What Shoes To Wear With Golf Pants?

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Knowing how to swing and play 18-holes isn’t the only part of the game. Many golfers love to style themselves on the course to look good in the process. As a beginner, it’s best to know the basics before you venture off to flashy fashion choices. 

If you’re looking to take up golf, you’ll need to know what type of shoes to wear and what shoes to wear with golf pants. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know so that you don’t look foolish on the course. Furthermore, you want something that keeps you comfortable and enhances your game. 

Can I Wear Golf Shoes as Casual Shoes? 

Yes, golf shoes can be worn as regular shoes; however, they must be spikeless. Spiked golf shoes are similar to cleats where the spikes provide grips on slippery or soft turf. Walking with spiked shoes on concrete would only hurt your feet. Spikeless shoes resemble standard trainers because they have an aggressive tread on the soles. 

Golf shoes are designed to help improve your golf swing. It’s structured in a way to limit lateral movement and will keep the medial foot region supported at all times. Furthermore, the heel in a golf shoe doesn’t rest as high compared to an athletic shoe. This helps to give users better stability, balance, and a better feel for the ground. Lastly, golf shoes have wider and larger footprints than running shoes for better balance and traction. So although they aren’t ideal for running, they can be extremely comfortable for walking on a daily basis. 

What Shoes Can I Golf In? 

There are two types of golf shoes that most golfers wear on the course: spiked or spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless shoes are designed with a flat outsole with dimples or rubber studs for traction. In contrast, spiked golf shoes have cleats on the outsole using soft plastic or rubber spikes. 

Spiked shoes do offer more lateral stability, which prevents slipping, especially in wet conditions or hilly courses. However, spikeless shoes are more convenient and versatile because they can be worn as casual footwear as well. Furthermore, spikeless shoes help you to be more balanced since you don’t have to walk around with spikes on the bottom of your feet. 

If you’re new to golf and you don’t own a pair of golf shoes yet, you can substitute them for running shoes or trainers. That’s because they offer good treads on the soles to provide solid traction to your feet as you swing. 

Why Do Golfers Wear White Shoes?

Why Do Golfers Wear White Shoes

If you’ve been golfing for even a little while, you’ve probably noticed that most golfers, whether amateurs or tour professionals, wear white golf shoes. White shoes have been around since the 1800s but became a fashion trend in 1925 when Walter Hagen introduced them at the Lido Club. Most golfers wear white shoes because white reflects the sunlight keeping your feet cooler, and white also matches any color. 

However, if you don’t wear white, consider wearing black shoes. Black shoes are perfect in rainy conditions because they won’t get easily dirty. When playing golf, white shoes can easily stain when dealing with wet sand, wet grass, mud, or dirt. 

Generally, the color of your shoes won’t matter very much. It’s more important to consider the treads of the outsoles, the weight of the shoes, the breathability and comfort when buying golf shoes. 

Do I Really Need Golf Shoes? 

If you’re new to playing golf, you may be wondering whether golf shoes are required. Generally, golf shoes are not mandatory except on some golf courses. But if you’re looking to maximize your performance, it’s best to wear a pair of quality golf shoes since they will provide better traction on uneven ground.

One could argue that having treads is incredibly important. Imagine driving a car without treads on the wheels. Furthermore, golf shoes provide turf gripping treads or spikes to support your body rotation and weight transfer as you swing. Slipping on the grass can cause sprain ankles and affect your swing during its motion. 

Most golf shoes provide shock absorption and padding to support the midfoot. The midfoot support of a golf shoe helps when driving the ball, which gives you additional power. Many golf shoes are very breathable to keep your feet cool. Some shoes use a Gore-Tex lining material to prevent sweaty feet and absorb moisture. 

How to Pair Golf Shoes with Golf Pants 

Now that you know the gist of what golf shoes to wear let’s talk about how to style golf shoes with pants. Here are tips you can follow to feel comfortable and look stylish on the course: 

  • Always prioritize comfort over style. We all want to look good, but you should never sacrifice functionality or comfort. Since golf is a sport, it’s useless to wear something that affects your game. 
  • Avoid wearing monochromatic combinations. For example, wearing white shoes with white pants tends to stick out. Ideally, you should choose something with a little bit of contrast. 
  • Sticks to time-tested classics. Many golfers like to wear khaki pants with brown leather golf shoes. There are many variations of classic outfit pairings. You don’t have to experiment too much, rather simply identify what the tour professionals are wearing. 
  • Stay away from flashy colors. Although you may like dazzling colors and designs, it’s best to stick to plain. For example, if you choose colorful shoes, you’ll want to wear plain-colored pants. 

How to Take Care of Your Golf Shoes and Pants 

Proper attention and care are necessary to keep your shoes looking fresh, maintaining their performance, and feeling comfortable for a long time. We recommend rotating shoes between rounds, which can double the lifespan of your shoes. 

You can clean synthetic and leather golf shoes using soap and water or a shoe cleaner. For shoe shoes, you should use a white shoe cleaner to remove dirt, residue, and unwanted scuff marks. Mesh shoes can be cleaned using a soft-bristled cleaning brush or cloth along with soapy water. Scrub gently to remove the dust, dirt, and residue. Then allow the golf shoes to air dry. 

In contrast, golf pants are much easier to maintain than shoes. Simply follow the washing instructions and wash them every game. Avoid using bleach or bleach-based cleaners because they can cause discoloration. However, be careful with ironing. Some pants are not meant for ironing, and some require different levels of heat. 

What to Wear When You’re Golfing for the First Time 

Most golf courses and country clubs have required good attire for men and women while playing on the course. Therefore, you’ll have to go on their website to see the specific dress code. If you’re a first-time golfer or you’re new to a specific course, it’s best to understand the general guidelines of what to wear and what not to wear at a golf course. 


  • During the fall and winter months, make sure to layer with light jackets, windbreakers, collared button-down shirts, vests, or sweaters to stay warm. 
  • Many golfers like to layer a crew neck over a sports polo for a trim and clean look. 
  • Do not choose oversized outerwear like hoodies, sweatshirts, or denim jackets. These outerwear clothes can get in the way of your swing. 

Tops and Shirts: 

  • Sleeveless golf shirts can be appropriate for extremely hot days. 
  • Wear polo-style collared shirts made of polyester blends, microfiber, or cotton. 
  • Some golf courses may even require you to tuck in your collared shirts into your bottoms. 
  • Un-tucked shirts can provide a sloppy look. 
  • Don’t wear overly large shirts because sleeves that go past your elbows can also look sloppy. Instead, make sure the sleeves are about three-quarters of the way to your elbow. 
  • Ladies shouldn’t show cleavage or wear anything that may look sloppy on the course. This includes tube tops, bathing suit tops, halters, or t-shirts. 


  • The best type of pants for golfing is khakis. You can wear a neutral color such as black, white, tan, or gray. Feel free to spice up your golf wardrobe by wearing some bold colors. However, if you’re wearing bold-colored pants, it’s best to pick a neutral-colored top. Or if you wear a bold shirt, wear neutral-colored pants. 
  • When you wear shorts, the length should fall just above the kneecaps. 
  • When you wear long pants, the bottom of the legs should just touch the top of the shoes. 
  • Golf pants, skirts, and shorts use a fabric that wicks away moisture, doesn’t restrict your movement, and allows your skin to breathe. 
  • For ladies, the length of the dresses, skirts, and skorts should be between the mid-thigh and knee. 
  • Avoid wearing yoga pants, athletic pants, sweatpants, jeans, cargo shorts, and denim. 
  • When wearing shorts, they shouldn’t be too long, too short, too baggy, or too tight. 
  • Avoid wearing any pleats or cuffs. 
  • For ladies, avoid wearing mini skirts or booty shorts. 
  • Also, look for pants with deep pockets. This can be great storage for items like a divot repair tool or ball marker. 


  • Avoid wearing sandals, street shoes, or boots. 
  • Also, don’t wear shoes with metal spikes since that can tear up the course. 
  • Ideally, golfers should wear shoes with non-metal soft spikes such as plastic or hard rubber spikes. You can also wear running shoes with a good grip. 


  • On sunny days, you can wear a straw hat, cap, or visor. 
  • Protect your eyes from UVA and UVB exposure and reduce glare by wearing polarized sunglasses.
  • Wear water that is waterproof and sweatproof 
  • Wear a belt that matches your outfit. 
  • Avoid wearing dangling earrings or long necklaces that could get in the way while playing. 
  • Socks should come up to the ankles and not go any higher. 
  • Make sure the socks absorb or wick moisture away. 

What Shoes To Wear With Golf Pants – Conclusion 

Now that you have a good understanding of golf shoes and pants for the occasion, you’re ready to hit the fairways. As you become more serious about golf, it’s very important to choose the right types of shoes and pants. Wearing the wrong ones can make you look lousy on the course or affect your performance. We’ve hoped that you’ve learned a lot about the golf wardrobe and are now ready to pick out your new outfit!