TaylorMade Project A Vs Callaway Chrome Soft

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Taylormade Project a or Callaway Chrome Soft? That is the question that all golfers are asking themselves these days. After all, it’s hard to resist the temptation of a tasty new toy. The choice doesn’t seem so difficult – both golf balls are the most technologically advanced in their category, and you can be sure that any golf ball that has been created with the goal of getting you closer to your target is going to be an excellent one. However, the choice is not as easy as it may seem at first sight.

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Faster Ball Speed Without Sacrificing Spin

That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at the two popular candidates to help you choose. Because, after all, once you’ve found out that you’re much longer with the new ball and it demonstrates more spin around the greens, it’s not such a hard choice, is it?

Callaway Chrome Soft 

The first candidate in this golf ball review is the Chrome Soft. The main reason why it has become such a popular choice of professional golfers is the unique combination of speed and spin. These two strikes in this ball makes it the most desired option with regard to distance and accuracy for everyone who plays from the fairway.

The Chrome Soft is 4% softer than any other ball in its category, and it has a very finely pressed, three-piece structure that allows players to hit shots from any position and with any swing speed. The ball’s Hydramax core is extremely high-speed, which creates a lot of ball speed across the entire face. This is something that many golfers will appreciate, especially those who suffer from slice shots.

The ball’s unique technology is fully responsible for the incredible spin that it offers, which goes hand in hand with the distance offered by this golf ball.

The combination of high durability and softness of the Chrome Soft technology makes it one of the most forgiving balls in its category.

The compression of this ball is 70, which makes it a firmer option than the other golf balls that have been recently introduced. However, this higher compression doesn’t affect the ball’s launch angle, which makes it very forgiving. It also offers low spin, which is something that many golfers will appreciate.  

TaylorMade Project A 

The next candidate on the list is the newest creation from TaylorMade. Thanks to its innovative core design, this golf ball offers a very similar combination of distance and spin. The new ball is built with a single layer of Dimple Impression Technology (DIMPL) that delivers unprecedented speed on both full and partial shots.

It is also built with a very soft cover designed to maximize the spin around the greens. The combination of power, control, and softness makes Project A a good candidate for all golfers with different playing styles.

If you’ve been struggling to find a ball that offers distance and control, Project A is worth considering.

The ball’s soft cover makes it very spin-friendly, and it also offers an impressive feel. However, Project A is not built to be very durable. If durability is important to you, you may want to look at other options.

TaylorMade Project A Vs Callaway Chrome Soft Standout Features

What is the Construction of TaylorMade Project A Golf Ball?

It has a 2-piece design. It is much better than the one-piece or three-piece construction that Callaway Chrome Soft is using.

Why is TaylorMade Project A Is The Best Choice For You?

Having one of the best compression ratings ever produced by TaylorMade, Project A utilizes their latest dimple impression technology to deliver high speed from low-to-high loft shots. It also has a new design that’s built for distance and less spin by utilizing low-compression core technology combined with its very soft urethane cover.

The balls are softer and lighter, which is good for golfers who prefer to use softballs that offer more distance with less spin.

You’ll benefit from a very soft urethane cover that’s designed to absorb more energy, and it also has more flexibility than most other golf balls.

Project A also has an aerodynamic dimple design that delivers excellent accuracy, so you’ll be thrilled to know that you can hit it further, straighter, and more consistently than before.

What is the Performance of TaylorMade Project A Golf Ball?

Tour Performance:

Used by the top pros on tour, it has been proven to improve distance by up to 6% with high and low-to-high loft shots.

Lower Handicap Performance:

It is a softer golf ball that will offer excellent play on any course and for nearly every golfer.  

High-Speed Performance:

The new low-compression core has much lower compression, which makes Project A capable of delivering much higher ball speeds than most other balls.

The new design also allows the balls to maintain their low-compression core for much longer, which means that you’ll have more consistent shot results.

What is the Construction of Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball?

It has 1-piece construction. It is the only golf ball on this list that uses one-piece construction.

Why Callaway Chrome Soft Is The Best Choice For You?

The Chrome Soft is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to benefit from more workability and control, which makes it a great option for new golfers.

The ball is made in two layers with a low-compression core, which allows the ball to spin and stop more quickly than many other balls.

The Chrome Soft has a very soft cover that’s made from a blend of polybutadiene and ionomer resin, which will give you the ability to control the ball properly when it’s in the air.

The ball also comes with a very durable cover that’s made from this popular ionomer resin, which is used to make many of the other top balls on the market.

You’ll also love the fast speed that this ball can achieve, which will help you to easily hit the ball further down the fairway.

What is the Performance of Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball?

It has a low-compression core, which means that you can easily control the ball, and it has pretty high stopping power, so you’ll be able to shape your shots much easier.

Tour Performance:

It is used by many of the top pros on tour because it provides a lot more control than most balls.

As you’re looking for the best golf ball option for your game, you’ll love the high speed that the Chrome Soft can achieve.

Lower Handicap Performance:

The ball is very durable and high-performing, which means that it will be a good choice for nearly any golfer.

High-Speed Performance:

The ball can achieve a lot of speed due to its high MOI, which is the only reason it’s able to retain its low-compression core for much longer.

Final Verdict On The TaylorMade Project A Vs Callaway Chrome Soft

Overall, the Chrome Soft is a great option for nearly every golfer, and it comes with a very affordable price tag. However, if you want to benefit from more spin and less distance, Project A may be a better option for you.  

Either way, it’s a good idea to try both golf ball options for yourself to find out which is best. Which one do you think is better?

If you’re looking for a softer golf ball option that will provide much greater control, the Callaway Chrome Soft is an excellent choice. If you’re a high-handicapper, Project A may be a better option. The bottom line is that both of these options are very strong balls, and they will both effectively improve your game on all types of courses.

You should now have plenty of information to help you decide which golf ball will be best for your individual needs and preferences, so be sure to do your research, and you’ll be able to find the right option that will help you to improve your game.