What To Do With Old Golf Balls

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Whether you’re a casual or serious golfer, golfing equipment can be quite expensive. However, most equipment such as your drivers, iron, golf gloves, and even bags can be used for a long time. In contrast, golf balls average about seven full 18-hole rounds. And that’s only if you don’t lose them.

Golf balls are a recurring expense, and it would be a complete waste to simply throw them away after a few uses. However, keeping golf balls in good condition is always a challenge. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas on what to do with old golf balls, so you won’t have to feel as if you’re throwing money down the drain.

Can You Donate Golf Balls?

The easiest way to get rid of your used golf balls is to simply donate them to organizations, institutions, and individuals. Some programs like the First Tee organization will allow you to convert your unwanted golf balls into cash.

However, you can also contribute these golf balls in a meaningful way by donating them to nonprofit organizations or school clubs. They will greatly appreciate your donation, and you will be performing a positive deed. Many of these organizations will utilize these golf balls for amateur purposes, so they won’t need top-of-the-line balls. Just make sure not to donate any super-worn down or torn-down balls, especially if they are unplayable.

Are Old Golf Balls Worth Anything?

A standard golf ball may not be worth much. However, if you own any type of unique golf balls, there could be a demand for them. These types of golf balls include gutty golf balls, logo golf balls, autographed golf balls, feathery golf balls, Haskell golf balls, and others.

How to Sell or Recycle Old Golf Balls

The best way to sell used golf balls is to find an online website that accepts them. There are recycling factories that will collect them. Simply go to your browser and search for “golf ball recycling companies near me.” Some companies may even pick it up from your house if you live near their distribution center. Some examples of golf ball recycling companies are Lost Golf Balls and Golf Ball Planet.

It’s important to note that some companies will have a minimum when it comes to recycling golf balls. Many of them have a minimum of at least 5,000 golf balls. However, some may accept them by the hundreds. If you don’t have enough balls, it’s best to keep playing and wait until you’ve gathered enough used golf balls. Many of these recycling centers may even pay you in the form of store credit or a check.

Contact the Reseller or Recycling Center

Before you head over to the distribution center to resell your golf balls, you should contact the manufacturer ahead of time. Typically their contact information is listed on their website. You’ll want to ask them about important information such as the minimum number of golf balls they take, their hours of operation, and the rate of compensation that you’ll receive. Also, ask if there are stipulations in which they wouldn’t accept golf balls, such as certain damages.

Send Them Off to the Resale Company

Once you’ve decided on the company that is closest to you or provides the best compensation, you can gather the old golf balls and put them into sacks or big boxes. You can drive down to the company yourself to drop them off or set up an appointment on their website to have them come pick it up. You won’t have to worry about sanitizing or sterilizing the golf balls since the factory workers will typically do it for you.

We recommend having them pick it up or delivering the golf balls yourself rather than mailing them via a package. Golf balls are fragile and can easily tear or break during transportation. The manufacturers should be able to advise you on the best way to handle the balls.

Are Golf Balls Biodegradable?

Golf balls are made of rubber and plastics, meaning that these are non-biodegradable objects. They cannot decay or decompose due to the materials that make up a golf ball. Parts of the golf ball, like the polyurethane cover, can be broken into smaller pieces of plastic to reduce the environmental hazard of plastics. Since golf balls are non-biodegradable, it’s important that golfers re-use them or donate them to prevent more plastic pollution and further harming the environment.

Unique Ways to Use Old Golf Balls at Home

Besides simply donating or selling your used golf balls, you may also choose to use them for unique craft projects. We’ve highlighted some of the most creative ways to use your old golf balls so that they are put to good use!

Christmas Ornaments

The golf ball is the perfect size and weight to hang onto your tree. In addition, you can even make a snowman ornament by gluing three of them together. Or you can paint the golf ball and create the faces of Santa or your other favorite characters.

Vase Filler

Instead of using peas, pinecones, seashells, and colored gems, you can use old golf balls instead. You can use a mixture of colored and white golfs to create a vibrant vase filler.

Garden Critters

They can also be used as lovely decor for your garden. Transform these balls into animals such as frogs, spiders, and insects. All you need is some tiny wires and paints to get the job done.

Once you’re finished, they will become attractive decor for your flower beds and gardens.

Tenderizing Meat

If you don’t have a kitchen mallet to pound your favorite meat, such as steak, you can make do with the equipment that you have in your house. For example, golf balls would be the perfect replacement. Take your golf ball and roll it all around the steak or your choice of meat. Make sure to apply strong pressure to proper tenderization. Of course, make sure that the golf ball is clean and neat since you’re using it on food.

Tablecloth Weight

If you’re having an outdoor picnic or event, you need something to hold down the weight of the table cloth. One of the best things to do is use your golf balls to prevent the tablecloth from blowing away. Golf balls weigh about 46 grams or 1.62 ounces which is enough to keep your tablecloth down.


Due to the size and weight of a golf ball, they have been proven to be great for massages, especially for the arches and soles of your feet. Whether you’re sitting in a chair all day long or on your feet a lot, tension is bound to build throughout your body. You can have a partner use your old golf balls to rub the soles of your feet or any spot where you can feel knots or tension built up. A lot of the tight spots and pain can be relieved simply by rolling a golf ball in these areas.

What To Do With Old Golf Balls – Final Thoughts

Golf balls can be a significant expense, especially when added up over time. Also, golf is considered quite a luxury for most people. Many people who play golf tend to have a higher than the average median income. Therefore, donating them will help those who are less fortunate. Who knows, maybe a child will discover their passion for golf because of your kind donation! Or you can simply sell them or use them in all kinds of unique ways.