Can You Wash Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes are becoming one of the most popular golf accessories on the market today.

They love them and can’t live without them, but can you wash golf shoes? That’s the question we’re going to answer today. There are some things that come with owning a pair of sneakers or golf shoes that can make your life easier – like knowing how to clean and maintain them properly.

If you don’t take care of your footwear, they can become dirty quickly, which can lead to bacteria growth in the shoe creating foot problems such as Athlete’s Foot. So, if you want to keep your feet healthy, read on!

What are the benefits of washing your golf shoes

Helps last longer

Washing your golf shoes will help them last longer by removing the dirt, mud, and other debris that accumulates on the soles, thus prolonging how long your shoes can go before needing to be replaced.

Prevents build-up of bacteria and fungi on the shoe

Washing can prevent a build-up of common types of bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus on the soles, which can affect your feet when you wear them again.

Athlete’s Foot can also be prevented by washing your shoes as it can cause the shoe to start smelling bad.

Cleaning can help improve traction on the sole of your shoe

By removing dirt and debris, you can help increase your grip when walking as a result of better contact between the rubber sole and the ground. This can help you avoid slipping and injuring yourself.

Helps avoid blisters

Dirty golf shoes may also cause blisters or other foot problems. By cleaning them regularly, you can reduce the risk of these types of issues.

What can you do to clean your shoes?

What can you do to clean your shoes

There are a number of techniques that can be used for cleaning, depending on the type of shoe you have and how dirty it is. But here are the steps on how to do it properly:

Remove the laces

You have to remove the laces before cleaning your shoes because they can’t be washed with the rest of the shoe. Then, you can start to clean them by dipping a cloth into warm water and getting rid of any loose dirt or mud on them gently.

Use warm water for washing your shoes

When it comes to washing your shoes, always remember that warm water can do the job better than cold water.

Pre-treat any stains

If there are any tough stains on your shoes, you can pre-treat them by mixing warm water with a bit of dishwashing liquid and then applying it onto the stains before you wash the rest of your shoe. This can make getting rid of stubborn stains easier.

Wash the exterior of your shoe

Next, simply wash your dirty shoes using lukewarm water and some gentle soap. Make sure to remove all the dirt and mud from them to prevent any bacteria growth. You can use a brush if you have one, but make sure to use it carefully so that the shoe can’t get damaged.

Wash the interior of your shoes

It is important that the insides of the shoes are also washed, so use the same technique as the exterior. You can use a toothbrush for this purpose if there is any dirt or mud caked on them that can’t be removed by simply scrubbing with a cloth.

Rinse them thoroughly

After cleaning the exterior and any pre-treatment, rinse your shoes and let the water drain out completely. Once all the dirt and soap are gone, leave them to dry completely.

Dry your shoes properly

To get rid of any moisture in your golf shoes, you can use a towel to wipe them out before placing them beside a heater or some other source of heat. If you can’t do that, make sure to leave them somewhere where air can circulate and dry them up quickly.

Can you wash golf shoes in the washing machine?

Can you wash golf shoes in the washing machine

The answer is yes. You can wash your golf shoe in a washing machine but can’t use bleach or fabric softener because it can damage the materials used to make the shoe. Here’s how you can do it correctly:

Step 1 — Remove all dirt and debris from the golf shoes

It is important that all dirt is removed before you can wash your golf shoe. To do this, use a cloth to wipe out all the dirt and mud on them gently. This will ensure that the debris won’t clog your washing machine and won’t affect its function.

Step 2 — Add a small amount of detergent to cut through grease

To make sure that the dirt can be removed completely, add a small amount of detergent to the machine’s compartment and let it mix with water before you can start washing.

Step 3 — Put the golf shoes in an empty pillowcase (optional)

You can put your shoe inside an empty pillowcase so that they can’t get damaged when you wash them.

It can also prevent any internal damage from occurring to the washing machine.

Step 4 — Use the correct washing method a delicate wash is best

When it comes to washing your golf shoe, you can use a delicate wash with a gentle cycle.

Step 5 — Dry them thoroughly with a towel and let them air dry

After removing your shoes from the washing machine, wipe off any excess moisture using a towel and place them somewhere where there’s enough space for them to dry completely. You can also have it air dry so that it can dry up faster.

A golf shoe can be washed with soap and water by hand, or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with other items that are similarly stained. This will get the dirt stains out of your shoes if it’s any consolation!

Common mistakes when washing golf shoes 

Using too much soap

Never use bleach or any harsh detergent when washing your shoes. This can ruin the material of your shoe and can make them inflexible.

Not pre-treating stains before washing

It can be a hassle to get rid of slippery, dark, or dried-up stains on your shoes, but you can make it easier by simply pre-treating them by gently rubbing them off. This can help break down any stains and can make it easier to clean your shoes.

Not letting them air dry

Golf shoes can usually take a few hours before they can dry up, so be sure to find a space where there’s enough room for it to do so. Leaving the shoe near a radiator can speed up this process, or can let it dry up naturally.

Using the wrong type of cleaner

Knowing the right type of cleaner to use is essential when washing your golf shoes. Don’t use harsh cleaners as they can ruin the material and can make them difficult to clean in the future.

Rinsing with cold water

This can shrink your shoes, so always rinse them using warm water instead. It can help loosen up the dirt and can also help prevent any shrinking at all. It is advised to use warm water instead to prevent damage to the shoes.

Leave them in the washing machine for too long

Too much exposure to water can make your shoes turn into a big wrinkled mess, so it’s best to remove them from the washer after just a few minutes. Leaving them too long can also allow mold and mildew to form on your shoes, giving them a funky smell.

Leaving them wet and dirty for too long before washing them

Never let laziness ruin your expensive golf shoes. Always clean and wash your golf shoes after every round, especially if it’s filthy because it can get really smelly if you don’t. It can give your shoe a funky smell and can cause damage to the material if it’s not washed often enough. This can also affect where you can use them.

Leave them in too dry or too wet an area

Always place your shoes somewhere where they can dry up completely after washing to avoid damage to the shoe. Leaving them in damp areas can cause mold or can make your shoes turn wrinkled, making them look worn out. It can be difficult for you to clean the shoes if they’re wrinkled.

Final Words

The bottom line is that you can wash your golf shoes. There are two different schools of thought on how to clean them, though. You could either hand-wash or machine-wash the shoe with warm water and light soap or, if they’re too dirty for quick cleaning, soak them in warm water mixed with baking soda before washing as usual.

But regardless of which method you used to clean your expensive footwear, remember to air dry them away from direct sunlight so they don’t fade or shrink! If you have any other questions about this topic, feel free to message us below!