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Golfing requires standing in the hot sun for hours at a time. It’s quite normal for golfers to pack a few cold beers or other beverages to drink while it’s another golfer’s turn. Unfortunately, it’s way too inconvenient to carry an actual cooler around an entire 18-hole golf course. Luckily, with the invention of modern technology, golf bag manufacturers have designed their bags to include built-in coolers. In this article, we’ll list the best golf bags with a built-in cooler.

In a hurry? These are our top picks.
Callaway Golf Org14 Golf Bag – Our Recommendation
Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag – Good Value

Top 7 Golf Bags With Built-In Coolers

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Golf Bag

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag
  • 14-Way top with full-length individual dividers
  • 8 total pockets
  • Removable insulated cooler bag holds four 12-ounce cans
  • Soft-grip oversized putter well for oversized grip
  • Ergonomic single shoulder strap with strap holder

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We like the Bag Boy Chiller Cart Golf Bag because they have a removable insulated cooler bag included. Most golf bags only have a pouch dedicated for insulation. The bag is removable and holds up to six 12-ounce cans.

The bag also checks off other important criteria like durability, storage space, and lightweight construction. It comes with a 15-way top divider and a rubberized putter well to secure your golf bags and protect them from damage.

This cart bag comes with nine zippered pockets, an oversized ball pocket, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and two large apparel pockets. We also like the extra features such as their pen and divot tool holder along with soft grip lift-assist handles. This bag comes with all of the space and protection you need to ensure you can bring every essential golf-related gear onto the course.

  • Features nine zippered pockets, including two large apparel pockets
  • Comes with a removable insulated cooler bag
  • It has a soft-grip lift assist handle for easy carrying
  • The cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans
  • Top-Lock technology to conveniently attach the bag to golf cart
  • It doesn’t include straps

Ping Pioneer Golf Bag

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If you’re tired of your golf bags falling apart from holding too much stuff, you should check out the Ping Pioneer golf bag. The dividers have anti-flex walls, and the bag is constructed with high-impact propylene material for maximum protection, preventing your golf clubs from getting damaged. It has rubberized bottom fits, so you can easily secure them on any pushcarts of motorized carts. If you decide to carry them around, there are also molded lift handles or shoulder straps for easy transport.

There is also a large cooler pocket to store your drinks refreshed. It’s great for golfers who need a snack after a long 18-course game. The bag offers eight zippered pockets and two spacious apparel pockets. For items that should be protected against water, there’s a velour-lined water-resistant pocket to hold your phone and wallet. It also has other small pockets like an umbrella pouch, magnetic pocket, zip-off ball pocket, and accessory pouches.

  • Cooler section able to hold ice packs
  • It fits six 12 ounce cans
  • It has 14 total pockets, including an oversized apparel pocket
  • Includes pen holder and velcro strap
  • The zip off-ball pocket is customizable
  • It doesn’t include a drain hole for condensation or built-up moisture

TaylorMade Supreme Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Cart Bag, Black/Red
  • Bag Features: 14 way top, 7 pockets, multi material construction, over sized front facing pockets, velour lined valuables pocket, and over sized putter well

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For those who typically use pushcarts, the TaylorMade Supreme Golf Bag is worth considering. If you’re looking for a bag to carry around on your shoulder, then this one isn’t for you. Compared to other cart bags with built-in coolers, it’s relatively affordable and functional. The bag has five different color schemes to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your taste.

The bag includes a 15-way divider to hold your clubs and ten compartments to hold your other golf-related gear. Since these dividers are full length, the clubs won’t get stuck among each other. Their pockets are insulated with drain ports so you can snag a few beverages in your bag and keep it cool.

We found the bag to be incredibly high quality and well made. It is made from a 600D polyester material that is fade-resistant and water-resistant. This ensures your bag can withstand wear and tear along with weather conditions. On top of that, there’s a one year warranty included.

  • Integrated grab handle and oversized integrated putter keeps golf clubs secure
  • Comes with tower ring and rain cover for protection
  • Includes five front pockets for easy access to your on-course essentials
  • It only weighs 6.84 pounds making it easy to carry around
  • Insulated pockets to store food and drinks
  • More expensive than other golf bags

Callaway Golf Org14 Golf Bag

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The Callaway Golf Org14 Golf Bag is one of the most durable and high-quality bags on the market. Personally, we like the sleek design of the bag. It comes with a combination of either black, titanium, and white or navy, white and red. Both are extremely stylish, and there is a Callaway logo printed on the front of the bag.

This bag ensures that all of your golf gear stays safe and protected. It has more storage space than any other bag we’ve seen. Callaway Org14 comes with a 14-way divider system and 19 different pockets! It includes two insulated cooler pockets, so you’ll be able to store even more drinks.

We also like how the bag includes two molded grab handles for you to easily transport the bag. If you use pushcarts, the bag has an E-trolley lip and base to secure it on any cart.

  • Includes a 14-way divider system to hold your clubs
  • It has 19 different pockets to hold your essentials
  • It offers two insulated cooler pockets to keep your beverages cold
  • Easy to transport since it weighs only five pounds
  • Bag is water-resistant
  • Some users complain about the zippers

The Bucket II Collegiate Cooler Cart Bag

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Want to rock your favorite college team? The Bucket II Collegiate Cooler Cart Bag offers a variety of college school designs. Choose from popular collegiate schools such as North Carolina Tar Heels, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, and much more. The bag is designed with the school’s vibrant colors including team print and logo on the bag.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of the bag, it’s very functional as well. This bag comes with a useful insulated thermal-lined pocket to hold six 12-cans. It also has room to hold ice, so you can keep all of your beverages nice and cold for a long time. The pocket also includes an integrated drainage hole so you can get rid of any melted ice.

As far as storage, the bag includes a 14-way top divider along with a front putter well so you can hold all of your irons in one place. There are all sorts of other pockets as well. This includes an oversized towel ring, pen sleeve, rangefinder pocket, apparel pockets, accessory pocket, ball pocket, and velour-lined valuable pockets.

  • Includes a 14-way divider to hold your golf clubs
  • It comes with two large apparel pockets
  • Cooler pocket comes with built-in drains
  • Carry strap is padded for comfort when carrying
  • The base is broad and stable
  • The strap is a little short

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top (G3 Black)
  • Club Management Design Top- Molded 14 Way Top Organizer protects irons from damage as well as keeping clubs from rattling/clanging and making noise. Each iron, wood, and putter has it’s own dedicated spot so you will always find the club you need quickly and notice when a club is missing. The putter spot accepts larger grips up to 1 ¾” in diameter
  • High Quality lightweight construction – This cart bag comes with a large, reinforced and sturdy base and several handles to make lifting your clubs out of the trunk and onto your cart a breeze. The bag comes with 2 integrated side grab handles and a bottom handle built into the cooler pocket. It also has a rear grab handle and a tuck away padded carry strap. The Cart Bag also includes a strap channel to secure your bag and clubs to your cart.
  • Equipped with 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets for ample storage for all your gear and accessories- Includes an insulated cooler pocket with drains to keep your favorite on course beverage cool, 2 additional front/ball pockets, 2 front side mesh pockets, 2 long side expandable pockets for bulky rain gear and shoes, 2 side velour lined pockets for valuables, and 2 additional side pockets.
  • Plenty of add on features to make your time on the course more enjoyable and easy to manage- The bag includes an external tee holder, an umbrella holder, a D clip to clip on golf towels and range finders, a glove holder, and snap on rain hood.
  • This bag comes with a full 12 month warranty from Founders Club and the assurance of dealing with a US based golf company that has been around since 1990.

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Whether you usually drive a cart or walk around with your irons, the Founders Club premium cart bag is extremely versatile. It includes all of the features you’d want from a high-quality golf bag. It includes a 14-way top divider with anti-rattle technology, two side handles, a lined valuables pocket, and an insulated cooler pocket.

The anti-rattle technology divides and locks your clubs in place to prevent them from rattling while you’re moving and crashing against each other. With other bags, your irons may get dinged up just from travel. The slots have a protective rubberized slot material to provide a soft cushion for each club. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your golf clubs aren’t damaged, especially when riding on any type of bumpy terrain. The slots fit up to 0.5″ graphite shafts and 1.5″ steel shafts.

We also like how the insulated pocket has a lining that drains liquid such as condensation and melted ice to keep your beverages cold. The bag comes with a total of 11 pockets, including nine zippered and two mesh. There are two big pockets designed for holding rangefinders and apparel. In addition, you’ll find tons of small front pockets to store small items such as golf balls, tees, scorecards, keys, wallets, and anything else you might want to bring on the course.

  • Includes a cooler pouch
  • The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty
  • Plenty of storage space
  • It has an innovative rubber 14-way top club divider
  • Offers a D-clip to hold rangefinders and golf towels
  • The smaller pockets seem shallow

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag Black/Charcoal Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag
185 Reviews
Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag Black/Charcoal Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag
  • 14-Way top with full-length Individual dividers
  • 8 total pockets
  • Removable insulated cooler bag holds four 12-ounce cans
  • Soft-grip oversized putter well for oversized grip
  • Ergonomic single shoulder strap with strap holder
  • Sport type: Golf

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The bag boy golf chiller is a hybrid between a cart bag and a stand bag. This is ideal for golfers who typically enjoy using a pushcart but may need to walk around with their clubs, such as a driving range. The base and legs are sturdy, so you can set them down without falling.

We love the storage space that the bag comes with. It has a 14-way top anti-rattle design to prevent your golf clubs from rattling inside and ensure that you won’t damage any of your clubs over time. For individuals who carry putters with larger grips, they have a specific oversized putter well to carry them. It also comes with eight zippered pockets, including two oversized garment pouches to hold apparel.

The Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand bag comes with a handy insulated cooler bag with four 12-ounce cans. It’s removable, so you can carry it separately as well. For carrying, it comes with an ergonomically designed single shoulder strap.

  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only 6.5 pounds
  • Anti-rattle design to prevent clubs from damaging
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Large snacks and drinks cooler
  • Includes 14-way top divider and eight pockets to hold your golf gear
  • Some customers believe the strap slips when carrying

What to Look For In a Golf Bag

There are so many golf bags with built-in coolers that finding the one that suits your needs can be difficult. It’s best to know what features you’re looking for in advance so that you can easily filter out the bags that aren’t a good fit. Golf bags with built-in coolers are great because they don’t require carrying an extra cooler, bulky to transport. The insulation pockets also ensure that you have easy access to your food and drinks. However, they also conceal your drinks, so it’s not obvious that you’re carrying around drinks if alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed on the course.


The weather conditions are unpredictable, and the golf course may be different than what you had expected. A golf bag should have plenty of storage to hold your clubs, golf balls, tees, water bottles, umbrellas, rain gear, apparel, range finder, and other golf gear you might need. A full-fledged golf bag should have a 14-way top organizer to hold a set of golf clubs and nine pockets to hold accessories. There should be different types of pockets, such as various sizes of apparel pockets, meshed pockets, and velour-lined pockets.

Easy to Transport

You may not have access to a golf cart all the time; therefore, your golf bag should be lightweight. Ideally, look for bags under 8 pounds since you have to factor in the weight of golf clubs and accessories. Not to mention carrying the beverages you’ll be adding on. Tiring yourself out from carrying golf bags can affect your golf performance too. Even if it’s lightweight, it can still be cumbersome to carry around. You want to find golf bags with a shoulder strap and a cart pass-thru strap to help you transport the bag easier.

Water Resistant or Rain Protection

A waterproof bag or one that offers a rain protection cover helps to ensure that your items won’t be soaked if it pours in the middle of a game. You may have electronics such as your phone or a rangefinder that aren’t waterproof. Some bags will come with a rain cover to place over the bag to ensure it doesn’t get wet.

Built-in Cooler 

Built-in coolers are much more convenient than golf bags than come with a separate cooler bag. This saves you from purchasing an extra cooler bag on the side. These built-in coolers should be able to fit a pack of six 12-ounce cans or a handful of water bottles to keep your drinks cold, especially during blazing-hot summer days.

Ideally, you want to find a cooler that has a drain hole so that the water from melted ice or the condensation can leave the bag without soaking anything else. However, at the bare minimum, you should have a removable bag so that you may discharge any excess liquid. Built-in coolers are great because some golf courses have rules against bringing in food or drinks because they want to entice golfers to use their amenities instead. This means they might not allow you to bring separate cooler bags. But, built-in cooler bags often hide your drinks away from others to see.


Golf bags with standard features typically range between $50 to $150, which is relatively inexpensive. However, full-fledged golf bags with a 14-way divider top, lightweight construction, and a built-in cooler will cost about $150 to $300. Finding high-quality golf bags is worth the investment. Lower quality bags won’t last you for very long and won’t store all of the items you need.

Best Golf Bag With Cooler – Final Thoughts

We believe that Callaway Org14 is the best golf bag with cooler. It includes two spacious cooler pockets to hold your drinks. It also comes with 19 pockets and a 14-way divider system, so you can fit all of the iron and golf gear you need on the course. Not to mention, the bag is quite stylish and looks very high-end compared to a standard golf bag.

We hoped our golf bag review has helped you find one that fits your needs. A built-in cooler can be a lifesaver, especially on hot days. Investing in a high-quality golf bag is essential to protecting your clubs and will ensure it lasts a long time.

Bestseller No. 1
ASK ECHO T-Lock Golf Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top, Premium Cart Bag with Handles and Rain Cover for Men (Grey)
  • 【14-WAY ORGANIZER DIVIDER TOP】T-Lock 14 Way Organizer Divider Top with soft molded handle, can holds all the clubs you need, protects your clubs, and as well as keeping from rattling/clanging. Included oversized putter well (2.2 * 2.52 inches ) - can hold large sized grips
  • 【EXTRA STORAGE SPACE】12 pockets – including 1 pockets on the front can be removed for embroidery personalization, 2 full length for Apparel, 2 Waterproof velour-lined valuables pockets,2 additional side pockets for shoes, 2 mesh pockets, and 1 ball pocket(can hold 24 golf balls), 1 insulated cooler pocket with drains(can hold 8 bottles of 12 oz cans),1 External pocket. Plenty of pockets for all your gear and golf accessories
  • 【FEATURES】Rain hood included, 2 Towel ring & glove holder, 2 Handle at top side for easy-lifting, 6 Tee holder & pen sleeve and 1 Umbrella string. It has a rear grab handle and a padded single shoulder strap. ASK ECHO also includes a strap channel to secure your bag and clubs to your cart
  • 【MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION】Organization and durability combine to form the ASK ECHO Select Cart Bag. The plastic base is designed to make sure the bag stands on the grass by itself
  • 【SIZE】8.8Ib / 4.0Kg
Bestseller No. 2
UNIHIMAL Golf Cart Bag, 15 Way Organizer Divider Top with Handles and Rain Cover (Grey)
  • Versatile Segmentation: The UNIHIMAL golf cart bag comes with 15 separate compartments , effortlessly organizing and safeguarding your golf clubs. This ensures easy access while preventing collision damage.
  • Rain Protection: Equipped with a dedicated rain cover, shielding your golf clubs and equipment from rainwater intrusion, ensuring top-notch club quality even in damp weather.
  • Comfortable Portability: Designed with user-friendly handles, easily carried and placed on a golf cart, enabling seamless movement and operation on the course.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from robust materials, it's long-lasting with excellent abrasion resistance, guaranteeing prolonged durability and protection for your golf gear.
  • Ample Storage Capacity: Besides the 15 compartments, extra storage pockets provide additional space, convenient for carrying golf apparel, shoes, gloves, and other essentials.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Henoty Golf Stand Bag 14 Way Top Dividers Ergonomic, Lightweight Golf Stand Bag with Stand 8 Pockets, Cooler Pouch, Dust Cover, Backpack Strap and Top Dividers
  • [Spacious Bag with 14 Way Top Dividers] - Molded 14 Way Top Organizer protects irons from damage as well as keeping clubs from rattling/clanging. Each iron, wood, and putter has its own dedicated spot.
  • [Extraordinary Durability] - High density material features splash-proof, rip-stop and durable. It has classy looks, long lifespan and good performance. All in all, it would be an ideal update for your old one or starters who does not know how to choose a golf bag.
  • [Large Storage Capacity] - Equipped with 5 zippered pockets, 2 mesh pockets and 1 additional front/ball pockets for ample storage for all your gear and accessories. The bag has 8 extra pockets for safe storage of golf accessories.
  • [Stable Kickstand for Extraordinary Performance] - Size:15*35.4*11 inch. It can stand stably on the stand or the PP bottom. Spare all your time and energy on golf!
  • [60 Days 100% Satisfaction] - If you are not 100% satisfied with this product for any reason, please contact customer service within 60 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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