Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

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Wearing the right pair of golf shoes is the difference between an amazing day on the course and a painful, unsuccessful one. You wouldn’t skimp out on your health by buying low-quality products that only last a few rounds, so don’t do that when it comes to your feet.

The best women’s golf shoes for wide feet are tough to find – but we did some research and found the top golf shoes you should try!

Best Women Golf Shoes for Wide Feet – Our Top Picks

Adidas Women’s Climacool

adidas Women's Climacool CAGE Golf Shoe, core Black/FTWR White/Grey six, 7 M US
  • Lace closure
  • Lightweight Cloudfoam sockliner with soft-touch lining and our Puremotion outsole
  • Mesh upper
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ventilated Climacool and FilmFrame polyurethane lateral stability weld in midfoot

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The Adidas Women’s w Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoe is a great option for those who have wide feet. The shoe has an extra-wide toe box that will keep your toes from being squished and uncomfortable, while the heel cup provides stability to help you walk comfortably on uneven terrain (like golf courses). It also features breathable mesh uppers with synthetic overlays in high wear areas so they’ll last longer than other shoes out there!

Another impressive aspect of this women’s golf shoe is that it fits most feet and arches well. Adidas went the extra mile to accommodate wider ankles with their Cloudfoam–a light but responsive midsole material found in other leading golf shoes for people with wider foot profiles.

Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe

adidas Women's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Clear/Grey, 5 M US
  • Microfiber leather upper with climastorm water resistant protection from the elements
  • Cloud foam insole provides ultra-light cushioning and comfort
  • 6-spike thintech outsole with adiwear for long-lasting abrasion resistance and traction
  • Tour performance last specifically-designed to be wider in the forefoot for improved fit, feel and overall comfort
  • New low profile thintech exp cleat offers improved stability, traction, durability, and green friendliness

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These golf shoes are great for wide feet. The Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe is designed with a wider toe box and heel cup for stability. The shoe also has an Adiwear outsole that provides you with the traction to walk comfortably on any surface.

The shoes sport a whole bunch of features, including the use of faux leather, which provides high-tensile and tear strength. Additionally, they boast low friction from their microfiber design with Climastorm technology.

PUMA Women’s Ignite Spikeless

PUMA Women's Ignite Spikeless Sport WMNS Golf Shoe, Gray Violet Silver-Royal Purple, 10.5 Medium US
  • Ignite Foam
  • 1 Year Waterproof
  • Performance Mesh & Premium Leather Upper
  • GripZone Traction
  • Fusion Foam

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With the release of the PUMA Ignite, the brand wants to make a mark in new categories such as golf shoes. The shoe is appealing for female athletes specifically because it’s designed with wide arches and enhances flexibility and traction on muddy surfaces.

The mesh textile upper of these shoes offers a durable way to be on your feet all day, while the leather creates an even more comfortable feel. The shoe’s Ignite foam insole makes it comfy for long periods and will keep you feeling flexed no matter what. If that wasn’t enough, its compression-molded EVA sock liner enhances responsiveness over a broader area of the sole–giving you both comfort and traction when needed most!

Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

Skechers GO GOLF womens Walk Sport Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe, Black/Blue, 7.5 US
383 Reviews
Skechers GO GOLF womens Walk Sport Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe, Black/Blue, 7.5 US
  • Athletic, lightweight, lace up design
  • Relaxed Fit design provides 2mm more width in the toe box
  • Spikeless, durable Resagrip traction outsole
  • Skechers Goga Max technology insole for high-rebound cushioning
  • Breathable upper

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Skechers is a newer brand to the golfing shoe world. They’re renowned for their comfort and style, so it’s no surprise that they’re also making a name for themselves in the golf shoe world.

The Go Golf Birdie is designed with wide arches to accommodate feet of all shapes or sizes while still providing plenty of room around your toes without sacrificing stability on uneven surfaces like grassy hillsides during playtime at home courses near you! They have an EVA sock liner which provides cushioning as well flexibility when walking through rough terrain such as their own backyard course (or any other). This model features Skechers’ patented Memory Foam technology throughout its construction – from heel-to-toe support right down into every inch between footbeds where arch supports are located; this makes them one heckuva comfortable pair of golf shoes!

Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport 2 Golf Shoe

adidas Women's W Adipure Sport 2.0 Golf Shoe
  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Lightweight heathered textile upper with polyurethane protective coating
  • Textile lining with a durable Adiwear, green-friendly spikeless outsole with Traxion lugs
  • Slow-resilient fit foam pillow sockliner

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The women’s Adipure sport 2 is a great golf shoe for wide feet. This shoe is designed with a wider toe box and heel to accommodate the needs of those who have larger or more muscular calves, as well!

The Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe has been created specifically in order that women can enjoy playing golf without any worries about their shoes not fitting properly; they are made from synthetic materials, which make them lightweight but also durable enough, so you don’t need replacements every few months – these will last through all your rounds on even surfaces!

These golf shoes are synthetic and the uppers are a light heathered textile with a protective polyurethane coating. The outsole is highly durable. The fit foam pillow sock liner adds to their comfort, as well as an insole of EVA midsole supports your feet.

Things to consider when choosing Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

It’s extremely important to choose the right golf shoes if you have wide feet.

The wrong shoes can cause pain, discomfort, and even injury. The right golf shoe will provide plenty of room around your toes without sacrificing stability on uneven surfaces. That’s why it’s crucial you find a pair that fits you correctly.

A good way to find the right golf shoe for your wide feet is by going into a store and trying on different pairs. You can also order online, but make sure you know what size shoes are best suited before ordering them!


Making sure your golf shoes fit properly is crucial. Give these steps a try before you decide to buy your golf shoes.

1) Try on the shoes in a store. This will allow you to see how they fit and feel before buying them online or from another retailer that doesn’t have your size available for tryouts!

2) To make sure the shoes fit correctly, you should make sure there is ample room around all of your toes. If not, then it’s time to find a new golf shoe that fits better!

There should be no pressure on the top or sides, and you shouldn’t feel like they’re too tight in any area either – including across both arches if possible (this may depend upon how wide-footed you may be). You want them snug enough so as longs as your feet don’t slide out when walking but loose-fitting for comfort purposes while playing rounds.

3) Pick a style that is more suited towards wider feet. These are typically made from a more flexible material such a mesh or stretchy leather. These seem to suit the needs of wider feet better.


Another thing to consider when buying your new golf shoes is waterproofing. This is especially important for those who live in a rainy climate or play golf on wet turf. It may be worth investing the extra money to get shoes that are waterproofed, as they can help keep your feet dry and comfortable during rounds of rain-golf (or any other time you might need them).


Durability is especially important when you are picking golf shoes. As typically you walk around 18-20 miles for a full round, durability needs to be taken into consideration.

This is especially true if you have wider feet: the width of your foot = more stress on shoe materials and construction which means they will wear out faster than shoes made specifically with narrow or regular-sized people in mind.


Style is also important when it comes to golf shoes. Traditionally, they have been more of a fashion statement than anything else because people would just wear whatever color and style shoe that most closely matched their clothes without much thought for the actual performance or useability aspect at all (aka wearing a pink dress with white running sneakers). With this in mind: if you’re playing competitively – pick something classic like black, but be careful- there are now tons of new colors available which can make your game harder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which golf shoes are better, spiked or spikeless?

This is a matter of preference. Some golfers prefer the grip that spikes provide, while others may not want to risk damaging their course’s greens or other surfaces with them on, and some courses prohibit spiked shoes altogether for this reason (although most don’t). Other people prefer using spikeless because they tend to have a more natural feel and are easier to walk in.

Will my golf shoes stretch over time?

This is something that can be true or false, depending on the type of shoe. Some shoes will stretch over time, and some won’t, so you should always try them out before buying to see if they fit your feet well enough for golfing purposes.

How should I clean my golf shoes?

Cleaning golf shoes is an easy process that can be done in a few different ways. The most common way is to use soap and water, but you could also buy shoe cleaner from the store or even just wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol if they’re really dirty (although this may not work as well).

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Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Wide Feet – Conclusion

So there you have it, finding golf shoes for a wider footed person can be tricky but not impossible! Hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect pair of shoes for your needs.

Best Women's Golf Shoes for Wide Feet | Our Top 5 Picks

The best women's golf shoes for wide feet are tough to find - but we did some research and found the top golf shoes you should try!

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