Do Golf Irons Lose Distance Over Time?

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You may be wondering about the impact the condition of your irons has on your gameplay? Perhaps you are simply wondering if golf irons lose distance over time? In this article, we will look at whether golf irons lose distance over a period of time and what causes a golf iron to lose distance. Make sure that you read the article to the very end in order to make sure that you know everything there is to know about golf irons losing distance over time!

Are old golf irons still good for use?

The answer to the question of whether old golf irons are still fit for purpose really does come down to the condition they are in and how well they have been looked after over the course of their lifetime. If the golf clubs have been heavily used, for example, used by a golfer who golfs three times a week and spends hours on the range, the golf clubs would be more likely to be unfit for purpose than the golf clubs of a golfer who golfs on a monthly basis and religiously looks after their set of golf clubs.

How often should golf irons be replaced?

As mentioned earlier in the article, it will really come down to the golf clubs in question. The materials they are made of and the condition they are in will play a huge part in helping you decide when it is time to replace the set of golf clubs! Many golfers may find that they use certain golf clubs more often than other golf clubs; therefore, it is likely that the golf clubs being used more often will have a greater need for replacement. If the set in question holds a sentimental value to the golfer, it may be possible for a repair to be made to the golf club in certain circumstances. Signs that your golf clubs are about ready to be replaced would be severe wear and tear to the golf club face, damage to the clubface, and shaft damage such as bends and minor rust patches.

Do golf irons go dead?

As mentioned earlier in the article, under the right circumstances, it is possible golf clubs can become damaged or defected beyond repair. Whilst for the vast majority of golfers, in particularly casual golfers who take to the course less often, provided they are well looked after and maintained golf clubs can last for many years! On the other hand, if you go to the course a lot and spend hours out at the range, then it is most likely your golf clubs will go dead sooner due to the additional use – as with all things, the more you use it, the more it will wear down!


So as we have discovered in this article, the age of a set of golf clubs is nowhere near as important as the condition that they are in! Golf clubs that are stored in the right conditions and don’t get used so often have the potential to last many years, whereas clubs that see a lot of use would be more likely to be in need of replacement sooner, simply down to the fact they are being used more often! Whether you buy clubs new or old, the most important part will be good maintenance of the set as a well looked after set has a much higher likelihood of lasting longer also! Be sure to check out our other articles on golf irons, including How to clean your golf irons, in order to be sure you are maintaining your set of golf clubs to a high standard and help prevent damage to your golf clubs!