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Golfers across the world are always looking for ways to optimise their game. For some, it’s finding new clubs to add to their set of golf equipment; for others, it’s getting out on the course as much as possible and practising. However, there is one way that golfers can make improvements in their game without doing anything: wearing a glove.

The best gloves will keep your hands dry while also providing grip during a swing. They’re designed with material like leather or fabric, so they don’t slip when wet and provide an excellent grip before contact.

Many golfers prefer to use gloves when they are swinging the club. This is not only for the best grip, but also for protection of their hands. In most cases, a golfer must wear a glove on both hands so that their swing will be more fluid and balanced. However, what kind of glove should you wear if it’s raining? Here are some best golf gloves for rain!

In a hurry? These are our top picks.
FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black
Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves
FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves Men With Ball Marker Grip Performance
BG Spandex Golf Gripping Gloves For Men
Amy Sport Golf Gloves Weathersof No Sweat All Weather Grips
Callaway Golf Men’s Opti Grip Wet Condition Golf Glove

FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black Medium/Large, Pair
  • QUICK-DRY COMFORT - The Quirky II knit material along the back of the fingers, assures optimum breathability, flexibility and quick-drying comfort.
  • BALLMARKER - A removable ball marker offers golfers a quick and easy solution to mark their ball.
  • SOLD IN PAIRS - FJ Rain Grip gloves are sold in pairs.
  • PRECISE FIT - The angled Comfortable closure is strategically positioned for a precise fit and stress-free comfort.
  • WET-WEATHER GRIP - The auto suede knit palm provides an unmatched grip in wet or humid conditions, conforming to both your hand and club for a secure grip and maximum control.

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Made of spandex, polyester and suede, this golf glove comes in black colour to ensure you stay sleek on your game. And a knitted material around the back of the fingers ensures maximum ventilation and flexibility for rapid drying comfort. Additionally, it has a detachable ball marker, so golfers can mark their balls quickly and easily.

This glove also features an auto suede knit palm that provides unrivalled grip in damp or humid conditions by adapting to both your hand and your club for a solid grip and optimum control. With its anatomically shaped comfortable closure, it provides a perfect fit and stress-free comfort while on the golf course.

Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves (2-Pack) (Standard, Small, 2019)
4,509 Reviews
Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves (2-Pack) (Standard, Small, 2019)
  • Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm - Improved Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell - Repels Water & Provides Wind Protection
  • Opti Therm Thermal Fleece Inner Lining - Keeps Hands Warm
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure - Thin, Light & Secure Fit

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Made of synthetic material, this golf glove will surely help you with your golf game on rain. This best golf glove for rain is made of synthetic material to ensure that it can withstand the cold. It has a sleek design on the back with knitted patterns to keep your hand warm and dry, which will also allow you to have an easier time gripping your club in wet conditions.

Sometimes it can be hard to grip the ball with your hands in wet conditions, but a new development from Callaway promises to make that easier. The Digitised Synthetic Leather Palm aims for improved gripping of the ball when moisture is added into the equation, making sure you don’t lose control of how well you’re able-bodied.

It has an Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell that provides protection against both wind and water. The outer layer is made of microfibers which repel any liquids that come into contact with them that makes it an ideal shield for when you’re out on the fields during a rainy day. Not only will this product protect you but being dry might also help to keep you warm along with its other feature the Opti Thermal Fleece Inner Lining.

FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves Men with Ball Marker Grip Performance

FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves Men with Ball Marker Grip Performance 1 Pair, Cold Weather Windproof Waterproof Size Samll Medium ML Large XL
  • WINTER WARM GOLF GLOVES SOLD IN PAIR: This Finger Ten Winter Windproof Golf Gloves are Sold in Pair(Left and Right);
  • EXTRA DESIGN WITH THE BALL MARKER: Every Pair Golf Gloves has A Ball Marker on 1 Pcs Glove Back; For Your Convenient Ball Marker In Cold Weather;
  • HIGH QUALITY WINDPROOF AND SNOWPROOF MATERIAL: The Back Material Use High Quality Windproof and Snowproof Microfiber Fleece, Which Retain Warmth and Resist Cold Wind; The Palm Use Suede Microfiber 3D Pattern, Prodiving Soft Feel and Secure Grip in Cold Weather Condition;
  • OPTI FIT ADJUSTABLE CLOSURE: The Adjustable Closure Will Keep the Secure Fit with Perforations for Your Better Cold Weather Grip Performance;
  • NO RISK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: ALL Finger Ten Products Are Eligible For Amazon 30 Days Return And Change Policy. Finger Ten Aims To Make All Our Customers 100% Satisfied.

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Designed to keep hands warm and dry, these gloves are made with high-quality materials that will not let the wet rain or cold snow in. With a patented ‘grip’ palm feature for easy handling of clubs even when wearing bulky winter gear, golfers can play their favourite sport from spring through fall without fear.

This golf glove is made of suede material so it will not cause blisters when playing. Suede is a natural and breathable fabric, and has a thickness that sits between being stiffer than leather but softer than polyester. It’s pliable enough to roll up for storage, yet tough enough to withstand repeated rounds on the course or driving range

And this glove’s feature the Opti fit adjustable closure will keep your glove tight and secure in the wet weather. With perforations for better grip performance, you’re ready to take on whatever rain throws at you!

BG Spandex Golf Gripping Gloves for Men

BG Bender Golf Glove | Wear On Left | (Gray, Mens Small)
655 Reviews
BG Bender Golf Glove | Wear On Left | (Gray, Mens Small)
  • REINFORCED WITH CABRETTA LEATHER: This glove is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality to aid in your golf performance; It features a soft Cabretta leather palm that makes gripping easier than ever; Cabretta leather is made from the skins of sheep that grow hair rather than wool, which makes it tougher and more textured for your use
  • COOL COLORS & PATTERNS: Add a little pizzazz to your game with these unique and eye-catching golf gloves; We offer a huge variety to suit your personality and to match your attire; Some of our colors include maroon, blue, orange, navy, green, pink, and red, with some of our designs including plaid, camo, flames, and more; We have something that will appeal to all types of men
  • BREATHABLE & MOISTURE WICKING: The lightweight, waterproof material that these golf gloves are made of allow you to sweat without making your hands feel hot, wet, or trapped; Their moisture-wicking technology works to help you remain cool, dry, and comfortable in rain or shine, no matter how long you decide to stay out on the golf course
  • ABOUT BENDERGLOVES: Are you sick of seeing the same old black or white gloves with brown belts out on the golf course? We are, too; That's why we added a little fun to the world of golf with these brightly colored golf gloves that can match your shirt, hat, or pants; We also offer colorful golf belts and arm sleeves that are small in price but make a huge statement on the course

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The best gloves for golf are not just the ones that match your outfit but also the one’s you’ll be efficient in. If it isn’t a black glove, maybe try something more unique like neon pink to make sure everyone will see what shot you’re about to take!

The fabric that these golf gloves has the perfect amount of durability to maintain its integrity during a long game. The lightweight and waterproof material helps you stay cool, dry, and comfortable in any weather condition.

Designed with the flexibility you need to stay at the top of your game, this pair is crafted from 4-way stretch Spandex and promises a snug fit that moves as you grip or swing. The gloves can withstand both crosswise stretching and lengthwise movement without jeopardising their proclaimed size!

This glove is perfect for anyone who enjoys golf. It has a Cabretta leather palm so the grip will always be smooth, and it’s comfortable too!

This soft yet tough Cabretta leather glove can make gripping your club easier than ever — you’ll never have to worry about slipping again with this sturdy accessory on hand.

Amy Sport Golf Gloves Weathersof No Sweat All Weather Grips

Amy Sport Golf Gloves Women Left Hand Right All Weather Rain Grip Value 2 Pack, Ladies Soft Pink Glove Lh Rh Both Hand Fit Size Small Medium Large XL
567 Reviews
Amy Sport Golf Gloves Women Left Hand Right All Weather Rain Grip Value 2 Pack, Ladies Soft Pink Glove Lh Rh Both Hand Fit Size Small Medium Large XL
  • Develop Your Pro Grip Perform in All Weather Conditions: A Best Choice for Daily Practice in All Weather. Printed Palm for Additional Grip and Better Club Control. For GOLFERS WHO HAVE MORE SWEAT IN HOT WEATHER, TRY THIS ONE. It Will Develop Your Performance in More Sweat and No Slip at All;
  • Quality Material and Cool Comfort Design: THE High Quality 3D Performance Back Material, Provides Perfect Fit and Flexibility. Breathable Elasticized Pink Spandex along the Fingers and Knuckles Creates Cool Comfort While Adding Breathability;
  • Glove Worn on Left Hand or Right Hand in Size S M L XL Available: Please Check the Attached Picture for Hand Orientation. Worn on Your Left Hand for Right-Handed Golfer, Worn on Your Right Hand for Left-Handed Golfer. The Sizes Conform with USA Regular Sizes. No Misunderstanding, Happy Purchase;
  • Well Packaged 2 Pack: You Will Receive the Product Packaged Well in Good Condition. Each Glove Will be Put in a Small Bag at First and Then put Into the Paper Package. Double Protection.

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Available in all sizes, this golf glove will perfectly fit whatever the size of your hand is. These gloves are the perfect way to stay comfortable in wet weather. It has unbeatable grip and quick drying comfort, so you can play any game without worrying about getting too cold or damp!

This golf glove is so lightweight that you will forget it’s on your hand! This high quality 3D performance mesh provides a perfect fit and solves moisture wicking. These gloves are made to be breathable, very flexible, and prevent slipping when they get wet from water or excessive sweat.

Callaway Golf Men’s Opti Grip Wet Condition Golf Glove

Callaway Golf Opti Grip Glove (2-Pack) (Both Hands, Standard, Small)
949 Reviews
Callaway Golf Opti Grip Glove (2-Pack) (Both Hands, Standard, Small)
  • Microfiber Suede Full Palm - Enhanced Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Opti Flex Material - Premium Fit, Feel and Increased Flexibility
  • X-Spann Material Between Fingers - Moisture Wicking, Breathability & Flexibility
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure - Thin, Light & Secure Fit
  • Stretch Binding Cuff - Secure Feel & Moisture Absorption

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The Callaway Golf Glove is something that will provide you with a great grip of the ball. This glove also protects your hand from painful blisters and calluses, giving you peace-of-mind on the green.

The perfect golf partner for any player! The synthetic leather material provides enhanced durability and better performance than other gloves made out of cotton or mesh cloth; while protecting against possible injuries to both hands by reducing friction, which in turn reduces chances of blistering or developing ingrown nails due to overuse.

With its Microfiber Suede Full Palm feature, you’ll find yourself gripping this glove tighter when it’s wet out because of the super soft suede palm that discourages slipping. And the Opti Flex Material offers a premium fit and feel as well increased flexibility in your golf glove. It has proven to be one of the best materials on the market today!

The Stretch Binding Cuff is designed to provide a secure fit with your golf glove that will stop any moisture on the hands from seeping into the gloves.

How to choose the right golf glove for rain

Know the type of rain you’ll be playing in

What type of rain are you experiencing — light, moderate, heavy? t is best to have an idea on how heavy the rain will be so you can pick a golf glove that’s based on it. If the rain is just light, then you may use your common gloves, but if you will be playing in a heavy rain, buying a golf gloves that designed for wet weather is the best option.

Consider your grip on the club and how it might change with a glove

By now, you must be familiar with the type of grip you have if you are playing for a longtime already. Consider how your grip type will be affected if you are going to change your golf glove. Would it make it better or worse? Will you still be able to have a good grip on your club with it or will the best golf glove for rain make it worse?

Determine what material is best for your needs

Do you need leather, synthetic, or both? The type of material that’s used in your golf glove affects your grip on the club.

The best golf glove for rain is a type of gloves that designed to keep your hands dry in wet weather. A waterproof material such as leather, synthetic or rubber will be stretchy and give you more grip while a non-waterproof material like cotton won’t because it’s not pliable and can get clogged with.

Choose between a right-handed or left-handed golf glove based on where you wear it on your hand

Not all golf players are the same, but every difference is given the opportunity to play and excel. There are golf gloves that’s made specifically for left and right-handed players. You know what’s perfect for you so pick the best one for you!***

Consider your dexterity with the gloves on

Does it affect the movement of your finers? Can you still move them freely? Rather than protecting your hands from getting wet, you must also ensure that it does not affect your game play.

As a golfer, you need to stay focused on the ball and avoid distractions like having wet hands or gloves that prevent proper hand movement. You also want to make sure it’s easy to grip the club without slipping in case of water droplets.

Things to consider before purchasing a golf glove for rain

1. Consider waterproofing and breathability

What you are trying to protect is that moisture will not seep to your hands to ensure that you can still grip the club.

The best golf glove for rain is a waterproof, breathable glove that will keep your hands dry and enable you to continue playing without having to take any breaks. This is important because it could potentially affect your game and the other people you play with.

2. Consider golf glove that a silicon grip on the palm and fingers

This feature will give you more control over your club so you won’t have to worry about keeping your hands dry from sweat and rain water. The best golf gloves for rain also have other features, such as ventilation to allow air into the fingers and palms so you don’t sweat too much. Another important feature is grip control on the palm and fingertips which gives you more responsiveness when swinging at balls.

3. Pick golf gloves that has better fir so it will better protect your hands

If the golf glove you’ve picked isn’t the right size for your hand, you may suffer from blisters and calluses, which are factors that can affect your performance on the links.

4. Consider the material

Leather is a great choice for rain because it’s durable and breathable. For long-lasting grip and a bit of bling, golfers go with leather gloves. Synthetic materials are also popular since they’re quick drying and can withstand all weather conditions.

5. Consider the colour

It is important for golfers to consider the colour of their gloves before they buy them. Gloves are often white, black, pink or blue and it’s worth considering what you want your hands to look like as well as which colours will show up best on a green course during different times in the day so that there aren’t any potential problems with visibility for yourself or anyone else playing nearby. But darker colours will help prevent stains from showing up especially on rainy season.

6. Choose your style

The best way to figure out which style suits you would be by looking at how much time you spend playing golf every week: if this number is above three times per month then go ahead and purchase one of the high quality models as quickly as possible since most users report wearing them down after just six months or so; otherwise pick up

Best Golf Glove For Rain – Conclusion

The rain is coming down and your game has been on point. You’ve never had a glove that could keep up with you until now. With the right golf gloves, you can play in any weather condition without sacrificing gameplay or grip strength. Whether it’s for protection from the elements or to help prevent blisters, make sure you have what it takes when rain threatens your next round of golfing fun by making a purchase today!

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