How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

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If you are a golfer, then you must know the importance of golf gloves. They are an essential investment. That is because they offer a comfortable grip, protect from skin damage, and much more.

While golf gloves are essential, they can also be expensive at times. That is why questions about their lifespan may come to your mind. If you’re wondering how long golf gloves last, you’re in the right place.

Here is everything you need to know about golf gloves.

How Do You Know When You Need A New Golf Glove?

For most golf equipment, it is a little difficult to determine when you should replace them. But for golf gloves, you don’t have to worry. That is because they show visible signs when they require replacement. Below are the things that can let you know when you need a new golf glove:


With time your golf gloves can degrade, and the best way to know that is by checking them. If you find any tear in the product, it’s time for you to get a new one. You may think of patching up the hole, but that won’t do you much good.

Golf gloves are tricky to sew back due to the material. Not only that, but it is most likely that it will tear again. That is why you must change them when you find a hole in them.

Fitting Becomes Poor

A golf glove must fit your hands properly. That is because they are the point of contact when holding the club. So if the gloves are loose or tight on you, the grip will be affected. As a result, you won’t be able to play well and hold the club securely.

You should keep in mind that fitting can become poor because of many reasons. One of them is taking off the glove between rounds. This causes overstretching of the equipment. Even wiping hands with gloves on reduces the fitting.

Loses Texture

Sometimes it may rain when you play golf, and your gloves can become damaged if you continue playing. The continuous pouring of water will obviously wet the gloves. As a result, your gloves can become crisp and lose their texture. If this happens, it’s time to get a new pair.

Grip Becomes Poor

Most golfers buy gloves to hold the club with a firm grip. Unfortunately, with time your golf gloves may not offer you the exact grip. As a result, you might end up second-guessing your golfing skills.

So if you cannot hold the club with a tight and firm grip, it’s time to get a new golf glove. Otherwise, you may end up throwing away your club while taking the shot.

How Often Should You Change Your Golf Glove?

If you think that you can spend hours golfing without changing your gloves, you’re mistaken. Typically, you can use one glove for six to ten rounds only. After that, you’ll need to change it if you want to play further with ease and comfort.

Are Golf Gloves Durable?

The durability of golf gloves depends on many factors. One essential thing that has a crucial role in durability is brand. Some golf gloves brands are better than others.

If you have high-quality gloves, then they are more likely to be durable. However, no golf glove can last for years. The maximum time they can be suitable for is few months.

Cheap gloves usually don’t last more than days. That is because their material is not suitable for long games. Besides that, you should not opt for thin golf gloves. They may be super comfy, but their durability is the worst.

How Can I Extend My Golf Glove Life?

Replacing golf gloves frequently can be expensive in the long run. That is why golfers prefer to extend the life of their old pieces rather than get new ones.

If you’re wondering how to increase the lifespan of your golf gloves, you no longer have to. Here are some methods you can use to make your gloves last for an extended period:

Use Old Gloves For Practicing

The more you use your gloves for hitting balls, the more they will wear out. That is why instead of throwing away your old gloves, keep them for practicing. This way, you’ll be using your playing gloves for the actual course only and prevent them from degrading sooner.

Store The Gloves Properly

We cannot stress enough about the proper storage of golf gloves. Most people take the gloves off after their game and stuff them in the bag right away. If you do that too, you need to stop.

Putting your gloves with many other things in one bag can cause them to puncture. One way to store them properly is by keeping them separately in a Ziploc bag after the game. You should also ensure that the gloves are dry when you store them.

Take Gloves Off In Between Shots

When you change positions and walk around the course, you should always take the gloves off. You may not feel discomfort walking in them, but that is not the reason why you should not remove them.

While the gloves are on, your gloves absorb moisture and sweat. That is why you should take them off whenever you can to let the material breathe. It will also air out the sweat. As a result, your glove will last more games.

Change Gloves During Rain

It is always best to have extra sets of gloves during rainy weather. When it is pouring, you should change them after every two to three holes. However, if you don’t like rotating gloves, it’s best to purchase rain gloves.

Rain golf gloves are designed to offer a comfortable grip when it is pouring. That is why you should at least have one set of them with you always. As a result, you can prevent your regular pairs from wearing out due to rain.

Wash Your Gloves

After every few games, it is best to wash your gloves to increase their lifespan. During golfing, your gloves absorb oils, sweat, and dirt particles from your hand. That is why you should wash them to prevent wearing and cracking of the material.

How To Keep Golf Gloves From Getting Crusty?

If you don’t take care of your golf gloves properly, they can become crusty. This will ruin your experience and grip during the next game. But the good news is that you can prevent them from getting crusty quickly.

The only thing you have to do is let your gloves air dry after you take them off. Instead of putting them in your bag directly after a game, let them dry. Similarly, after you wash them, never put them in a dryer. Always let your sets dry naturally to retain the texture.

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last  – Final Thoughts

That was your complete guide to the longevity of golf gloves. To get the best value for money, you must take care of them properly. Otherwise, you will have to get new sets frequently, which can be costly.

The earlier mentioned methods have been tried and tested. That is why you can count on them to improve the life of your golf gloves.