will begin to fade into the golf shoe. Go over the entire shoe slowly with the hairdryer. 

6. Once the wax dries, the wax will be integrated into the fabric, which will seal any tiny openings. This creates a strong barrier against moisture. You can test out the waterproofing by applying small amounts of water into the shoe. If the liquid goes inside, you’ll need to apply a second or third layer of wax. If the water rolls off the shoe, then you’ve successfully waterproofed your golf shoe! 

Treat Golf Shoes With Waterproofing Spray

Treat Golf Shoes With Waterproofing Spray

The waterproof spray works best on all types of materials such as synthetic, canvas, hemp, suede, leather, and others. However, wax is ideal for woven fibers of fabric shoes. 

Follow these steps to use the waterproof spray. 

1. Keep the spray bottle about six to eight inches away from the golf shoes. Then lightly spray the entire upper portion of the golf shoe. Make sure to spray the seam where the upper portion connects to the outsole. The idea is first to apply a light coating and simply glisten over the surface. Ideally, spray in an outdoor area to prevent noxious fumes. 

2. Next, spray the entire shoes lightly. You can use a microfiber cloth to get rid of any excess sprays from the accents of the shoe, such as rubberized detailing, eyelets, or zippers. 

3. Let your golf shoes dry overnight. Although some sprays may dry as fast as 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll experience guaranteed protection if you let the shoes sit for 24 to 48 hours. With this method, you want to avoid using an external heat source such as a hairdryer. This could negatively impact the chemical process, which would damage the shoe or even cause a fire hazard. 

4. After about seven to eight wears in wet climates, consider re-applying the spray. Waterproof sprays tend to be less resilient than waxes, so you’ll need more re-applications. However, if you’re in a dry climate, you won’t need as many treatments. 

Do Golf Shoes Need to Be Waterproof?

Waterproofing isn’t absolutely necessary; however, they are very important to ensure the longevity of your golf shoes and maximize the performance under wet conditions. Even if it’s not raining, there could be sprinklers that have caused the greens to be damp. Thus waterproofing golf shoes are designed to allow you to water through shallow puddles and dew-laden lawns without getting your feet wet. 

In addition, shoes without waterproofing are prone to slippage, which can hurt your balance during the golf swing. Furthermore, you are at risk of a twisted ankle, tripping, or pulling your back muscles from slipping on the grass. Waterproof golf shoes help to avoid injury while you are teeing off on your swing. 

How Do You Keep Golf Shoes Waterproof?

Waterproofing your shoe with one round of spray won’t cut it. Over time, the spray will wear down and lose its strength. That means you’ll have to routinely re-apply the product. The frequency in which you need to re-apply the waterproofing spray will depend on the product you are using. We recommend giving it a new coat of spray about once every month or two. A good indicator of when to re-apply is if you begin to see some moisture seeping through your shoes. 

Best Waterproofing for Golf Shoes 

Not all waterproofing products are made equal. Some are made with safer ingredients that are free from harsh odors, chemicals, and hazardous toxins. After testing out many of the waterproofing products in the market, we’ve found the best waterproofing sprays that protect your shoes from water for a long time. 

1. Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Waterproofing 

Nikwax waterproofing is one of our favorite options when it comes to protecting your shoes from water. It’s available in a spray-on or sponge-on application, and it has no color meaning it won’t affect the color or design of your shoes. 

The product works on most types of golf shoes like GORE-TEX, fabric, and smooth leather golf shoes. Unlike many waterproofing sprays that use heavy chemicals, the Nikwax product utilizes water-based and biodegradable solutions to prevent damaging your shoe. Nikwax aims to add water-repellency to the shoes while still maintaining breathability. 

2. GEAR AID Tent Waterproofing Spray Kits 

Although the title says “tent,” the GEAR AID waterproofing spray kit is a simple and effective solution to protect your shoes from water. It’s designed to build a protective barrier against water, stains, and oil. It’s designed to work on a wide range of materials such as leather, nylon, and even breathable materials. The goal of these spray kits is to maximize breathability while repelling away water. We like that the GEAR AID spray content is quick to dry and dries clearly without staining the shoes. 

3. Solemates Water Repellent Spray 

Solemates is one of the leaders when it comes to shoe-protectant products. Their shoe protector spray works on all types of shoes, including suede, leather, nubuck, sheepskin, and other types of fabric. It’s designed to keep your golf shoes looking brand new and protect them from the damage that bad weather can bring. This water-repellent spray will prevent stains and repel water without leaving any residue or darkening the shoe. 

Furthermore, the solution is free from hazardous toxins and uses only organic ingredients. The spray features an all-natural carnauba wax, which doesn’t have any harsh odors and is free of chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand how to waterproof golf shoes, here are answers to other commonly asked questions that you may be asking yourself. 

What’s the difference between water-resistant and waterproof golf shoes?

Most beginners tend to mix up the term “water-resistant” and “waterproof.” Water-resistant means that the golf shoes resist water. Unfortunately, the water-resistant materials usually can only keep the shoes dry in light moisture conditions. When the shoes are soaked in from a tropical storm, it’s unlikely to keep away water. 

In contrast, waterproof shoes can block moisture from soaking into the shoe. That’s because the waterproof shoes use a special laminate or membrane that doesn’t allow water in. There are even different levels of waterproof ratings. Laminates tend to have a higher waterproof rating, meaning they can tolerate more water, but it comes with the downside of being less breathable. Waterproof membranes tend to be more breathable to prevent overheating. Also, look for shoes that have sealed seams to provide additional protection. Sealing the seams of the shoes blocks the entry point for water to leak into the shoes potentially. 

Are waterproof golf shoes worth it?

Golf shoes can be quite expensive. Typically waterproof golf shoes can range between a hundred to several hundred dollars. Thus, a more affordable option is to buy a cheaper shoe and apply a waterproof spray to it. You’ll likely be able to receive similar performance while saving a lot of money. 

To save even more money, you can use your existing pair of tennis shoes and add waterproof spray to them to prevent water from seeping inside. Depending on your preferences, you may want lightweight and breathable mesh shoes to keep your feet cool, or you could opt for heavy leather waterproof shoes to keep moisture out. 

Do golf shoes come with a waterproof warranty?

Most golf shoes won’t have a waterproof warranty, which is why it’s imperative that you make an effort to waterproof them yourself. Some manufacturers like Footjoy may offer a waterproof warranty. However, the waterproof warranty only applies to their premium shoes, and they do apply when the shoes are soaked. This means if the shoes are submerged in heavy rain, the manufacturer won’t cover them. But if your socks are soaked from walking through wet grass, Footjoy will accept the claim.


Waterproofing your golf shoes allows you to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. When the turf is wet, it’s easy for you to lose your balance because of the reduced grip and traction. Shoes without waterproofing will also lead to bad odor build-up since the shoes are not supposed to be drenched in sweat or water. 

Even though most golf shoes already utilize some form of water-resistant material, it may not be enough to protect yourself against a downpour of rain fully. Protect your investment by investing in some of the waterproofing products we’ve recommended, like waterproofing spray and beeswax. We hope you’ve found our article helpful in helping you protect and maintain your golf shoes for a long time.