How To Make Golf Bag Tubes

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Golf bags will vary in shapes and sizes; however, not all of them fit your needs. Your golf clubs can easily incur dents and chips from having your clubs rattle around. If you’re working with an old golf bag, you may not have any dividers or tubes to separate each individual golf club from your entire set. As a result, it’s difficult to find and likely to get damaged. Although most modern golf bags do have built-in dividers, they may not be enough to fit the number of clubs that you bring to the course. 

However, you may be surprised to know that you can learn how to make golf bag tubes yourself or purchase them as an extra add-on to your golf bag. We’ll tell you how to make them and why every golfer needs them. 

How Do I Stop My Golf Clubs From Rattling in My Bag? 

Golf bags without a divider will cause the clubs to rattle. When you place the clubs together, they will hit against each other, easily damaging your clubs over time. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent rattling in the bag and protect your clubs. First, try to purchase golf club headcovers for your driver, fairway woods, irons, and hybrids. Even if the clubs rattle, your clubhead is protected, which won’t affect your performance on the course. 

In addition, golf bags should have an interior with soft padding and extra cuddling to support your clubs. Lastly, we recommend having dividers in your golf bag. The purpose of the divider system is to keep all of your clubs organized, easy to access, and easy to find when you need them. Furthermore, they prevent the clubs from banging against each other and reduce the chatter. 

What is the Best Way to Organize a Golf Bag?

Most golfers tend to throw their clubs into their bags without thinking twice about it. However, you want to organize your bag to easily find the clubs and accessories you need during gameplay. The way you organize your bag will depend on the type of bag you use. 

Organizing a Carry Golf Bag

First, you’ll want to keep the shortest clubs at the bottom to keep the weight distributed evenly and balanced in the bag. This means clubs like the pitching wedge and sand wedge should be placed on the bottom. 

In the middle section of the divider, you want to place mid-length clubs. You can separate them by irons 4,5,6 on the right and 7,8,9 on the left. Lastly, your longest clubs belong at the top of the bag. This includes your driver and fairway woods. You can put the putter in at the top as well. 

The reason for this organization is to help balance the weight of the bag. All of the heaviest clubs are at the top, and the lightest ones are on the bottom, making it easy to hold. 

Organizing a Cart Golf Bag

If you use a cart golf bag, it’s best to arrange the clubs exactly opposite of the carry bag. That’s because the compartments are positioned to the outside of the cart. 

As a result, the woods will be placed to the back of the bag and your irons to the front. If you incorrectly place the longer woods in the front of the cart bag, you won’t be able to see all of your clubs, and finding the club you need will be difficult.

Here’s a short video to describe the best way to organize your golf bag. 

Should You Use Tubes in Your Golf Bag? 

Yes, every golfer must have tubes or dividers in their golf bag to protect their clubs and organize them for efficiency on the course. 

Golf club tubes are similar to dividers, except the tubes can be installed individually. A divider usually can only hold a pre-determined amount of clubs. With tubes, you can purchase more tubes based on how many clubs you need. Furthermore, tubes come in different sizes, between 1” to 2” wide and 34” long. For thinner widths, that means you can fit more clubs into your bag. Golf tubes keep all of your clubs secure and separate from one another. 

Quickly Able to Find a Specific Club When Needed 

Depending on how far you are away from the hole, you’ll want to use a particular club. For example, the first shot is always the driver, while on the greens, you’ll use a putter or wedge. The more advanced you are at golf, you’ll know which clubs are best suited at a particular time based on the situation you’re in. 

If you have your clubs divided, you can easily find which club to use. No more having to fumble through your bag and take out multiple clubs to find the one you need. For example, if you always put the long irons and woods at the top and short clubs like the wedges at the bottom, you can easily find the club you need at any given moment. 

Protects Your Club From Damage

Clubs can easily be dented or scratched, which ruins the performance and aesthetics of the club. Within your golf set, you likely have a variety of clubs. They vary in length and weight. Putting them all in one bag without a divider will surely damage them, especially if you’re swinging your bag as you walk the course. Furthermore, when the clubhead is damaged, that will affect the trajectory, speed, distance, and whether you can hit the ball in a straight path. 

How Can I Protect My Irons? 

Taking care of your irons allows them to be in excellent condition for many years. This means practicing good maintenance habits such as keeping them clean and storing them properly. Here are some tips to protecting your irons: 

1. Store your clubs properly. That means putting them in tubes or dividers in your bag to prevent them from rattling. 

2. Always use a golf towel and wipe down your irons before you put them away. Do not put the irons away when wet because that can lead to rust. 

3. Use headcovers on your irons because the clubhead is prone to damage. Even a bumpy ride on the golf cart or car can easily ding up your irons. 

4. Clean the grips of the irons to ensure that they last longer. 

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

Today, many modern golf bags are quite expensive. They can range between $100 to $500, which is about as much as some golf sets cost. Luckily, we’ll teach you how to make golf bag tubes so that you can buy an affordable golf bag and save yourself some money. 

Follow these steps to make golf tubes: 

  1. Take a piece of plywood and cut it to the exact shape so that it just fits on the top of your golf bag. 
  2. Drill four holes into each corner of the plywood. 
  3. Every drill should be about an inch, and the holes should be in a trapezoid or square shape. 
  4. Mark half-inch borders on the wood.
  5. Jigsaw the wood into the number of holes you’ll need.
  6. Put lace in the hole and bind the lace using a plastic clip. 
  7. Ensure that the partition is hung inside. 
  8. Now you’re ready to use these tubes to divide and organize your golf clubs. 

Best Golf Tubes for Your Golf Bag

Although you may make the tubes yourself, the process can be time-consuming. Instead, you can purchase the tubes yourself, which are affordable and still much cheaper than buying an expensive bag with built-in dividers. Here are two of the best golf tubes in the market. 

1. Player Supreme Golf Tubes/Dividers 

Player Supreme Set of 14 Golf Tubes/Dividers for Golf Bags
  • Standard 1.25" golf tube/divider (available in packs of 1, 3, 7 or 14) MADE IN THE USA!
  • Jumbo and Putter sized tubes sold separately.
  • Keeps your clubs protected and separated
  • Provides easy in and out for your clubs
  • Fits all adult sized bags and can be cut down for junior or mid sized bags

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Player Supreme golf tubes make protecting your golf clubs incredibly easy. They come in a standard 1.25 inches wide and are available in packs of 1, 3, 7, or 14. These tubes are versatile enough to be added alone into your golf bag or fit into the golf bag dividers. This means if you have a 14-way divider in your bag, you can now hold up to 28 clubs by adding 14 Player Supreme tubes. These tubes fit into all adult-sized bags, but users can cut them down to fit mid-sized bags or even junior bags as well. 

2. Izzo Black Golf Club Tube 

IZZO Golf Black Plastic Golf Club Tube, 1.25 Inch (Pack of 7)
  • Golf Club Tube: Our golf club tubes for golf bags are designed to easily fit 1 golf club per tube
  • Quality Construction: Equipped with a hard, reinforced plastic lip, our specialized golf bag tubes protect your golf clubs from scuffs and snags
  • Convenient Size: The perfect length and width for any size golf bag, our golf tubes make it easy to remove or replace your golf clubs
  • Versatile Options: Our golf bag tube inserts are available in 1, 3, 7, or 14-piece packs; outfit your golf bag with 1 or multiple golf bag club tubes

Last update on 2024-03-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Izzo golf club tubes work similarly to the Player Supreme tubes. They are designed to protect the golf club shafts while allowing you easy access to remove the clubs. The durable plastic material will prevent the clubs from snagging or scratching while in the bag. At 1.25” in diameter and 33.5” long, the thin width won’t allow the clubs to move around in your bag. Izzo also offers packs of 1, 3, 7, or 14. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you know how to make golf tubes and their importance, you still may have some questions left in the back of your mind. Here are some common answers to frequently asked questions that golfers ask. 

How Many Dividers Can You Place in a Golf Bag?

Nowadays, golf bags are becoming more advanced. The modern bags may have up to a 15-way divider allowing golfers to carry 15 clubs at once.

How Many Golf Tubes Can You Fit in a Divider?

If you’re planning to use tubes, each divider can fit two tubes in it.

What are the Best Materials for Golf Tubes?

The best materials that you can use for golf tubes are durable semi-rigid polymer, plastic, or plywood.

Can You PVC as a Divider in a Golf Bag?

PVC isn’t the best idea because it’s incredibly thick and heavy. However, you may use them if the PVC is quite thin. Thickness could mean you can’t fit many tubes in your bag, and the heaviness makes your bag much harder to carry.

How To Make Golf Bag Tubes – Conclusion 

Going from novice to likely intermediate means you’re going to be carrying more clubs around. Or, if you’re still using your junior set and want to use the adult set, you’ll need to carry a wider range of clubs. Instead of buying an expensive new golf bag, you can simply get tubes to fit into your divider. They’re great for protection for the golf grips and shafts. Furthermore, you won’t slow down the game by fumbling over to find the club you need. We hope you found our article helpful!