How to Know What Size Golf Clubs To Get

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When it is time to buy golf clubs, size is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. The right size would make it possible for you to become a better player and for your game to be more enjoyable. However, the wrong club length would give you the exact opposite effect. If the club is too big or too small for you, not only could it ruin both your short and long golf game, but it could also cause an injury.

The appropriate club size for you depends on several factors, such as the specific style of golf club, your swing type, as well as your skill level and posture. While there are several things to take into consideration, your height matters the most. And in order to help you choose more easily, we have prepared a guide for those looking to know what size golf clubs to get.

Choosing Golf Clubs According to Your Height

Both players who are shorter and taller than the average height require the proper golf clubs for them. Otherwise, they will not be able to perform their best on the course. You can refer to the sizing chart below to identify the ideal length of golf club to use.

Height (Feet-Inches)Height (Centimeters)Club Length Adjustment (Inches)
6-8 and up203 and upAdd 2
6-6 to 6-8198 – 203Add 1 1/2
6-4 to 6-6193 – 198Add 1
6-2 to 6-4188 – 193Add 1/2
6-1 to 6-2185 – 188Add 1/4
5-7 to 6-1170 – 185Standard
5-4 to 5-7163 – 170Subtract 1/4
5-2 to 5-4157 – 163Subtract 1/2
5-0 to 5-2152 – 157Subtract 1
4-10 to 5-0147 – 152Subtract 1 1/2
Less than 4-10Less than 147Subtract 2

Club Selection Using Your Wrist-to-Floor (WTF) Measurement

Aside from your height, wrist-to-floor or WTF measurements are commonly used to determine your correct club size. For this method, you just have to stand with your feet together in normal shoes, with your arms hanging straight down and relaxed. Then, someone will measure from your crease, which is just above your wrist, all the way down to the floor. The result of this measurement and your height will recommend a more accurate club length for you.

This kind of system is relatively accurate, as not all golfers have a proportionate arm length to their height. Therefore, they require different lengths rather than what their height indicates and alternate lie angles. Ping and many other brands use it.

What Are Standard Length Golf Clubs?

Standard length golf clubs are ideal for players with the average height and WTF measurement. These clubs would usually fit in the 34-inch to 35.5-inch range.

Benefits Of The Accurate Golf Club Size

There is a wide range of advantages when you are able to pick the appropriate club size for you. This includes staying connected in the golf swing much more easily and hitting the ball from the correct lie angle. Both of these perks will help you achieve a better handicap score.

Solid Contact

With the proper club size, you will be able to hit your shots with the correct length club, allowing you to get good contact on your swings. This exact measurement can be of help to you when it comes to achieving consistent contact. It ensures that the face of the club is appropriately squared during impact.

Proper Lie Angle

In order for your swing to be more efficient, your lie angle should be matched to your golf club length according to your position with your club. This will improve your swings by making them more comfortable and consistent. In addition to that, more upright lie angles would be more suitable for taller golfers, while shorter players would highly benefit from flatter lie angles.

Lower Your Golf Handicap

By having more consistent golf shots with the aid of a rightsized club, you will be given a higher chance to improve your handicap. The golf handicap index is an official handicapping system that calculates the player’s scores from their previous rounds. This means that when you hit better shots, you are very much likely to get better scores on the course.

How to Know What Size Golf Clubs to Get – Final Message

Owning a good-sized golf club for you is one of the most essential things that will help you stay comfortable on the course. That is why we created a quick guide to help you learn how to know what size golf clubs to get.

If you are trying to identify the right club size for you, you can perform the aforementioned simple measurements independently. Both your actual height and the wrist-to-floor method can be done so quickly at home. You can also utilize the chart above to find out what size of golf club suits you perfectly.

You might be looking for a more precise, thorough golf club fitting process. For that, we suggest that you get a complete club fitting from a professional who can provide you with a better calculation. The measurements that we have mentioned are part of the process.